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Interview With Sarah Troyer Starring in Director Herschell Gordon Lewis' New Horror Anthology BLOODMANIA Coming In 2016

 Sarah Troyer
as "Cindy Weirman"

   - Diabolique News: Take 2.5 minutes out of your busy schedule to read this  great interview with the alluring actress "Sarah Troyer." She is featured in the legendary director "Godfather Of Gore" Herschell Gordon Lewis' BLOODMANIA. This new horror anthology will be released theatrically in 2016. BLOODMANIA  Is Released From Diabolique Films In Association With HGB Entertainment.

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with Actress SARAH TROYER
Conducted By: James Henry Brown III

  • How did you get started in movies? More specifically how did you get started in horror movies?
   I’ve been acting/performing from a small age but decided to pursue film after completing a film workshop during high school. I have always had an interest in horror movies. When I was young my friends and I would walk down to the blockbuster by my house every weekend to choose a new scary movie to watch. We would rent 2 or 3 movies at a time and watch them all in one night. Horror movies are always exciting and dramatic. When I got the opportunity to be in "BloodMania" I was over the moon with excitement. 

  • You are a part of a movie made by a legend in gore-filled films, if he directed your segment what was it like working with Herschell Gordon Lewis? If not tell us about your Director.
   Herschell is the definition of a gentleman! I feel so honoured to have been able to work with him. He moves fast, knows what he wants, gets what he wants, all while maintaining a smooth, positive manner. Just phenomenal.  

  • What was the first movie you’d ever watched by Herschell Gordon Lewis?
   The Gore Gore Girls.

  • What was it like being on the set of "Bloodmania?"
   Amazing. Simply amazing! The cast and crew created such safe place within the crazy world of "BloodMania." We were all kind and considerate to one another as well as creative and supportive. I hope to work with everyone again!

  • After Bloodmania, where do you want to take your career?  Will you do more horror films? What other genres interest you?
   I would love to get to the point where my only job is one of an actor. I'm not interested in fame, just consistent work. I do hope to do more horror films as well as sci-fi and rom-coms. Anything and everything really!

  • What do you think of the so called Hollywood horror blockbusters that are out these days?
   Some nail it. Some don’t. I suppose you get that in every genre. Some movies are a total cliché or totally cheesy. It’s hard to nail horror just right. I would say it’s one of the toughest genres to succeed in.

  • What is it about horror movies that draws you to act in them?
   As I mentioned before, it’s exciting! You get to do the craziest things like delve into your own fears and the fears of others. It’s challenging as well as rewarding. 

  • Are there any other legends of the horror genre that you would want to work with?
   Andrew Douglas – "Amityville Horror" is one of my faves!

  • Do you suppose there will be more from Herschell like Bloodmania, a sequel perhaps? If so would you participate?
   I hope so! And OF COURSE! 

  • What actors of the genre, if any, have you patterned yourself after for your acting?
   My role within "BloodMania" was quite comedic so I suppose something more like Anna Faris in "Scary Movie." I just had fun playing Cindy Weirman – she’s so uptight in such a crazy world. I wanted to make her as ridiculous as possible. 

   About Diabolique Magazine's US Correspondent  James Henry Brown III                        

My name is James Henry Brown III and I'm a correspondent for DIABOLIQUE www.DiaboliqueMagazine.com. It was a pleasure to interview Sarah Troyer who will be playing “Cindy Weirman” in the upcoming horror film, Bloodmania. I am 30 years old and have been an avid horror fan since I was four.  I have watched just about everything horror related and have even began writing horror myself.  I have a novel entitled “Gladd” coming out before the end of this year that I am extremely excited about.  It is a good old fashioned slasher novel that takes the reader on multiple emotional roller coasters before an ending that will leave you breathless.  Horror as we know it and love is slowly beginning to dwindle. The new age just doesn’t get “it”.  With movies like Bloodmania and the book that I am writing, new life will be breathed into the horror genre.

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