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Exclusive Diabolique Interview With Actress Caroline Buzanko Featured In Herschell Gordon Lewis' BLOODMANIA Coming In 2016

- Diabolique News Break: Take 3 minutes out of your busy schedule to read this interview with actress Caroline Buzanko. She is featured in the legendary "Godfather Of Gore" director Herschell Gordon Lewis' BLOODMANIA. This new anthology will be released theatrically in 2016. BLOODMANIA Is Released From Diabolique Films In Association With HGB Entertainment.

Starring In
Herschell Gordon Lewis'
Coming In 2016
Original Theatrical One Sheet Movie Poster

with Actress Caroline Buzanko
Conducted By: James Henry Brown III

  • How did you get started in movies?  More specifically how did you get started in horror movies?
   I have always been an actress since I can remember. I started writing my own scripts by the time I was 9. As for horrors, I love them. I grew up reading Stephen King and watching films like "Halloween", "Friday the 13th", "Alfred Hitchcock",  "Nightmare on Elm Street", "Chucky", and "Hellraiser". So, when "Bloodmania" came around, I jumped at the opportunity to audition.  

  • You are a part of a movie made by a legend in gore-filled films, if he directed your segment what was it like working with Herschell Gordon Lewis? If not tell us about your Director.
   Herschell Gordon Lewis was amazing to work with. Funny, charismatic, easy to get along with, and very down-to-earth. He was incredible – I loved talking with him between shots. He has had so many experiences in film, but in another life outside of film as well. A strong family man with an academic background.  

  • What was the first movie you’d ever watched by Herschell Gordon Lewis?
   Blood Feast

  • What was it like being on the set of Bloodmania?
   It was certainly exciting working alongside Herschell. I loved meeting everyone, seeing the amazing artistic talent and creative collaboration happening. 

  • After Bloodmania, where do you want to take your career?  Will you do more horror films? What other genres interest you?
   I am an actress through and through and will always work in film. Yes, I have a few more horror films on the go at the moment. I am also interested in thrillers, drama, and comedy. 

  • What do you think of the so called Hollywood horror blockbusters that are out these days?
   There seems to be so many nowadays! I can’t keep up!

  • What is it about horror movies that draws you to act in them?
   I like the suspense. And eliciting strong emotion in the audience. 

  • Are there any other legends of the horror genre that you would want to work with?
   I would have loved to have worked with AlfredHitchcock, Wes Craven, and Stanley Kubrick. But, gotta say, Tobe Hooper would be the top of my list now. Loved "Poltergeist."

  • Do you suppose there will be more from Herschell like Bloodmania, a sequel perhaps? If so would you participate?
   Yes and yes!

  • What actors of the genre, if any, have you patterned yourself after for your acting?
   I am my own!

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  He is also featured in Director Herschell Gordon Lewis' BLOODMANIA. It will be released in 2016 from Diabolique Films in association with HGB Entertainment.

   About Diabolique Magazine's US Correspondent  James Henry Brown III                        

My name is James Henry Brown III and I'm a correspondent for DIABOLIQUE www.DiaboliqueMagazine.com. It was a pleasure to interview the charming Caroline Buzanko who is featured in the upcoming horror anthology Bloodmania. I am 30 years old and have been an avid horror fan since I was four.  I have watched just about everything horror related and have even began writing horror myself.  I have a novel entitled “Gladd” coming out before the end of this year that I am extremely excited about.  It's a good old fashioned slasher novel that takes the reader on multiple emotional roller coasters before an ending that will leave you breathless. Horror as we know it and love is slowly beginning to dwindle. The new age just doesn’t get “it”.  With movies like Bloodmania and the book that I am writing, new life will be breathed into the horror genre.

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