Monday, September 21, 2015

Coming To Charlotte North Carolina "The Uninvited" An Immersive 4D LIVE Supernatural Horror Experience And To London's West End

New Immersive 4-D Technology 
Slated to Open in London's WEST END
Coming Winter 2016

September 21st, 2015, Charlotte, NC 
Be scared, be very scared as demons of the undead are coming! Set to open in London’s West End for the Winter 2016 season, The Uninvited will begin its out of town run in Charlotte, North Carolina on September 25, 2015.

Dalton M. Dale, Producing Artistic Director of Big Dreamer Productions in conjunction with Exit Strategy, "Charlotte's #1 Escape Experience" will present their supernatural phenomenon, The Uninvited - An Immersive 4-D Horror Experience.
GUESS WHAT? The audiences will actually be able to Hear, See, Smell and Feel the bloodcurdling fear firsthand! Follow Dalton M. Dale on LinkedIn here

During the immersive 50 minute show The Uninvited brings a together a group of strangers who gather on a cold autumn evening to bare witness to a Séance with the dead.  When the medium’s trance becomes too intense, terrifying demons prowl from beyond the grave and take control of the séance. Who will be able to close the spiritual portal or will the freed demonic spirits devour all our souls?


The Uninvited will completely immerse its audience members in the petrifying action.  They will be tormented by the cast of seven actors who play over fifty characters.  The audience will see, smell, feel (touched and restrained by cast members) as well hear the horror that ensues. All will be begging for mercy by this production’s apocalyptic finale. Utilizing state-of-the-art theatrical technology, special effects and the mastery of illusion, Dalton Dale sets the scene for the The Uninvited which will the audience on the horrific journey into the the jaws of Hell. The presentation is presented “in-the-round.”

Charlotte NC, be warned... 
Evil is Coming to your Doorstep! 
Media Is Invited

"An Immersive 4-D Horror Experience"
Conceived, Written and Directed by Dalton M. Dale

Where: The Exitorium at Exit Strategy
4215-B Stuart Andrew Blvd, Charlotte NC 28217
When: September 25 thru November 13, 2015

Show Times: 
  • September 25, 26...  7 & 9pm
  • October 1, 2, 7...  7, 8, & 9pm
  • October 3, 4, 11, 18...  7, 8, 9 & 10pm 
  • October 9, 10, 13, 14...  7, 8, 9, 10 & 11pm
  • October 15 thru 31...  7, 8, 9, 10, 11 &12pm
  • November 6, 7, 13...  7, 8, 9 & 10pm
  • Official The Uninvited website

EXIT STRATEGY, LLC is "Charlotte's #1 Immersive Escape Room Experience!" Founded in August, 2014 by owners Jelani Patterson, and Mylene Labrie, Exit Strategy is setting the bar in the Escape Room industry by developing cutting edge escape experiences, where you the audience are fully immersed in your escape journey. Partnered with Artistic Director Dalton M. Dale, Exit Strategy is producing ground breaking adventures featuring Hollywood quality Special Effects, Lighting, Sound, and mind bending puzzles; culminating in a lightning fast hour where you must find clues, solve puzzles and escape! Can you beat the clock? Perfect for date night, team building, and real life adventure seekers- Exit Strategy invites you to join the experience, and star in your own live action adventure!  Visit website here

Big Dreamer Productions is a full service production company based in New York City, founded by Dalton M. Dale. They specialize in bringing your wildest nightmares to life! Currently BDP is represented with three immersive theatrical escape experiences Off-Broadway in New York City. They are "Sanatorium" "Club Escape" and "Zombie Experience". BDP also has three immersive experiences playing at Exit Strategy in Charlotte: "Queen City Bank Heist", "Murder Mystery", and the newly opened "The Forgotten" in blacklight and 3D. Artistic Director Dalton M. Dale is committed to creating theatrical experiences that fully transport the audience into the story- where they must break the traditional role of voyeur, and play a unique, and ever changing role in the story. The play is active, not interactive... because the audience has no choice! For more information on these or other horrifying experiences, visit their website here 

      - Diabolique News: Coming To North Carolina Sept 25 - Nov 13, 2015: From The Creators Of Charlotte's #1 Immersive Escape Experience! THE UNINVITED - An Immersive 4-D Horror Supernatural Experience. Guess What? The audiences will actually be able to Hear, See, Smell and Feel the bloodcurdling fear firsthand! 

The West End of London (more commonly referred to as simply the West End) is an area of Central London containing many of the city's major tourist attractions, shops, businesses, government buildings and entertainment venues (including the commercial West End theatres). The use of the term 'West End' began in the early 19th century to describe fashionable areas to the west of Charing Cross. For strategic planning, the area is identified as one of two international centres in the London Plan. The West End is a large area, combining the boroughs of Westminster and Camden, which had a population of 468,138 in 2014.

While the City of London or the "Square Mile" is the main business and financial district in London, the West End is the main commercial and entertainment centre of the city. It is the largest central business district in the United Kingdom, comparable to Midtown Manhattan in New York City, the Shibuya district in Tokyo or the 8th Arrondissement in Paris. It is one of the most expensive locations in the world in which to rent office space, just behind California's Silicon Valley's Sand Hill Road.

Dalton Dale is the Artistic Director for the year-round, interactive zombie laser tag challenge “Zombiefest” in New York City. Black light reactive and special effects makeup is used so that the zombies glow in the dark.

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