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'Zombie Survivor' 5K Run Coming July 25 2015 In Calgary Canada Register Now Do Not Get Infected By The Zombie Hordes It Is The Real Life Zombie Adventure


   Zombie Survivor is a 5km run through a zombie infested land. You will be given a belt containing your lives (flags) and there will be some very hungry zombies on the course after your flags. It is a timed run, but the ultimate goal is to still have a life at the end of the event. 

  There will be 12 obstacles on the course that you will have to overcome if you are to make it through the hordes of zombies. 
ZOMBIE SURVIVOR 2015 New Promo Video

What kind of obstacles are at the event?
  • You can expect lots of crawling, dodging, climbing & possibly swimming obstacles (we wouldn't want to ruin all of the surprises). Wearing something that you don't mind getting muddy, “bloody” or wet is strongly advised. All obstacles are optional to the race, so don't feel you have to do something if you don't feel capable taking on a specific obstacle. There may also be some race objectives in addition to just running in the race. 
Where does Zombie Survivor take place?
  • Zombie Survivor takes place on July 25th, 2015 at the Cochrane AG Society. It is located at the NW corner of Highway 1A and Highway 22 in Cochrane, Canada. The track consists of vast hilly areas and dirt arenas. The race will be approximately 5km long, although if you navigate the course poorly it may be longer. See map here
Is there parking available at the event?
  • Yes, Parking is only $5 at the event, cash only. 
Is there a shuttle to the event?
  • Yes, only $5 for a round trip! Please register for the shuttle beforehand, it picks up at Tuscany LRT station. 
When is Zombie Survivor?
  • Zombie Survivor takes place on Saturday July 25th, 2015. Running "Waves" will be running throughout the day, the event runs from 8am until 6pm
What's the 'End Of The World Party'?
  • The "end of the world basecamp" is at the finish line of the race. There will be beer gardens, food trucks, games, music, grandstands (to view the race), as well as some great contests to win swag & other awesome prizes!
Race Overview:
  •  Zombie Survivor is a 5 km race that takes place on July 25th, 2015 at the Cochrane Ag Society in Canada. Not only are you racing to put up your best time, but you have the extra challenge of not being infected by the zombie hordes as you run!

  • Register here for the Zombie Survivor in Cochrane, Canada on July 25th, 2015. You will need to create an account in order to register as a "runner" or "zombie." Once you have created your account you can easily add additional runners and zombies. 
  • Prior to the race you will receive 3 lives (flags) which are attached to a belt you wear – similar to flag football.
  • The goal of the race is to complete the track with at least 1 life still attached to your belt. 
  • The zombies on the course are not only out for your brains, but will be targeting your flags
  • If you lose all your flags, unfortunately you have been infected by zombies. However, just because you are infected doesn’t mean you are out of the race! If you have lost all of your lives be on the lookout for our extra life zone on the course, they may be able to bring you back from the dead before it’s too late.
  • The ultimate goal is to finish the race with at least one flag still attached. You will find that making a strategy and working as a team will be beneficial for making your way through the course survival. You have strength in numbers.
  • While most Zombies move and react slowly, be weary of quicker "enraged zombies on the course." These zombies move and react quicker than your regular zombies. Be ready to sprint as they may chase you for short distances!
The Race Course:
  • The course is approximately 5km long. It will involve some tricky uphill and downhill terrain, as well as 12 race obstacles.
  • There will be lots of zombies on the course. Don’t get too close to them, they like brains.
  • Expect to get wet, muddy and “bloody,” bringing a change of clothes for after the race is advised, there will be a bag check on site.
  • All obstacles are optional to complete, however the alternate route may be more difficult or slower to navigate.
Survival Tips:
  • Act as a team, some highly infested areas are easier to navigate as a pack. You'll have a higher survival rate if you can use meat shields (other runners) to your advantage.
  • Conserve some energy while running, having something left in the tank for a quick sprint or dodge can be the difference between survival and infection.
WE'RE BACK!  Calgary's 5K Obstacle Run Through
 The Zombie Apocalypse Returns July 25th, 2015
Who's Ready For The Ultimate Challenge This 

  • Register here for the Zombie Survivor in Cochrane, Canada on July 25th, 2015You will need to create an account in order to register as a "runner" or "zombie." Once you have created your account you can easily add additional runners and zombies. 

How can I pay for the event?
  •  All registrations will be going through our website ZombieSurvivor.ca and there is the option to register at the Calgary Farmers Market's Longview Jerky Stall. We accept Visa or Mastercard. After payment is received you will receive a confirmation email for the event. All you need to bring for event entry is a government form of picture ID. (If you do not have picture ID please bring the confirmation email and another piece of identification with your name on it.) 
I paid, but didn't receive a confirmation email?
  • Make sure that you check your junk folder – the confirmation email will be sent to the email you used to register with. For race inquires please email: support@zombiesurvivor.ca 
Do I have to register my team all at once?
  • No, the team organizer can either register everyone at once or simply invite everyone to their team and have them register individually. Individuals can also join existing teams without an invite using the “join a team” button. If you are the team organizer and the first person to register on your team choose the “create a team” option before registering. 
I can't go anymore, can I refund my ticket?
  • All ticket sales are final for this event. However, your ticket can be transferred to someone else by updating the runner information. 
Can I change my race time?
  • You can switch your wave time simply by logging into your account and changing your ticket type to a different time. 
Can I register as a team?
  • Yes! It is encouraged to register as a team, some obstacles will be easier to get through if you are working together with other runners. Team costumes are highly encouraged. (There will be prizes!) 
Can I register more than one person at once?
  • Yes, you can register more than one person at once, or if you prefer send out an email invite to your friends and have them register themselves.

What do I need to bring to the event?
  • A government issued photo ID – this is required for registration and to pick-up your race package. If you don't have a photo ID please bring your email confirmation and another piece of non-photo ID. Be sure to bring a change of clothes, cash for food, drinks & parking, sunscreen, water & your zombie survival skills. 
Can I check my personal items at the event?
  • Yes we will have a limited bag check (small bags and items) for you while you go out on the race course. 
Can I fight zombies?
  • Intentional contact between "Zombies" and "Runners" is strictly prohibited. We reserve the right to escort any participant who is intentionally making contact with other racers or zombies off the grounds without refund. The zombies at Zombie Survivor are instructed to only go after your flags. 
Can my dog/cat/snake come?
  • Unfortunately not, no animals are permitted at the event. 
Can I bring my zombie killing weapon to the event?
  • Absolutely not! Weapons of any kind are strictly prohibited and will be confiscated. This includes fake (prop) weapons as well. 
If I lose all of my flags am I out of the race?
  • No, although Zombie infection is now an inevitable and unavoidable fact that you'll have to come to terms with, you are not out of the race and you can compete to put up your best time at the event. NEW - When running the race be on the lookout for extra lives, we may have the cure for the zombie infection! 
If I lose all of my flags do I turn into a zombie?
  • No, you finish the race regardless. 
Why should I continue to race if I lose all my flags?
  • Be on the lookout for extra lives on the course, you may be able to come back from the dead! Also you should still try to put up the best time you can as this is a timed event!


Is there a minimum age for the event?
  • Yes, 14. Anyone under the age of 18 must have an adult sign their race waiver. NO EXCEPTIONS. Spectators of any age can enter the grounds, only those 18 and older can enter the beer garden area. NOTE: Runners between 12-13 years old will definitely have to run with a supervising parent or guardian.
Can I come watch?
  • Yes, spectators are free to come watch, there is a grandstand at the finish line. 
Will there be beer gardens/music/games at the event?
  • Yes there will be music, games and much more out at the event giving away swag & prizes! We will also have some of Calgary’s finest food trucks out at the event! 
Can I bring my camera to take personal pictures at the event?
  • Yes, but only if you put pictures up on youtube and on our facebook page afterwards :). 
It's raining/cold outside/random Calgary hail storm outside, is the event cancelled?
  • No, the event will go forward no matter what the weather is like. (this is a zombie apocalypse race remember) 
How many people are there in each wave?
  • Each "Wave" will contain up to 250 runners. 
Are we looking for volunteers?
  • Yes, we have several volunteer positions currently available! For the latest volunteer information take a look at our Volunteer Registration page here
I'm a photographer, are there media passes?
  • Yes, we can get you special media access to get you onto restricted race areas. Please contact the race directors at support@zombiesurvivor.ca if you would like media access on race day. 
I heard about a facebook contest?
  • Go like our Zombie Survivor facebook page here to be involved in upcoming Zombie Survivor contests! Don't forget to also "Like" our page if you have not done so already!
  • If you want to get in touch, we would love to hear from you. Please note that we are under New Management and here are the new contact details for us. 
  • Phone: (403) 907-0444 
  • Email: support@zombiesurvivor.ca
  • Register here for the Zombie Survivor in Cochrane, Canada on July 25th, 2015. You will need to create an account in order to register as a "runner" or "zombie." Once you have created your account you can easily add additional runners and zombies. 
  • What a mixed bunch we are, to give you an idea on us as a whole, we came together at Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo and at Zombie Survivor for the last couple of years. We hold various leadership and management roles within the Expo and we've been chomping at the bit to find our own event to have even more fun with throughout the year, so this was such an amazing opportunity for us we all grabbed it with both hands, dragged it down to the floor and feasted on it. So we are all well versed in event management and organization, so rest assured, Zombie Survivor is here and is here to stay.

  • Paul Howarth – Event Director
  • Emma Wirsta-Weiss – Event Director 
  • Elizabeth Lewis S – Planning and Communications Manager 
  • Trevor Wiebe – Event Operations Manager
  • Mike Bougie – Volunteer Manager
  • Kevin Longman – Obstacle Course design and Implementation Manager
  • John Bailey – Occupational Health and Safety Manager
  • Brian Larsen – Entertainment Manager
  • Mike Larsson – IT Manager
  • It is important to us to be looking forward and adapt this event into something even more than it is already, more obstacles, more variety and more importantly, more fun! Firstly as a team we would like to thank the previous organizers, planners, volunteers for creating such an awesome event, we're honored to take the baton and run with it. Also our volunteers and attendees for sustaining Zombie Survivor with your passion for the event, and we hope we see as many of you back as possible, and more! We look forward to you all joining the horde in July 2015! If you see us, please, come say hi, we won't bite…. We promise! As it seems to be a burning question, let us give you some prices as well. What comes with each package will be released very soon.
  • Runner Registration - $50
  • Zombie Registration - $30
  • VIP Runner - $80
  • VIP Zombie - $50
  • Any questions or information requests you can email Support@ZombieSurvivor.ca
  • As a Zombie, you will come and register at the registration desk and receive your armband and will be directed to the Zombification Zone. You'll be "Zombified" and directed to the course where you can roam and have some fun with the runners and their lives! 
  • As a VIP Zombie you will take the priority registration line to receive your armband and swag bag with t-shirt and food voucher, and your Zombie Survivor branded Zombie button. You will go through the Zombification Zone and once Zombified directed to the course to roam and have some fun with the Runners and their lives. 
  • Zombie Survivor will take place at the Cochrane Agricultural Center in Cochrane, Canada. Parking is available on site for $5 per vehicle, 50% off from last year. Parking is at your own risk, and Zombie Survivor will take no responsibility for and damage or loss. 

  • Register here for the Zombie Survivor in Cochrane, Canada on July 25th, 2015. You will need to create an account in order to register as a "runner" or "zombie." Once you have created your account you can easily add additional runners and zombies. 

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