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'The Dead' Epic 280 Page Brutally Depraved New Collection With Every Single Issue And Art From Jason Moore Plus All New Material

                         THE DEAD?!

    DIABOLIQUE  NEWS: In a world where The Walking Dead stands as the face of modern zombie entertainment, and Crossed pushes readers’ faces into unbearable sexual depravity and horror, the time has come for the ORIGINAL rotting-corpse-holocaust to unearth its ugly head! After two decades of silence, independent comic book pariahs RALPH GRIFFITH & STUART KERR (Deadworld, Dark Oz) present a 280 page monstrosity that could easily be the most brutally depraved graphic novel... EVER!

Prepare for THE DEAD: OMNIBUS!

   “The Dead goes where we didn't go with Deadworld. We shredded the boundaries of gore and restraint,” says Mr. Kerr of this latest offering.

  ROUGH HOUSE PUBLISHING makes its "take-no-prisoners debut" with an epic collection of every single issue of The Dead (including previously unpublished works), bursting at the seams with eye-shredding art by JASON MOORE (Evil Ernie, Sleepy Hollow), industrial rocker MATTHEW MASON (BlakPan, WytNail), and internet sensation DEIDRE CROUCH (Putrid Meat), along with truly merciless scripts by Ralph Griffith, Stuart Kerr and Randy Zimmerman. The volume will be capped with ALL NEW material arranged by illustrator DEREK ROOK (Gates of Hell, Halloween) and writer MIKE WASION (Fangoria, Gorezone), along with special guest artist VINCENT LOCKE (Deadworld, Cannibal Corpse).


     Originally unleashed in 1993, The Dead showed us a world plunged into a flesh-ripping holocaust as the zombies rise to torment the living, featuring zombies that could not only think, but were hell-bent on torture, psychological punishment, and sexual degradation, putting human survivors through one unthinkable horror after the next in a bid for full-scale global genocide. It was the most controversial book of its day, gleefully depraved among the likes of iconic horror titles like Faust and Gore Shriek.

     THE DEAD was featured on THE 700 CLUB as an example of Satan destroying America’s youth through the insidious influence of comic books and would eventually be banned outright in Canada and the UK. And that was only after two issues! The tumultuous landscape of independent comics in the 1990s (and the incendiary nature of the book itself) saw the title sputter, with a few issues released over several volumes throughout the years, never quite able to gain enough traction to lay waste to the mainstream.

But that’s all about to change!
- Each limited “Tour Edition” copy of THE DEAD: OMNIBUS will include the following gory goodies:
  •  Over 280 B&W pages of fully restored artwork from the entire multiple volume run of THE DEAD, featuring art from Jason Moore, Matt Mason, Deidre Crouch, Derek Rook, Vince Locke & Mark Bloodworth.
  •  The previously unreleased issue #3 from the first run of THE DEAD, printed exclusively for this volume for the very first time.
  •  Over 35 pages of brand new story and artwork that ties the whole bloody affair together in one volume of guts and despair, by Mike Wasion, Derek Rook, Jason Moore & Vince Locke.
  •  A new DEADITORIAL retrospective from co-founders Ralph Griffith & Stuart Kerr.
  •  A full color Cover Gallery of every single issue of THE DEAD, including previously unpublished covers.
  •  Loads of never before released “pin up” artwork spanning the books 23 year history.
  •  A new painted “NOT FOR WUSSIES” back cover by famed artist Mark Bloodworth.
  •  A new painted “DEFINITELY NOT FOR WUSSIES” front cover by Jason Moore & Vince Locke.
  •  A raunchy THE DEAD, arrest-worthy, bumper sticker.
  •  An exclusive THE DEAD “Barf Bag.” Love or hate the content, this collectible will provide you with the same function.

  THE DEAD: OMNIBUS will make its bloody double debut at the Fantacon & Rock and Shock 2015 conventions in Albany, NY and Worcester, MA, respectfully.

The Dead have arisen... once again pushing the printed limits of gore!

    October 20, 2014
       Derek Rook says... 
   "So another ROCK AND SHOCK down. What a great one it was. This was the first year we advertised ROUGH HOUSE PUBLISHING and it went over like a shot! Sarah Michelle, my sexy co-conspirator & I want to thank everyone who has continuously supported our work, year after year, without fail. You guys are truly the best & the main reason why we get to do what we do best. Thanks for sharing our 3rd  year Anniversary with us, which began behind those very walls. Every year we look forward to seeing your faces, sharing some war stories, and many laughs! To our friends on the road, new and seasoned . . . the best is always yet to come!"

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