Monday, April 27, 2015

Talented Horror Actress And Inked Model Pandie Suicide Has Joined Director Ama Lea's SweetHearts

    Diabolique News Break! - Share Everywhere - The Talented Horror Actress, Model & Writer PANDIE SUICIDE Has Now Officially Joined The Cast Of Writer & Director Ama Lea's  SWEETHEARTS as "Luna." A new horror film in the vein of "The Craft," "Jawbreakers," "Heathers" and others but far darker with way more gore! 

    Help Make The Magic Happen!

 Full Details Here: www.indiegogo.com/projects/sweethearts--2

  - Synopsis: In the world of teenage hierarchy, we follow a group of antiheroes in the form of cheerleaders as they make their way through the war that is High School. Ever thought there must be a secret to being charming, popular, athletic and beautiful? What if the secret involved being inducted into a secret society that worshiped Satan? This is the world of Sweethearts.


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