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'Halloween Horror Fest' Celebrates 31 Days Of World Class Genre Films On line Coming October 2015

OCTOBER 1st to OCTOBER 31st, 2015


DIABOLIQUE  NEWS: HOLLYWOOD, CA – Film Festival Flix will host the first annual Halloween Horror Fest over an unprecedented 31 days during the month of October, it was announced today by the company’s CEO Benjamin Oberman. “We celebrate great genre movies and filmmakers from around the world and provide opportunities for films and audiences to connect through the internet,” said Mr. Oberman.  

    The online festival, which celebrates 31 days of world class horror films and the filmmakers who terrify, disgust, and disturb us, is led by Mr. Oberman and boasts a series of events along with traditional Filmmaker Q&A’s, Expert Panels, and Twitter Chats; all online.  (Watch what you want | When you want | Where you want). Thirteen competition categories will be awarded cash and sponsored prizes with additional recognition through media partners and the festival’s expert Jury. Winners will receive distribution offers on Film Festival Flix, affiliate networks and branded distribution channels as well as all major cable, internet and home video platforms. 
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"Our mission is to celebrate great horror films and filmmakers from around the world and to provide 
greater opportunities for these films and their 
audiences to connect through the internet"

    The Grand Prize winner will receive a cash prize of $4,000, a guaranteed distribution offer on the Film Festival Flix platform, an L.A. Premiere, Lunch with a top Hollywood Acquisitions Executive, Critique from a Horror Film Legend, a featured article in a Hollywood Media Trade and a number of sponsor prizes (to be announced). Visit website here

  Additional categories include:                                               
  • Skin Crawler Award 
  • Best Blood & Gore 
  • Best Psychological Thriller
  • Best Vampire
  • Best Werewolf
  • Best Zombie 
  • Best Monster 
  • Best Slasher
  • Best Ghost & Haunted 
  • Best Comedy Horror 
  • Best Found Footage
  • Best Short
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 Benjamin Oberman says...
   “I've traveled to festivals around the globe for many years and see amazing films that most people will never get to see. Hosting the festival online guarantees genre audiences opportunity to watch as much as they want, when they want, in the comfort of their own home, and offers the ability to interact with filmmakers as much as they'd like.”

   Halloween Horror Fest provides audiences with easy and unlimited access to films from great genre festivals around the world for one low price. (Like a Netflix subscription, but much better!) Visit website here

    A call for entry is now open through June 15th, 2015.  Late submission runs June 16th - July 15th. Official Selections will be announced August 15th, 2015. Winners will be announced November 10th and presented at an exclusive live event in Los Angeles. For more information and to submit a film go here

    FILM FESTIVAL FLIX offers the film-loving community quality movies from around the world through programming of international film festival gems, online film festivals, theatrical openings and a monthly theatrical premiere series. Visit website here

  LETTER FROM BENJAMIN OBERMAN                                       

   "I’m very excited to welcome everyone to the first annual Halloween Horror Fest. This online festival provides us all the opportunity to celebrate 31 days of world class horror films and the filmmakers who terrify, disgust, and disturb us.
    I've been traveling to festivals around the globe for many years now, and I've seen amazing films that few people ever have the chance. But no matter how many films I can see, there are infinitely more I wish I could easily access. But even at the festivals, this is a daunting task."

    "Hosting the festival online is the great equalizer, giving dedicated audiences the opportunity to watch as much as they want, when they want, in the comfort of their own home, with the ability to interact with filmmakers and notable individuals, such as yourselves, as much as they'd like. You can see all the films you heard about from great genre festivals around the world, and beyond for one low price. (Like a Netflix subscription, but much better!) If you don’t have time to watch every film, don’t worry, many of them will be available on our Streaming On Demand platform after the festival period is over."

   "This year, enjoy 31 days of Horror making the Halloween season your best one yet! I hope you enjoy the festival as much as I do."

Independently Yours,
Benjamin Oberman
Founder | President | CEO

Mini Biography: Benjamin C. Oberman
Producer | Writer | Production Manager

    Benjamin is the Founder, President and CEO of MouseTrap Films, LLC, a North American distributor, and Film Festival Flix, a distribution platform dedicated to connecting great films from around the world with North American Audiences. He has been involved in the Television and Film industry since 1999. Mr. Oberman brings his experience and expertise to the table in the areas of producing, script development, team building, leadership, networking, and the ability to deliver quality products on budget, on time.

    Mr. Oberman Produced / Executive Produced Apple Cart Productions feature film, "Ornaments"; developed an original one-hour drama series, "The Edge," together with television Executive Producer, Harvey Myman, Writer, John Rice ("Windtalkers" and "Blown Away"), and Touchstone Television; Produced two Public Service Announcements for Americas Blood Centers; Produced national commercials for AARP and South Beach Diet; Produced, Directed, and Edited the promotional video, "Art of Trust," for Rosetta Resorts, LLC and Harry's Island; and Created, Produced, and Executive Produced the adventure relay race, "Extreme Tower Relay" which took place on the sandstone towers near Moab, Utah. In addition, Oberman has fifty instructional videos in distribution under the banner, "Anakserak" (Indonesian Martial Art) and worked in production with ABC Sports covering the figure skating broadcast. He was also the Figure Skating Consultant on Dreamworks / Paramount Pictures, "Blades of Glory," starring Will Ferrell.

    Mr. Oberman is active in the Los Angeles community. He has served on the LA County Museum of Art's (LACMA) President Circle - Avant Guarde. He is a member of the Pasadena Symphony's Advisory Council, and was also a founding member of LA Opera's Aria steering committee. He has Co-Chaired or served on the committee for numerous benefits and fundraisers. Prior to his work in the film and television industry, he was on stage in more than a thousand live performances following a career as a top ranked competitive figure skater. All told, he spent more than twenty-three years in the sport. He was a two time United States International Team Member, a successful coach, and a line producer / associate producer of live figure skating shows worldwide. As a professional, some highlights included; The 2002 Olympic Games, Opening and Closing Ceremonies; four years as the figure skating team in the Radio City Music Hall's, Christmas Spectacular, starring the Rockettes, in New York City; and the role of 'Chuck Cranston' in "Footloose on Ice" starring Nancy Kerrigan.

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