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'Cannibal Fog' A Lighthearted To Sexual Addiction Religion Eroticism To Food And Cannibalism From Director Jonas Wolcher

Photographer: Adrian-Catalin Duma


   Cannibal Fog is a dark comedy filmed in the true spirit of an independent, including real special effects, real stunts, and no compromising of the filmmakers vision.

    Too many films today are turned into something that studio executives control based on the potential for profit. This often waters down the original vision the filmmakers had and gives the viewers a less satisfying experience. 


Our goal is to give you the best, uncompromised experience we can. To accomplish this, we will shoot without outside influence and without an eye on rating systems or censorship. What you will get is a fun, rich film experience with no BS.

  THE STORY                                                                                 

   CANNIBAL FOG is a lighthearted approach to many taboo subjects. Sexual addiction, religion and morality, and the eroticism of food, and of course, cannibalism. While the story is indeed dark themed, it is much less a horror film then a dark humored drama.

   CANNIBAL FOG will be shot as one film in three acts. In act one we meet Michael, a troubled man with many issues with religion, sexual addiction, and a wish to be someone he is not. We are introduced to Albin, precisely the type of man Michael wishes to be. In act two we delve deep into the world of Albin, who takes Michael under his wing. In act three we watch Michael's world transform under Albin's guidance and begin to understand the true meaning of “Cannibal Fog."

Official CANNIBAL FOG Trailer

Director Jonas Wolcner says...
   Enjoy this trailer for Cannibal Fog which is DVD quality. If you really like what you see, please contact me directly at: too86entertainment@gmail.com  We are looking for publishers for all countries and can offer you Cannibal Fog in DVD, Blu ray, Download and Streaming. Extras are also available. Cannibal Fog is "Part 1" of and we can of course make you a lucrative offer for all three parts!

    Synopsis: This is a meta drama comedy with art house influences in the urban cannibal genre. The movie is subtitled in english, german, polish and spanish. Below is a review from the screening at Morbido Merida, Mexico.

   Cannibal Fog (2014) Director: Jonas Wolcher, represents the most influential horror film in Sweden. We are told in an experiential and performative language about Michael's life (Linus Karlgren), a young man dedicated to flirting on social media and recording his intermittent sexual encounters. Then there's Albin (Malte Aronsson), a chef of human flesh who knows exactly how to pamper their dinners. Certainly, being an indie film, this film's production values are very high. It's like a two-headed manager which shares the heads of John Waters and Hannibal Lecter, and we did not know which one will kill us. The least we could do is laugh or mourn simultaneously, and for the same reasons. Cannibalism, social satire and pornography are the three main ingredients that are merged into the theater of the absurd. Bon appétit!

Jonas Wolcher
Producer and Director
Dino Publishing JW

  Jonas Wolcher: Auteur And Creator                                       

   Jonas Wolcher was born in Gothenburg, Vastra Gotalands Lan, Sweden (1973). Ten years ago he made his first movie called Zombienoid (2002). Jonas Wolcher made the first Swedish full feature zombie-movie which was outside Sweden. You can buy his movies world wide. Three releases of Die Zombiejager are available on DVD. Today thousands of fans follow his works and his first feature Die Zombiejager is still going strong with monthly new reviews popping up worldwide. Dragonetti The Ruthless Contract Killer (2010) is now available in UK, Italy, Scandinavia and soon in the US.

November  6th - 8th  2015
Europe's Largest Horror Festival
Turbinenhalle Oberhausen
Im Lipperfeld 23    GERMANY

Director Jonas Wolcher Will Present His Film CANNIBAL FOG Along With Cast & Crew. Photos & Autographs Will Also Be Available! We will be there! Will you?

CANNIBAL FOG has already screened in 
numerous countries to rave reviews!

Photographer: Adrian-Catalin Duma
  [May 5, 2014] Kim Sønderholm says... "I just returned home from a hell of a fun weekend in Gothenburg, Sweden where I spend a couple of days shooting a new dark comedy/horror feature called CANNIBAL FOG. Here is a candid shot of me and the director, Jonas Wolcher."

Photographer: Adrian-Catalin Duma
 [May 5, 2014] Actor Kim Sønderholm Holds Clapboard While Taking A Break From Shooting CANNIBAL FOG In Gothenburg.

  - Diabolique News: Swedish Director Jonas Wolcher's CANNIBAL FOG is a lighthearted approach to many taboo subjects: "Sexual Addiction," Religion & Morality," "Eroticism Of Food" & "Cannibalism." The story is dark themed, but much less a horror film then a dark humored drama. Full Details Here: http://horrorunlimited.blogspot.com/2015/04/cannibal-fog-lighthearted-to-sexual.html Tag Line: "1st bite gives you Focus, 3rd bite gives you Pleasure, 5th bite ... Cannibal."

Juznur Siuleymanova
"Miss Bloo The Assassin"

Caroline Stråle Svensson 
 "Pernilla Cex"

Vargman Bjärsborn

  Official website for Director Jonas Wolcher here

 Jonas says... 
   "I make movies with passion and love for exploitation, horror and action."

Cast & Crew
  • Taglines: First bite gives you focus, third bite gives you pleasure, fifth bite - Cannibal. 
  • 1-for focus 3-orgasm 5 - Do you dare to go all the way?
  • Do you dare to take 1-3-5?
  • Once you try it you will get stuck for life. It's so addictive. So addictive!
  • Genres: Comedy | Horror
  • Runtime: 114 minutes (theatrical)
  • Color: Color
  • Aspect Ratio: 16:9 HD
  • Official Site: Official website
  • Social Media: "Like" Cannibal Fog on facebook
  • Production Company: Dino Publishing JW
  • Country Of Origin: Sweden
  • Languages: Danish | Swedish
  • Release Date: 2014 (USA) 
  • Filming Locations: Gothenburg, Sweden
  • Soundtrack: "Lovers" Performed by Gale Grand Central

Directed by 

Jonas Wolcher

Writing Credits


Brian Bell...(co-creator)
Jonas Wolcher

Cast (in credits order)  

Malte Aronsson...
Albin Gulbrandt
Linus Karlgren...
Kim Sønderholm...
Daniel Pedersen
Ida Karolin Johansson...
Lars Lundgren...
Frank 'The Guru' Ydborn
Vargman Bjärsborn...
Johanna Valero...
Anders Dahlberg...
Anoshirvan Parvazi...
Kjell Häll Eriksson...
Tor-Björn Amilon...
Victim at the cafe
Juznur Siuleymanova...
Miss Bloo The Assassin
Caroline Stråle Svensson...
Pernilla Cex
Gustav Magnarsson...
Pierre le Wine
Christer Blomgren...
Marie Yeeni Abrahamsson...
Cassandra Rehm-Blomquist...
Marie Louise Sjögren...
Dr. Eleonora Ström (voice)
Donald Stenklyft...
Raul B King
Duana Svensen-Quispe...
Aleksandra Kawecka Mårtensson...
Invincible victim
Cissi Liljemalm...
Running mother
Loke Liljemalm...
Running brother
Lita Nevalainen...
Running sister
Janne Aarnseth...
Victim Herrejävlar
Helen Larsson...
Victim in the bathroom
Carola Kastell...
Victim in park

Produced by 

Jonas Wolcher

Film Editing by 

Jonas Wolcher

Casting By 

Jonas Wolcher

Production Design by 

Jonas Wolcher

Costume Design by 

Vargman Bjärsborn
Gustav Ljungdahl...(costumes designed by)

Makeup Department 

Richard Tomson...special makeup effects artist
Jonas Wolcher...special makeup effects artist

Second Unit Director or Assistant Director 

Brian Bell...assistant director
Adrian-Catalin Duma...assistant director

Sound Department 

Patrik Putte Andersson...sound editor / sound mixer
Vargman Bjärsborn...boom operator
Kjell Häll Eriksson...boom operator
Casandra Rehm...boom operator
Jurgis Rodin...sound director / sound editor
Jonas Wolcher...boom operator

Special Effects by 

Lars Lundgren...pyrotechnician


Tor-Björn Amilon...stunt performer
Lars Lundgren...action coordinator
Johanna Valero...stunt performer

Camera and Electrical Department 

Brian Bell...camera operator
Adrian-Catalin Duma...camera operator / still photographer
Andreas Gärdnert...camera operator
Henrik Hank Oscarsson...still photographer
Jimmy Wernström...camera operator
Jonas Wolcher...camera operator

Music Department 

Björn Nyberg...composer: additional music


Roger Andersson...special thanks
Ofer Eshed...thanks
Mörkerdottirs Förlag Frida Arwen Rosesund...very special thanks: for his support
Björn Gelotte...special thanks
Albin Glasell...the producers wish to thank
Josef Harringer...dedicatee
Apart Förlag Johan Kimrin...special thanks: for his support
Stefan Johansson...thanks
Lisa Jonsson...grateful thanks
Istanbull Kötthandel Memo...very special thanks
Björn Nyberg...special thanks
Anette Rehm...special thanks

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