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Ron Chaney Presents Actor Bill Oberst Jr. With The 1st Ever "Lon Chaney Award For Outstanding Achievement In Independent Horror Films" At The FANtastic Horror Film Festival

Sunday, November 2nd, 2014
701 5th Ave  -  San Diego -  California  92101

 Ron Chaney Presents Actor Bill Oberst Jr. With The 1st Ever "Lon Chaney Award For Outstanding Achievement In Independent Horror Films"

    NEWS UPDATE! The 2 founders of the FANtastic Horror Film Festival Mike & JoAnn Thomas are honored to have created this prestigious award with the help and support of Chaney Entertainment and The Chaney Family. We owe the legacy of horror cinema to a number of standout legendary actors which include Bela Lugosi, Boris Karloff, and Lon Chaney (Phantom of The Opera, The Man Of A Thousand Faces, The Monster)Find out how you can be nominated for this prestigious award here

    Quote from Bill Oberst Jr... "Thank you FANtastic Horror Film Festival for the surprise; Ron Chaney and Chaney Entertainment for the honor; Lon Chaney, Sr.and Lon Chaney, Jr. for the dreams and Forrest J. Ackerman for introducing my generation to the Chaneys in Famous Monsters of Filmland." 

    "The parts I play point out a moral. They show individuals who might have been different, if they had been given a different chance." - Lon Chaney (1883-1930)

Find out how you can be nominated for this prestigious award here

   The legendary horror genre actor Bill Oberst, Jr., has received the first ever “Lon Chaney Award for Outstanding Achievement in Independent Horror Films” at the FANtastic Horror Film Festival (FHFF) in San Diego, California. Ron Chaney, the great-grandson of Lon Chaney and the grandson of equally acclaimed actor Lon Chaney, Jr., was on hand along with Lon Chaney’s great-great-granddaughters Jaclynn and Jennifer to present Oberst with this first-ever award. With over a 100 horror film credits, Bill Oberst, Jr. continues to take the horror industry by complete storm, with sensational performances in Children of Sorrow, Criminal Minds, Take This Lollipop, Slay Utterly, Squeal: Blood Harvest among many others! 

    Diabolique News: RON CHANEY - The Great Grandson Of Lon Chaney (The Man Of A Thousand Faces) And The Grandson Of Lon Chaney Jr. About To Present Actor Bill Oberst Jr. With The 1st Ever "Lon Chaney Award For Outstanding Achievement In Independent Horror Films." The 2 founders of the FANtastic Horror Film Festival in San Diego: Mike & JoAnn Thomas are honored to have created this prestigious award with the help and support of Chaney Entertainment & The Chaney Family. Find out how you can be nominated for this award at: http://www.fhffsd.org/lon-chaney-award

    Festival organizers Mike & JoAnn Thomas kept the award a secret to surprise Mr. Oberst, who has often cited Lon Chaney as a major influence and expressed a desire to play the “Man of a Thousand Faces” on stage or screen. The actor was nearly speechless as Ron Chaney called him forward at the FHFF Awards Banquet. Bill Oberst Jr. said .... “My inner 14-year-old horror kid is in overdrive right now. Without the Chaney family there would be no horror genre.”

Find out how you can be nominated for this prestigious award here

    Ron Chaney, speaking on behalf of the Chaney family, thanked the FHFF crowd for helping to 
keep the Chaney cinematic legacy alive.

     Mr. Chaney said.... “We are honored to be here tonight to present this first ever Lon Chaney Award in the spirit and in the memory of my grandfather and great-grandfather." Ron Chaney is President & CEO of Chaney Entertainment, Inc., which manages licensing rights to Lon Chaney & Lon Chaney, Jr. and maintains The Official Chaney website and store here.

    Fans in Europe also had the golden opportunity to meet Bill Oberst, Jr. during the Weekend of Horrors held from November 14 to 16, 2014 in Oberhausen, Germany. Bill signed autographs for his loyal fans and two of his highly acclaimed films were screened during the convention: one was director Jourdan McClure and writer Ryan Finnerty’s Children of Sorrow in it’s original director’s cut version and the other was writer and director Billy Pon’s recently premiered Circus of the Dead.

   Bill Oberst Jr. had this to say in a recent interview 
       with a noted horror movie critic...

      "My love for Lon Chaney was born in the pages of Famous Monsters magazine, where publisher Forrest J. Ackerman introduced a boyhood hero of his, The Man Of A Thousand Faces, to my generation. In those pre-video days in my little rural town there was no way to see old movies, especially old silent ones, except to order Super 8 clips from them and run them on the family movie projector. I did. I knew when I saw him I would never be the same. Suddenly I knew. I knew what I wanted to be."

     "When I told Ron Chaney that seeing his great-grandfather in the unmasking scene from the 1925 "Phantom Of The Opera" changed my life and set me on my career path, he told me that he had heard a similar story from many over the course of his life, including my favorite author, Ray Bradbury, who often wrote that he was mesmerized as a boy seeing that same scene with Chaney in his hometown movie theater in Waukegan, IL."

     "The year Ray Bradbury died, I went to Waukegan and performed a Bradbury story in that very same movie theater, a story in which he mentions Chaney, for the Ray Bradbury Storytelling Festival, and now here I was talking to Chaney's great-grandson about Bradbury and the others, including myself, who had been so thrilled by the artistry of Lon Chaney in "Phantom Of The Opera" and "The Hunchback Of Notre Dame" and dozens more (and by that of his son as "The Wolf Man") that we had decided to become creative artists of one sort or another; while holding an award bearing the Chaney name presented by representatives of the Chaney family. So yes, I was speechless."

      "It was a personally meaningful moment that capped a year of odd Chaney connections: the artist who created my make-up for CBS-TV's "Criminal Minds" last spring is also a huge Chaney fan, and he purposefully made the character's look an homage to the wounded monsters that Chaney excelled at playing. Earlier I had encountered a screenwriter working on a script about Chaney's relationship with director Tod Browning, and later in the year a film fan sent me a copy of a short story by Robert Bloch I had never seen called "The Legacy," about Chaney's famous make-up kit (which I had studiously tried to recreate as a boy using mail-order make-up materials and my father's old fishing tackle box.). 

    "I began to think about why no one has portrayed Chaney onscreen for so many decades and began daring to dream of playing him myself. And then comes this award. It is been a very Lon Chaney year. For a misfit kid horror movie fan like me, that's a great year! I could not be happier, or more grateful to Ron Chaney, Chaney Enterprises and the wonderful founders of the FANtastic Horror Film Festival, Mike and JoAnn Thomas, for allowing me to take home a memory that will inspire me. "Keep going," Ron Chaney told me as we parted, "Never quit. They didn't!" That's advice I will take, and take to heart."

 Find out how you can be nominated for this prestigious award here

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