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Horror Film Director And Artist Mariano Baino's Solo Art Exhibit In The Sala Del Lazzaretto Naples Italy

    Diabolique News Break: Naples, Italy -  Saturday, March 14, 2015 
World Renowned Horror Film Director & Artist Mariano Baino Proudly Stands Next To The Poster For His Sensational Solo Art Exhibition IMAGO IGNIS Outside The "Sala Del Lazzaretto" 

La Sala del Lazzaretto
 Hall of The Leprosarium
Santa Maria della Pace 
(ex Ospedale della Pace)
Via Tribunali 227
 Naples, Italy

    This spectacular 16th century Hall of the Leprosarium, long almost 200 feet, was officially dedicated to the spectacular solo art exhibit IMAGO IGNIS for renowned Horror genre director & artist Mariano Baino. More details here

  Presentation and Q&A Session At "La Sala Del Lazzaretto" For Renowned Horror Film Director And Acclaimed Artist Mariano Baino's Spectacular Solo Art Exhibit IMAGO IGNIS. Visit Mariano Baino's website here

    Saturday, March 14, 2014 - NAPLES, Italy - The doors officially open at "La Sala Del Lazzaretto" for IMAGO IGNIS the spectacular solo art exhibit of Maestro Mariano Baino! Part of the spectacular 16th century Hall of the Leprosarium, almost 200 feet long, was dedicated to an exhibit of concept art and storyboards by the director, who always draws all his own pre-production artwork, uses it to pre-visualize his meticulously composed shots, known to his fans and to film critics for their stylistic rigor and the visual opulence that distinguishes them!  More details here

 Diabolique News Exclusive - Naples, Italy: Saturday, March 14, 2015 
    Mario Bàino stand under the spotlight next to the visually stunning poster he designed for ASTRID'S SAINTS. His Incredible Solo Art Exhibition IMAGO IGNIS Displayed In The "Sala del Lazzaretto" Was An Astounding Success! Mariano is also in Naples scouting for that same movie with the talented Coralina Cataldi-Tassoni in the lead part. 
   Full details here: http://horrorunlimited.blogspot.com/2015/03/horror-film-director-and-artist-mariano.html

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    Naples, Italy - The sensational solo art exhibition of the artist and director Mariano Bàino was inaugurated in the Sala del Lazzaretto IMAGO IGNIS. Neapolitan by birth and New Yorker by adoption, Mr. Baino is currently in Naples scouting for his next film ASTRID'S SAINTS(Photo credit: Paolo De Luca) 

  Saturday, March 14, 2015 - NAPLES, Italy - One of the  spectacular illustrations in "La Sala Del Lazzaretto" For Renowned Horror Film Director And Acclaimed Artist Mariano Baino's Spectacular Solo Art Exhibit IMAGO IGNIS. More details here

   Architect Loredana Baino, with the kind patronage of The 4th Municipality of the City of Naples, is pleased to present, IMAGO IGNIS, a solo exhibition of mixed media drawings, photos and video by renowned film director MARIANO BAINO. IMAGO IGNIS explores this artist’s fascination with half-glimpsed signs of hidden realities and forbidden tomes and presents a series of mixed media recreations of pages from lost books and secret grimoires, achieved through the use of fire and water painstakingly applied to the drawing surface before and after the artwork is completed. The drawings represent a gallery of creatures from the darkest nightmares and anatomical studies which seem the work of a naturalist who has found a shortcut to access the most remote regions of Hell.  More details here

   “Someone with a vivid and savage imagination that Bram Stoker would envy” THE DAILY STAR, UK

     Each piece of artwork will be accompanied by a story explaining each piece's alleged provenance. “You'll be able to see the only surviving page of the first edition of De Praestigiis Daemonum and some burnt fragments of pages from the famed De Furtivis Cryptomensis rescued from a fire that destroyed Barking Church, London, in 1666,” Baino tells us, “There will also be a couple of pieces that reference my film work and add to the universe of Dark Waters.”  

 More details here
 More details here
  “We wanted to take advantage of Mariano Baino’s presence in Naples, where he’s currently scouting potential locations for his new film, ASTRID’S SAINTS, to mount an exhibition which would give Neapolitans the golden opportunity to see the incredible artwork of this multitalented artist,” declares Dr. Armando Coppola, President of the 4th Municipality of the City of Naples, which is lending its prestigious patronage to the spectacular event. More details here

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