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'Welcome To HappyTown' New Horror Novel By Tim Miller

By Tim Miller


     Quote from Tim Miller... "This book is the second in the "April Almighty" series. Meghan Chadeayne is featured on the cover of the first one. I wanted to write a book with a female horror super hero type person. So I came up with this idea of a girl who gets the powers to use her mind to cause men to spontaneously ejaculate without touching them. Once that occurs, she then has total control of their minds and can make them do whatever she wants." 

   "So we meet this character, April, in "Dead to Writes." So for Part 2, I wanted to make another book featuring April, and I've also wanted to do a story with clowns. Now clowns are on the brink of being over done with shows like American Horror Story among other things. So in "Welcome to Happytown" April and her friends end up in this twisted Funhouse filled with various horrors and the clowns are completely off the chart insane." 

   "So I feel like this is more opportunity to enjoy the character of April who is hard not to fall in love with, and watch her kick some more ass in the form of evil clowns."

April Almighty Book 2 [Kindle Edition]

    Book Description: April Kennedy (Dead to Writes) is back. Over a year after her nightmare in Dead to Writes, her friend Stacy convinces her a road trip with friends is what she needs. With one wrong turn, the group winds up in Happytown, a place that is anything but. They are forced into a mysterious fun-house run by Uncle Monkey and his band of psycho clowns. April hadn't used her special ability since escaping her captors, but when she encounters the clowns of Happytown, she may have no choice. She soon learns that what lies within the fun-house is the stuff of nightmares.
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TIM MILLER Mini Biography

   Tim began writing at a very young age. As a teenager he would write short stories of horror to entertain himself and his friends. Not knowing at the time this would one day lead to his dream of becoming a published author. Tim has studied various religions and psychology as evident in the "Hand of God" books and "Dark Exorcist." From there, Tim began to venture into the realm of splatterpunk and extreme horror, which kicks the gore factor into overdrive. With the release of "Family Night" Tim has been off to the races. He has released several bestselling titles that are sure to turn your stomach. You can follow Tim on his website at www.timmiller.org and on Twitter @TimMiller2011

    "If you are looking for a writer who writes for the extreme horror fan, then you have found your guy in Tim Miller" - TheHorrorNation.net




    "If you are looking for a writer who writes for the extreme horror fan, then you have found your guy in Tim Miller" - Digital Macabre

   "Family Night will take you on a horrific roller-coaster ride" - Gadget Girl Reviews

DARK EXORCIST [Kindle Edition]
   Synopsis: Peter Roman is a police officer on what should be a typical disturbance call. He encounters a teenage girl who is anything but typical. Her level of strength and violence surpasses some of the strongest suspects he's encountered. Father Pierce is a hospital chaplain who despite his lack of belief in the supernatural, is forced to stare down the pure evil within the girl. 

   Father Dietrich Harlan is a seasoned priest and Vatican trained Exorcist who gets called in to save the young woman and restore order to the hospital.  In one night, these men will come face to face with a demon who reveals to them their own demons. How can a group of flawed individuals defeat a being so powerful? Only by defeating their own monsters will they survive the night.

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By Tim Miller
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