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'The Inn' New Creepy Gothic Mystery Thriller By Author William Patterson Coming 2015 From Kennsington Publishing Corp


Don't be afraid of the dark, be afraid of...

By William Patterson
Released by Pinnacle Books

Coming January 2015

“'The Conjuring' meets 'The Shining' in William Patterson's deliciously creepy thriller, The Inn. Fast-paced, horror-filled, clever and impossible-to-predict, this heart pounding tale will leave you breathless!”Kevin O’Brien, New York Times bestselling author

THE INN (Printed Copy)

If you're very lucky. . .
The ramshackle B&B in western Massachusetts isn't just an inheritance – it seems like the best chance for Jack and Annabel Devlin to save their marriage and start over. But Annabel’s first impressions of the remote inn don’t ease her nerves. In fact, everything about the gloomy Victorian draws Annabel back into childhood nightmares. 

They might let you leave. . .
Locals whisper about the Blue Boy Inn and its long history of murders and mysterious disappearances. Soon Annabel hears noises within the walls and glimpses something – some things – scurrying in the shadows. The locked attic, the bricked-up fireplace … for years they've helped keep a ravenous evil at bay. Now Jack and Annabel’s arrival has stirred the house to life again. Debts must be paid, hungers will be satisfied, and one by one, Annabel’s worst fears are about to come true...

William Patterson lives in Boston and Los Angeles and several points in between. A connoisseur of horror films, he especially loves the great made-for-television movies of the 1970s, where the devil always seemed to be lurking around the corner of a college dormitory or a suburban mansion.

Product Details

   THE INN [Kindle Edition]

  • File Size: 1200 KB
  • Print Length: 449 pages
  • Page Numbers Source ISBN: 0786033231
  • Publisher: Pinnacle Books 
  • Release Date: December 30, 2014
  • Sold By: Amazon Digital Services, Inc.
  • Language: English
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This year, 2014, will mark Kensington Publishing's 40th year as an independent publisher. Like the entire publishing industry, Kensington has gone through many changes since its founding by my father, Walter Zacharius, who unfortunately passed away in March, 2011. This past year has shown continuing consolidation in our business as the two of the largest publishers, Penguin and Random House, combined to form one behemoth company that publishes over 40% of all trade titles. The power of the publishing industry has been consolidated into the “Big 5” companies, which are, Penguin Random, Harper Collins, Hachette, Von Hotzbrinck and Simon and Schuster. Harper Collins just recently acquired the largest romance publisher, the Canadian owned firm, Harlequin. All of these companies are billion-dollar publishing entities and several are foreign owned. Penguin Random and Von Holtzbrinck are German companies, and Hachette is French owned. Harper Collins is owned by the News Corp. (Rupert Murdoch’s firm) and Simon and Schuster is owned by Viacom.

(left) Congratulations to Steven Zacharius (l.), president and CEO of Kensington Publishing Corp., and Adam Zacharius, director of special projects and alt. media, celebrate Kensington’s 40th anniversary at a party during BEA on May 29. (Publisher’s Weekly “Picture of the Day” June 3, 2014). Congratulations to our friends at Kensington! If they've grown this much in forty years, they’ll set records in the next forty. We wish you every success in the future.

We’ve also continued to see continued consolidation in the amount of remaining outlets where books are sold. There is one large wholesaler remaining that distributes to supermarkets, newsstands and drug stores when there used to be over 750 wholesalers fifty years ago. The rest of the U.S. business is concentrated into less than ten major accounts and a greatly reduced base of independent bookstores. Fortunately the library business is still strong and the growth of eBooks has offset the decline of physical space for printed books.

Kensington remains as the only large independent firm to publish in the paperback field. We started as a historical romance publisher in 1974 with an investment of $67,000; it has now grown into a company with about 90 employees and publishes over 500 books annually in many genres, including women's fiction, mysteries, thrillers, westerns, true-crime, young adult, and commercial nonfiction.

Many people ask why an author would choose to be published at Kensington instead of one of the larger companies. The answer is that although this is becoming a much more technologically based industry, we are still a "people" company. There isn't another company where every author has the opportunity to meet and deal with everyone in the firm, including the top management team. We treat every writer as a part of our family. Our employees and our authors are very loyal and rarely leave: many employees have been with us for over 25 years, and we have published some of our authors since the company was founded.

My plan is to continue to grow our business to become THE largest independent publisher in the country. My son, Adam Zacharius, who had worked for us on the West Coast is now in the New York office and sits behind the desk my father used for his 35-plus years in the office. He’s now heading up our digital imprints, eKensington and our newly acquired imprint, Lyrical Press.

There's something special and unique about being a family-owned business. It's hard to put into words, but if you were to ask any of our authors or employees, they could probably explain it better than I could. I’m confident that we’re the only large publisher to have had three generations in the business and I have three grandchildren (so far), in the wings, to hopefully continue this tradition. I enjoy answering all of my e-mail from readers and writers, and I thank you for supporting our company. I truly answer every email that I receive whether it be criticism, praise or just general correspondence.

A lot of work has gone into another major redesign of our website to make it more user friendly, informative and enjoyable to readers. We hope you enjoy it.

Steven Zacharius
Chairman, President & CEO 


Zebra:  Kensington's flagship imprint publishes nationally bestselling women's fiction, romantic suspense and bestselling historical, paranormal and contemporary romances.

Brava:  Publishes popular contemporary romances.

Pinnacle:  Publishes bestselling thrillers, westerns, horror and true crime titles.  Among Pinnacle's western bestselling authors is William W. Johnstone, the country's most popular western writer.

 Citadel is Kensington's non-fiction imprint.  Citadel publishes acclaimed memoirs and books about popular culture, past and present.

Aphrodisia:  Launched in January 2006, Aphrodisia publishes an extremely diverse and popular line of erotic romances, ranging from historical, to paranormal, contemporary, ménage, bdsm, and more.  Quality writing, a fascinating variety of sexual relationships, and a willingness to push the boundaries of explicit content far beyond those of traditional romance is what Aphrodisia offers the adventuresome reader.

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KTeen:  Launched in the spring of 2011, Kteen focuses on publishing a wide variety of exciting, commercial teen fiction with positive messages, cutting-edge stores and all the drama, humor, and fantasy teens love.
KTeen Dafina:

  Launched in the summer of 2012, eKensington is a digital imprint that publishes in many genres, including:  women's fiction, romance, urban fantasy, thrillers and mystery among others. eKensington offers a new platform for Kensington's established authors and a fresh way to launch authors and introduce readers to burgeoning new talents in all their favorite genres.

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Holloway House: Holloway House publishes legendary street lit fiction that has set the standard for the genre. They feature material that is both edgy and provocative in any era.  Among the classic Holloway House authors are Donald Goines. Tupac Sakur called Goines a 'father figure' in his lyrics for 'Tradin' War Stories, and Ludacris rapped about Goines.
Lyrical Press: Founded in 2007 by Renee Rocco, Lyrical Press offers readers a rich catalog of titles ranging from tender contemporary romances and edgy erotic paranormals to suspenseful thrillers and shocking science fiction. Authors can expect a personalized publishing experience from Lyrical Press, where the relationship between the author and publisher is understood to be symbiotic. When the authors succeed, the house succeeds. Readers will find Lyrical Press books on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Sony, iTunes, and most other ebook sites—including www.KensingtonBooks.com


Philosophical Libraries: Founded in 1941 by Romanian-born philosopher and scholar Dagobert D. Runes, Philosophical Library is a small publishing company with an original aim to publish the great works of the brilliant European intellectuals Runes admired and had befriended, many of whom had fled to America in the 1930s. These were the distinguished men and women who gave birth to the remarkable ideas that helped to define the 20th century. 

Urban Books: Site currently under construction.

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