Monday, October 27, 2014

"Halibt Point" A New Feature Horror Film From Director Ron DeCaro Who Brought You The Infamous Brightside Trilogy

A film by Ron DeCaro
"The first film to explore the mythology of Trog"

    Synopsis: A divorced man tries to move forward with his girlfriend and their children. It is a tradition for him to capture one day a year on video for prosperity's sake. On this day, the awkward new family ventures into a forested coastal sanctuary for a hike. Shortly after finding a peculiar black stone on the shore, one of the children disappears in the woods. Now completely lost and unable to find the missing child, the sun is setting. Something is roaming the trees, stalking them in the darkness.

A Bloodied Past = A Future on the Brightside
   Ron DeCaro is a man who is not afraid to take risks or push buttons. In the past, he has shocked viewers worldwide. The "Brightside Trilogy" which has achieved cult status in the underground film scene is about to be released on Massacre Video. These films have also been self released and distributed by For the Better of Mankind Productions. Full details here

   Halibut Point is the first film to explore the mythology of Trog; a demonic aberration from the sea praised through out the ages by apocalyptic cults and demon worshipers. It will be a found footage style film in the tradition of The Blair Witch Project and August Underground but with our own unique spin. This project is very important to the future works of For the Better of Mankind Productions. This small micro-budget film will serve as a proving ground to see if funding the much more ambitious project we have planned is viable. Official press release here

  Director Ron DeCaro [Gloucester, Massachusetts]"The Brightside Trilogy" has already achieved cult status in the underground film scene! He has the uncanny ability to immerse you in a surreal and bizarre, nightmarish world of gory and shocking visceral images combined with what I consider a "very intense LSD acid trip!" Taking into consideration the small budgets he deals with, the end results are simply brilliant and speak for themselves. Our primordial instincts take over and transform us into brutal, cold blooded killers without any remorse or pity. YES! It can provide a cathartic experience and cleansing of one's soul. See how Ron can use your support. Go here: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/halibut-point  

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