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Watch 'Dead Kansas' Here For FREE Award Winning Zombie Series From Director Aaron K. Carter, See Exclusive Press Photos

Photographer: Adam Ledezma

  Director Aaron K. Carter says...
    "The reason why the photos I sent Diabolique are so exclusive is because this is the first time ever the two girls are featured in the same picture. In fact, they never even met before this photo session in June 2014. Previously, all pictures of them had only been solo." 
    "DEAD KANSAS wants to be on the Diabolique Team!  We want your magazine to be the first to debut this rare meeting of the two leading actresses. The reason they are in the cage is because there is a pivotal scene where bad-guy Jebediah plays guitar for Emma. Erin Miracle was the girl in the cage, in the film.  Alexandria Lightford's pregnancy prevented her from being in that scene. So, here they are together for the first time - looking cute and sexy!

  F R E E  

    Diabolique News: Official Selection! DEAD KANSAS: A Brilliant 5 Part Zombie Series From Award Winning Director Aaron K. Carter starring "Erin Miracle" and "Alexandra Lightfoot" Your Hosts Mike & JoAnn Thomas Invite You to attend their FANtastic Horror Film Festival & Halloween Celebration Party from October 31st - November 2nd, 2014. The location is the landmark Gaslamp Stadium 15 Reading Cinemas, 701 5th Ave, San Diego, CA 92101. It'a a multiplex theater located in the Gaslamp Quarter of downtown San Diego. The building was designed by the firm of Benson & Bohl. “A multiplex with style that screens blockbusters, indies & classics." As Sinatra would say: 73,000 square feet including 15 theaters, with “wall-to-wall” screens up to 30 by 46 feet large, plus raked “stadium” seating, plush red seats, lights shaped like Academy Awards, digital sound and a lobby fit for a train depot — or a “giant popcorn stand." FULL DETAILS HERE: https://sites.google.com/site/fantastichorrff/home

A Film By Aaron K. Carter
D E A D  KANSAS (2013)
"Live In Hell Long Enough...
Everybody Turns Into A Demon!"

  • Genres: Comedy, Horror, Action, Adventure, Western, Zombie
  • Runtime: 64 minutes (this is all 5 acts tied together)
  • Release Date: September 24, 2013
  • Tagline: "Live In Hell Long Enough . . . Everyone Turns Into A Demon"
  • Facebook: fan page
  • Website: DeadKansas.com
  • IMDB: Dead Kansas
  • Country Of Origin: USA
  • Language: English
  • Filming Location: Burbank, California
  • Production Company: Rotten Productions
  • Storyline: In a post-apocalyptic land consumed by "Rottens," a simple farmer and his teenage daughter struggle to survive. Meanwhile, an unruly gang make a plan to kidnap and sell the daughter for their own selfish profit.



Photo credit: Jean Carter

  In a post-apocalyptic land consumed by "Rottens," a simple farmer and his teenage daughter struggle to survive. Meanwhile, an unruly gang make a plan to kidnap and sell the daughter for their own selfish profit. With the farmer/gang confrontation, a wicked tornado approaching, and "Rottens" everywhere - who will get out alive?

     ACT II: Jebediah conspires with his men, vowing to personally avenge his brother's death. Meanwhile, in an effort to save her father's life, Emma takes Glenn to the freakish community of Shambles. With Jebediah hot on their trail, time brutally against them, and more "Rottens" closing in, will Emma save her father in time? 

    ACT III: In the hopes of finding a cure for her father, Emma and Skinny make their way to Doctor Emerson's mansion. Upon their arrival, they are unenthusiastically greeted by Emerson and his assistant, Rusty. However, after Emma is ambushed and kidnapped by Jebediah and his gang, will the new acquaintances work together to get her back?

    ACT IV: Back at Jebediah's base camp, his posse celebrates while Emma is helplessly locked away in a cage. Meanwhile, Rusty and Skinny sneak into the camp and meet Leo, who agrees to help them. Using the "Rottens" as a diversion, will their crazy plan to rescue Emma work?

    ACT V: Emma and her new friends return to Shambles, hoping to save her father. Jebediah has other plans. A brief glimpse into the past, before the apocalypse, reveals Glenn's and Jebediah's falling out. In the climactic finale, who will prevail? Our heroes or our villain?

                              DEAD KANSAS 
                              Directed by 
                              Aaron K. Carter

                              Writing Credits  

                              Aaron K. Carter
                              Nicholas A. DeNicola

                              Cast (in credits order)  

                              Erin Miracle...
                              Alexandria Lightford...
                              Aaron Guerrero...
                              Michael Camp...
                              Kevin C. Beardsley...
                              Zeke / Rusty
                              Juliette Danielle...
                              Irwin Keyes...
                              Ben Woolf...
                              Joe McQueen...
                              Anthony Della Catena...
                              Adam Ledezma...
                              Juan Martinez...
                              Jose Blackman Jr....
                              Darryl Dick...
                              Doctor Emerson
                              Jorge Barba...
                              Theo Boyle...
                              Argel Cota...
                              Marc Easter...
                              David Senescu...
                              Michael Senescu...
                              Jay Olsen...
                              Keisuke Akizawa...
                              Jacob Lightford...
                              Joshua Lightford...
                              Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
                              Juan Alcazar...
                              Cal Alexander...
                              Ed Callahan...
                              Pool Player
                              Norman Hayes...
                              Laurence Jonathan...
                              Madison Mendez...
                              Young Emma
                              Paul Menegay...
                              Steve Mittleider...
                              Chris Morris...
                              Renee Mullins...
                              Bar Patron
                              Diego Navarro...
                              Melissa Nazarian...
                              Bar Patron
                              Brittany Pastor...
                              Dart Thrower
                              Denise Johns Rayl...
                              Busty Bar Patron
                              Benjamin-Jack Smith...
                              Posse (as Ben Smith)
                              Jose Torres-Estrella...
                              Amanda Valles...
                              Bar Patron
                              Bryan Matthew Ward...
                              Laura E. White...
                              Bar Patron

                              Produced by 

                              Aaron K. Carter...executive producer
                              Adam Ledezma...assistant producer

                              Cinematography by 

                              Hector H. Garcia
                              Adam Ledezma
                              Michael Benton Newman

                              Film Editing by 

                              Trevor Penna

                              Second Unit Director or Assistant Director 

                              Adam Ledezma...assistant director

                              Sound Department 

                              Michael Ashley West...sound mixer

                              Editorial Department 

                              Trevor Penna...colorist

                                  DEAD KANSAS is a 2013 independent zombie film, produced and directed by Aaron K. Carter. It was originally a webseries on Youtube, but is now a feature film, tying together all five acts.  The story follows our teenage heroine, Emma, and her protective father, Glenn.  The world they live in has been taken over by zombies (aka: Rottens), and a large majority of the female population, have died off.  Only a few men remain un-turned in Kansas and many have joined together with an evil man named, Jebediah.  Jebediah makes it his mission to kidnap Emma to collect a large reward.  Emma’s existence has only been on her family's farm.  It's only when her father is bitten by a "Rotten" that Emma must venture out into the unknown.  Emma is her father’s only hope of finding a cure for him.  Along her path, Emma encounters many interesting places and odd-ball characters who end up helping her. 

                              Photo credit: Jean Carter
                               Exclusive "behind the scenes" photo featuring Aaron Guerrero (The Rotten) and 
                              Joe McQueen (guy yelling).  Director Aaron K. Carter says... "This shot has never been 
                              shown to anyone and has not been published online."
                                    Aaron K. Carter is a self-proclaimed zombie fanatic and is adamant that “DEAD KANSAS is unlike any zombie film one will ever see.” First of all, the Rottens (zombies) are never shown. They are only simulated via Point Of View (POV) in black & white. The camera serves as the Rotten's eyes in certain shots, while the actors react. As tempting as it was to use traditional make-up and show the Rottens, Aaron "specifically chose POV to do something different. In fact, this (might be) the first zombie film to extensively use POV."  Incidentally, there is one physical zombie, in full make-up, towards the end of the film. 
                                    DEAD KANSAS is not only a different kind of spin on the typical zombie movie, it is also a (loosely based) post-apocalyptic version of The Wizard of Oz. Some of the characters and story-lines are modeled after the classic 1939 film. Emma (mirrored as Dorothy) is tired of her boring farm life. She gets thrown into an adventure after a tornado hits. She goes to Shambles to meet the freak people (Munchkins). She befriends three men along the way; Skinny (Scarecrow), Rusty (Tin Man), and Leo (Cowardly Lion). She also seeks Doctor Emerson (The Wizard) for help. Jebediah (The Wicked Witch) is the main villain on pursuit to capture Emma. The theme of "no place like home" is also apparent.  The DEAD KANSAS crew made a conscious effort not to make the film a parody, or to make the correlation obvious. "It’s very subtle, and some people don't connect the two films, unless it’s pointed out."

                              Photo credit: Jean Carter
                              Aaron Guerrero (right) as a "Rotten" with Michael Camp (Jebediah)
                               holding gun. Photo was taken in between takes.
                                   A few creditable actors made cameo appearances in DEAD KANSAS.  Most notable is Irwin Keyes.  Irwin has been in many genre films, including: "House Of 1000 Corpses," "Black Dynamite," "Friday The 13th," "The Warriors," and "The Flintstones," among others. Joe McQueen made his mark as The Hulk in the (2007) documentary "Confessions Of A SuperHero," which follows the characters on the sidewalks of Hollywood Boulevard.  Child-actor Tony Della Catena, aka: Romeo De Lan, played Felipe in the (1988) East L.A. gang film "Colors." Juliette Danielle is a busy actress, most known for her character of Lisa in the Tommy Wiseau (2003) film "The Room." DEAD KANSAS also stars Alexandria Lightford, Erin Miracle, Aaron Guerrero, Michael Camp, Kevin Beardsley, and Ben Woolf. 
                                    Two actresses play the lead character, Emma.  Halfway through filming, Alexandria Lightford announced that she was pregnant.  Production wanted to film the rest of the movie with her, but conflicting schedules made it impossible to complete filming before Alexandria would start to show.  It was decided that another actress would have to step in and take over. Erin Miracle, a local bartender, was their choice.  "In DEAD KANSAS, we broke all the rules.  And yes, the lead actress changes in the middle of the movie - with no explanation.  I had no choice.  It wasn't in my budget to film what we had all over again.  All in all, I think having two actress play the lead part just adds to the originality of the film.  Their portrayal of Emma is vast worlds apart, they look nothing alike, but somehow it all works out." This isn't the first time something like this has happened.  Other characters that were replaced by other actresses in major films include: Jennifer Parker in Back To The Future, Rachel Dawes in The Dark Knight, Clarice Starling in Hannibal, and The Oracle in The Matrix.  Many soap operas do this as well.  

                              Photo credit: Jean Carter
                              Aaron Guerrero as a "Rotten." Photo was taken in between takes.

                                      Switching actresses wasn't the only challenge for Aaron K. Carter.  He admits that sound was one of the biggest obstacles.  “We shot DEAD KANSAS Guerilla style around the city streets of Los Angeles.  We wanted to create a post-apocalyptic world, but the loud surrounding sounds were hindering everything.  We had constant traffic noise, helicopters, gun shots, barking dogs, lawnmowers, whatever you can think of interrupting the scenes.  It drove me crazy!  A scene would be going great, and then be ruined by a car alarm.  All in all, I think my sound guy masked it pretty well considering what he had to work with.” 

                                    Aaron K. Carter first came up with the concept of DEAD KANSAS in 2005, when his friend Adam Ledezma showed him George Romero's 1968 zombie flick Night Of The Living Dead.  "I was always into horror films, and I rarely get scared by them...but there was something extremely creepy about that one.  It left its mark on me." The script for DEAD KANSAS was written quickly, but sat in Aaron's desk for many years. "I tried shopping it around, but nobody was interested in it.  Zombies weren't as mainstream as they are today.  This was pre-Walking Dead TV." It wasn't until 2011 when Aaron decided he wanted to direct and produce the film himself.  "I was introduced to Tommy Wiseau's cult film "The Room." It’s one of those films someone is either going to love or hate.  Well, I loved it....a lot.  It has the most quotable lines in movie history.  I also admired Tommy Wiseau's ambition to make his own film.  He wrote, produced, directed, and starred in it.  I figured, if he could do it, why can't I?"   
                                    Aaron recruited his friend, and old bandmate, Adam Ledezma, to help him through the grueling filmmaking process.  "Adam was there 100% for me.  I couldn't have made the film without him." Aaron and Adam met in the late-90s, and formed a punk / metal band called Power Of Aggression.  Anthony Robinson played lead guitar & vocals, Adam Ledezma played drums, and Aaron K. Carter played bass. "We were 'this close' to getting signed.  But unfortunately, at the turn of the millennium, the nu-metal music scene erupted.  Hip-hop influenced bands like Linkin Park, Limp Bizkit, and Kid Rock dominated the airwaves.  Our sound was out."  Not all was lost though.  When a soundtrack for DEAD KANSAS was needed, Aaron and Adam used the Power Of Aggression demo-tape that they recorded over a decade ago. The songs featured in DEAD KANSAS include: The Ruler, Walls Of Insanity, Hate, The Way We Feel, Behold The Terror, and Now.
                                    DEAD KANSAS has been featured in several film festivals.  At the Late Night Downey Film Festival, it won best cast performance.  In the same festival, lead actress Erin Miracle won best actress.  It won Best Opening Scene and Best Severed Appendage at the Zed Fest Film Festival.  DEAD KANSAS was also selected to be part of the Saturn Award Gift Bag.  The Saturn Awards is celebrating its 40th year and honors the Best Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and Horror Films.
                                     DEAD KANSAS is currently up (for free viewing) right here on Horror Unlimited, and there is no intention of taking it off line.  According to Aaron K. Carter, "there have been some distribution companies interested in my film.  However, part of their conditions is that they own the rights to it for ten, twelve, to sometimes fifteen years!  DEAD KANSAS is my baby.  I just can't part ways with it for that long.  It is still in the infant stage, and I believe there is a lot of opportunities out there for it." 

                                 The future of DEAD KANSAS is open.  Aaron K. Carter has expressed interest in expanding the story, focusing more on the bad guy’s quest to find a cure for the zombie epidemic.  Aaron has also expressed interest in making a horror anthology film, in vain of Creepshow, Tales From The Darkside, Cat’s Eye, and Trick ‘R Treat.  “I love that genre of films.  Three or four short horror stories with one interlinking story arch.  My crew and I have some interesting and very original tales we would love to share.” 

                                   But for now, Aaron is focusing on DEAD KANSAS.  It has everything one would like to see in a cult film; Unseen zombies, freak show people, switching of the leading lady, a ruthless bad guy, Wizard Of Oz references, a woman locked in a cage, Irwin Keyes, Juliette Danielle, and many other unique elements.  It’s fun for the whole family.  Catch DEAD KANSAS here, and ‘like them’ on facebook.

                                 (left) Publicity photo featuring Kevin Beardsley (who plays Zeke & Rusty in DEAD KANSAS) with veteran actor Irwin Keyes (The Warriors [1979], Bloodrage [1979], Friday The 13th [1980], The Exterminator [1980], Chained Heat [1983], The Jeffersons (TV Series) [1981-1984], Exterminator 2 [1984], Death Wish 4: The Crackdown [1987], Tales from the Crypt (TV Series) [1992], Asylum [1997], Black Scorpion (TV Series) [2001], House Of 1000 Corpses [2003], Horror High [2005], CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (TV Series) [2007], Dahmer vs. Gacy [2010], Dead Kansas [2013], Catch Of The Day [2014]. Photograph was taken at a Radio Interview in 2013.

                              This DVD sleeve (with cast photo on front) is the official FULL 
                              (64 minutes) version DVD - ALL five acts on one disk.
                              BUY here

                                   Tuesday Night (July 1st, 2014) on The Calling Hours Horror Podcast Ep. 35: Aaron K. Carter, Alexandria Lightford and Joe McQueen of Dead Kansas, as well as Mary Dixon Announced as Guests! Writer and Director Aaron K. Carter, Actress Alexandria Lightford and Actor Joe McQueen are our guests this week, and they will be talking to us about Dead Kansas as well as some of their previous work! 

                               June 26, 2014 - Adam Ledezma (co-director & co-producer) & Aaron K. Carter (director and producer) of DEAD KANSAS 
                              on the Red Carpet at The 40th Annual Saturn Awards.

                              Stunning Press And Publicity Photos
                              Featuring The Blond Beauty
                              ERIN MIRACLE
                              The Brunette Temptress
                                 ALEXANDRA LIGHTFORD
                              Erin Miracle relaxing on the beach 
                              Erin Miracle on model mayhem

                                   Alexandria Lightford is the 1st Emma.  She is in ACT I & II.  She is the more "gothic" looking girl with the darker hair and bangs. Alexandria Lightford is also the girl who got pregnant, half-way during production and had to be replaced. Erin Miracle is the 2nd Emma.  She is in ACT III, VI, & V.  She is the more "girl next door" looking girl with the lighter hair.

                              Alexandria Lightford
                              Alexandra on model mayhem

                              Erin jumps high in her skimpy bikini
                              Erin Miracle on model mayhem

                              Alexandria Lightford
                              Alexandra on model mayhem

                              Erin Miracle dancing
                              Erin Miracle on model mayhem

                              Alexandria Lightford
                              Alexandra on model mayhem

                               Erin Miracle 
                              Erin Miracle on model mayhem

                              Alexandria Lightford
                              Alexandra on model mayhem

                                Erin Miracle 
                              Erin Miracle on model mayhem

                              Alexandria Lightford
                              Alexandra on model mayhem

                                Erin Miracle 
                              Erin Miracle on model mayhem

                              Alexandria Lightford
                              Alexandra on model mayhem

                               Erin Miracle 
                              Erin Miracle on model mayhem

                              Alexandria Lightford
                              Alexandra on model mayhem

                               Erin Miracle 
                              Erin Miracle on model mayhem

                              Alexandria Lightford
                              Alexandra on model mayhem

                               Erin Miracle 
                              Erin Miracle on model mayhem

                              Alexandria Lightford
                              Alexandra on model mayhem

                               Erin Miracle 
                              Erin Miracle on model mayhem

                              Alexandria Lightford
                              Alexandra on model mayhem

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