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Scream Queen Linnea Quigley Vintage Nude Photos and Playboy Magazine Pictorial

      (1993) SCREAM QUEEN nonpareil Linnea Quigley will soon debut a new book with a catchy, camp title: SKIN! It's intended to be a spoof of Madonna's book SEX, which created such a world-furor. SKIN! will show plenty of it, and you're getting your first look at it right here in the pages of SQI! In case your name is Rip Van Winkle and you don't know who Linnea is, she's the heartthrob who was crowned "Queen of the B's" by PREMIERE magazine.
      She's had specials devoted to her on ENTERTAINMENT TONIGHT, THE REPORTERS, P.M. EVENING MAGAZINE and HARD COPY. She has 29 films to her credit, including "Return Of  The Living Dead," "Savage Streets," "Vice Academy," "Night Of The Demons" and "Innocent Blood." An avid animal rights activist, Linnea lives in Hollywood with her dogs, Mondo and Spatz, who are nowhere near as strange as the creatures you see her posed with here!

 "Mine Are Bigger"

 Pregnancy doesn't suit everyone, I suppose...

Have you seen the new SCREAM QUEEN Nipple Print yet?

That's nice... Now don't you dare bite!

     Linnea Quigley has appeared nude in quite a few horror films during her illustrious movie career. None of those photos are included here. Instead, our staff uncovered very rare nude vintage magazine pictorials of Linnea when she was young. One of the publications this 20 year old blonde beauty appeared in was a 4 page photo spread in the June 1978 issue of EASYRIDERS. It was a popular magazine catering to the Harley Davidson biker crowd and avid motorcycle enthusiasts.

    In January 1985, Linnea Quigley appeared in the Playboy pictorial called the Girls of Rock n Roll. Her longtime friend and horror Scream Queen Brinke Stevens shown in the photos with Linnea was the bass player in "Linnea and the Skirts," Quigley's band.  That band is still playing, but without Brinke. The 2 photos featuring Linnea posing nude in front of a space age police car holding a ray gun were fr0m PLAYBOY'S "B-Movie Bimbos" pictorial.

    The other stunning photos of Linnea Quigley wearing silk stocking and showing her feet are from the September 1996 issue of Leg Show. She, along with Rhonda Shear... posed for those sexy nude photo spreads to promote their new book at that time called Sex Symbol Dynasty. You can clearly see Linnea has a great figure and just one of the reasons why she is still considered to this very day the most popular horror genre "Scream Queen" along with Michelle Bauer and Brinke Stevens!
  • Name: Linnea Barbara Quigley
  • Aka: Jesse Dalton / Jessie Dalton / Barbara Gold / Linnea / Pamela Peck / LinnéA Quigley / Linnea Rainey
  • Birthday: May 27, 1958
  • Astrology Sign: Gemini 
  • Birthplace: Davenport, Iowa 
  • Years Active: 1985-1998 (started at 27 years old)
  • Ethnicity:  Caucasian
  • Nationality/Heritage: American
  • Hair Color: Blond
  • Measurements: 33-23-33
  • Height: 5 feet, 2 inches (157 cm)
  • Mini Biography: Linnea Quigley was born in Davenport, Iowa, on May 27, 1958, to Dorothy and Heath Quigley. Her mother was a housewife and her father a chiropractor and psychiatrist. After moving with her family to Los Angeles in the late 1970s, the short, blond, petite-sized Linnea began getting work first as a nude model in popular men's magazines and then in B-movies, starting with small parts in such films as Psycho from Texas (1975) and Stone Cold Dead (1979). She really garnered worldwide attention in The Return of the Living Dead (1985), which has now become a cult classic and catapulted her as the current "Queen of the Bs." Her reign was supreme in the late 1980s with such films as Sorority Babes in the Slimeball Bowl-O-Rama (1988), Night of the Demons (1988) and Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers (1988).
       In 1990, Linnea married special effects wizard Steve Johnson, but unfortunately the marriage lasted only a couple of years. In 2001, Linnea moved to Florida to be closer to her parents who settled there after her father retired from his career, and because she wanted a change of scenery. She currently resides in south Florida with her collection of pets (she is a devoted animal rights supporter). Along with films, she still appears at conventions around the world. She has written two books about her life in the B-movie industry, "Bio & Chainsaw," in 1992 and "I'm Screaming as Fast as I Can" in 1995. After 25 years and more than 70 films, Linnea Quigley is still recognized as the original Scream Queen and "Queen of the Bs." She was last seen naked in a movie 3 years ago at the age of 52 titled Strangers Online (2010)

JUNE 1978   $1.25
4 page b/w and color spread featuring Linnea Quigley

[June 1978] Extremely rare nude pictorial featuring
 Linnea Quigley when she was 20 years old.
    Excerpt from article: No, this ain't a hype for Mexican beer, although it did get us so wasted we wobbled all over the oil-soaked alley into this dump. And no, this isn't a bullshit trip about Mexican broads. Linnea isn't from T.J. or any other smoldering Gila pit. We faked it. Yeah, rather than brave the tarantula deserts of Mexico or fight the turn-ya-brown, blistering sun south of the border, we put this gig together in an acid freak's backyard. (Ya wouldn't have believed his pad).  By the end of the day, Fuzzy and Linnea were stumblin' over each other like a couple of ol' war buddies. And you can believe we were doin' our damnedest to trip into Linnea any chance we had.

Rare Linnea Quigley Nude Pictorial 
June 1978  EasyRiders Magazine  

    Linnea Quigley is best known for her role in The Return of the Living Dead (1985), directed by Dan O’Bannon. She has also starred in dozens of other popular horror films including Savage Streets (with "Exorcist" Linda Blair), Silent Night, Deadly Night, Nightmare Sisters, Creepozoids, Sorority Babes in the Slimeball Bowl-O-Rama, Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers, Night of the Demons (the 1988 original and the 2009 remake), and A Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master. Linnea Quigley is also the author of two books about her career as a "B" horror movie actress, Chainsaw and I’m Screaming as Fast as I Can. She is now billed as one of the "Original Scream Queens" aside from Michelle Bauer and Brinke Stevens.

Photos by: Ralph Hampton

This is the only photo we have featuring
 the young Linnea Quigley tied up
on a chair in the nude. This shot was
from a Bondage and S&M magazine
 photo layout she did back then!

Rare Linnea Quigley Standing
On Bed Bondage/S&M Photo
[1989] Another rare shot featuring the Submissive
Mistress Linnea Quigley tied with rope to large 

oak bedposts. Here, she's wearing long black 
latex gloves, revealing bra that proudly shows
off her erect nipples and black lace panties.

Linnea Quigley
(1980) Practicing Ballet Moves In The NUDE!
   Just in case you did not know...  In 1976, after her family moved to Los Angeles, California from Davenport, Iowa and before she started her acting career, Linnea (18 years old at that time) worked at a local Jack LaLanne Health Spa. Here, she is staying in shape by practicing ballet moves in the nude! You can see why she was a very popular instructor!

    See Linnea's earliest frontal NUDE scenes and the original theatrical trailer from "WHEELER" (1975) retitled with her sexy role as a barmaid in "THE PSYCHO FROM TEXAS (1982) here

GALLERY  March 1983   $3.25
Celebrity Pictorial



  • Interview: Richard Foronjy
  • Features: "Entertainment 1983 and Beyond" by John Gabree
  • "Magical Music Machines" by Hans Fantel
  • "The Future On Wheels" by Ed Rasen
  • "The Big Business Of Charity" by Samuel L. Blumenfeld
  • "Reevaluating Your Relationship" by Carole Altman
  • "Risk Taker: Neuson Holmes" by David Smith
  • Models: Linnea Quigley and Haydee Pomar photographed by Michael Legge

  Below is a very rare March 1983 nude pictorial in Gallery magazine featuring Linnea Quigley (age 25) and the dark hair sultry vixen Haydee Pomar, her hot 
blooded Argentinian bandmate from their rock group THE SKIRTS.
Photographs by: Michael Legge
Two members of an all-girl band - that's definitely all girl - show just how hot rock can get! Haydee Pomar and Linnea Quigley


PLAYBOY January 1985
 Linnea Quigley and Brinke Stevens featured in the January 1985 Playboy pictorial called the Girls of Rock n Roll. Brinke was the bass player in Linnea's band "Linnea and the Skirts.

The Premiere Horror Genre Magazine
ENTER website here

Original Back & Front VHS Box Cover Art
AVENGED! (1986)
"Bondage At Its Best!"
Starring: Linnea Quigley, Crystal Breeze, Monica Patton & Sinnamon
A 60 minute feature film on videotape
    Synopsis: Reggie...tall, buxom, powerful... plays the game for favors and demands that they be returned... returned in the form of your wife, your girlfriend, your mistress for her to bind and enjoy! Diana the petite serious brunette seem to be simply a pawn in the game of power given by her boyfriend in return for a favor but we only see her at night. Could there be a mistress reason? Has the collected anguish of all of those bound girls come to collect just dues from Reggie? 

 September 1996
Linnea Quigley featured in: 
September 1996

     Yea, there are "real" women like the ones you enjoy in LEG SHOW, women who live the fetish, tease or dominant lifestyle. Each month we will spotlight one special woman here, and tell you how to contact her. If you know a "real" LEG SHOW woman who deserves recognition in LEG SHOW LIFESTYLES, write to me, Dian Hanson, at 462 Broadway, Suite 400, New York, N.Y. 10013 with photo and details. Interview by Eric Danville.

One of the original three Scream Queens (along with Michelle Bauer and Brinke Stevens), Linnea Quigley has long been a fan favorite in the world of horror movies with her appearances in films like Return Of The Living Dead, Sex Bomb, Virgin High and Vice Academy I and II, where she starred opposite former porn queen Ginger Lynn Allen. But Linnea's career has also included music, having played guitar with the LA rock band The Skirts, responsible for at least one classic track, the genderbending "Santa Monica Boulevard Boy." Now Linnea is a member of another sexy troupe, the Sex Symbol Dynasty, which also includes Monique Gabrielle, Julie Strain, Rhonda Shear and former model for The Price Is Right, Dian Parkinson. Linnea took some time out after working on a new Motorhead video and shooting her role for the forthcoming film Fanboy to talk to LEG SHOW about the leather fetish, non-leather alternatives and having her feet rubbed.

LEG SHOW: Along with Monique Gabrielle, Julie Strain, Rhonda Shear and Dian Parkinson, you're a member of the Sex Symbol Dynasty. Why did you all form the group? Are you trying to show the young scream queen newcomers a thing or two?
  LINNEA: It's to show them how hard we worked, and that we've put in our time and to kind of show 'em who's boss, yeah.
  LEG SHOW: What do you think about the new girls who are just starting out in the horror film genre?
  LINNEA: Well, I kind of feel sorry for them, because they pretty much missed the boat. It's kind of like disco coming back. [laughs] I think a bunch of us are flattered that they're trying to imitate us, because when somebody starts to imitate something that means it's good.
  LEG SHOW: Other women in the Sex Symbol Dynasty do girl/girl tapes that are pretty erotic. Is that what your tapes are like?
   LINNEA: Not really. Mine are kind of silly. They're more like taking the viewer behind the scenes of making different movies and things. It's pretty much the personality of what it's like to be on a photo shoot. They're fun. Maybe another girl will come in, but it's not a sexual thing. it's more of a playful thing.
  LEG SHOW: So they're more campy than blatantly sexual?
  LINNEA QUIGLEY: For mine at least, yeah. I did one with Monique Gabrielle where we're naked, and rolling around. Not with each other, though. It's just sort of fun and playful.
  LEG SHOW: You're not interested in appealing to the more sexual end of the spectrum?
  LINEA: Not really. Monique and Julie are more of the sexual type, more erotic. I think Rhonda Shear and I are more silly. Kind of tongue-in-cheek sexuality.
  LEG SHOW: Silly can be sexy, though.
  LINNEA: Yeah! We're, like, silly sexy. Fun Sexy!
  LEG SHOW: The other gals sell bras and panties and shoes through the Dynasty. Do you sell stuff like that?
  LINNEA: I don't have any shoes now at this point, but I do sell bras and underwear, but no shoes right now. I'll sell my shoes, thought! (laughs) If anybody wants them. Nobody wants my shoes, though, I don't think. Maybe someday. That would be cool!
  LEG SHOW: There are going to be lots of people who will see this who will want your shoes...
  LINNEA: Oh, good! That would be nice. I have a small foot, you know. It's size 4 1/2. They're very small.
  LEG SHOW: Do you ever get fan letters from guys commenting on your feet?
  LINNEA: [pouting] No, I don't get many letters about my feet. It's kind of disappointing. I've only gotten a few. And if anyone wants to send me a donation so I can get a pedicure, I'd be thrilled! I'm really still learning a lot about foot fetishism, though. I didn't know a whole lot about it, but I've been learning. [laughs] I used to wonder why someone would want my shoes. I had no idea, but I think it's interesting and kind of cool that people could be attracted to feet. It's really interesting. I'm just learning the ropes as I go. I hope I don't make a fool of myself! [laughs] There's always a learning process with things like that. If you keep doing the same thing, it gets boring.

  LEG SHOW: Do you collect shoes?
  LINNEA QUIGLEY: I've got a lot of shoes. I guess I probably have about 40 pairs. I love to shoe shop! I wear non-leather shoes, though, because I'm a huge animal rights activist. So all my shoes are non-leather.
  LEG SHOW: Where do you get good non-leather shoes?
  LINNEAPayless! That's about the only place you can go to get non-leather shoes.
  LEG SHOW: Are they mostly vinyl?
  LINNEA QUIGLEY: Man-made. They're all man-made.
  LEG SHOW: I've spent months trying to find non-leather Dr. Martens boots.
  LINNEA: I know, it's hard! They're very hard to find, but I just scout all the Payless shoe stores.
  LEG SHOW: What do you usually pay for a pair of shoes, on the average?
  LINNEA QUIGLEY: About $20. It's great. You can get a whole bunch of shoes for hardly anything. You know what are kind of cool? Israeli military boots are kind of nice. I love those.
  LEG SHOW: I've seen those. I was wearing Vietnam jungle boots for a while. They only have a little bit of leather on them.
  LINNEA: Really? Those sound interesting. I tend to wear boots a lot. Boots and tennis shoes.
  LEG SHOW: What type of tennis shoes do you wear?
  LINNEA: Well, right now the non-leather ones I'm wearing are Voit.
  LEG SHOW: What do you think about the leather fetish?
  LINNEA: I wish that the whole fetish thing wasn't leather, that they would be able to do it in another type of material. It would great to have an alternative thing. There is another shop that has my name on it in England that sells non-leather, really cool Gothic stuff. It's called Linnea Quigley's Shop Of Horrors. It just opened. They sell a line of clothes and accessories that are all non-leather.
  LEG SHOW: And you market shoes through them?

  LINNEA QUIGLEYYeah, different boots and Gothic things. Real cutting edge stuff. England's got a lot of cool stuff that's non-leather. There are a lot of shoe stores out there that have things like that.
  LEG SHOW: Have any of your film roles involved your feet?
  LEG SHOW: What do you think is the sexual attraction for a scream queen fan?
  LINNEA QUIGLEY: Obviously, it's different things for different people, but I think it's a real twisted kind of thing. People who don't want to be cheerleaders or Miss America - and the people who don't want to hang out with them - it's become a whole sort of cult thing. I don't know what the attraction is, to tell you the truth, except that it's different. You don't turn on the TV and see commercials about us. We're kind of a mystery. We pop up in places that people like Melanie Griffith won't show up in, you know? You never know what we're're going to do.
  LEG SHOW: You parodied Madonna's book Sex with your own book called Skin (Draculina Publishing, P. O. Box, 587, Glen Carbon, IL 62034). Why do you think Sex was so ripe for parody?
  LINNEA QUIGLEY: Madonna's so good to parody because she does such outrageous things! Her book was such a publicity stunt, and then when you look at it, it was really fairly disappointing! And when I look at things, I look at them as sort of a parody anyway, and the photographers and I decided to take the pictures and instead of different people with her, like Big Daddy Kane, we used monsters or people who are famous in the horror genre in different poses. (continued on page 50)

    LEG SHOW: Who did you use instead of Big Daddy Kane and Naomi Campbell?
    LINNEA QUIGLEY: We had Gunnar Hansen, who was Leatherface in the Texas Chainsaw Massacre movies. Fred Olen Ray [who directed Linnea in Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers], scream queens like Michelle Bauer and Debra Lamb and Debbie Dutch.
   LEG SHOW: The Sex Symbol Dynasty has a book coming out, also. What are the pictures like in that?
   LINNEA: They're fun. There some from childhood, and there are some current ones that I did with a photographer named David Mecey which are fun nudes - as opposed to un-fun nudes! In some I'm taking a shower. They're cheesecake pictures, more like Playboy. The best pictures were done by Kevin Eastman [husband of Julie Strain, LEG SHOW April 1996]. Those are my favorite that I've ever had done! He did some that are really cool!

   LEG SHOW: Are you painting from your session with Olivia DeBerardini in that book?
   LINNEA QUIGLEY: Mine couldn't be more perfect! They've got bats and they're real Gothic looking. Very sexy.
   LEG SHOW: Gothic vampire role-playing is a big fetish these days too, especially among people into the horror genre.
   LINNEA: I like it, but I'm not into it on a sexual level.
   LEG SHOW: For anyone interested in finding out, what is your motivation for a good shower scene.?
   LINNEA: [laughs] If there's hot water, it's a good thing, because I love the feeling of being in water. If there's cold water, it's like, "Yaaah!" Horrible, horrible. [laughs] If it's warm and it's really nice, the motivation is "Yeah, whatever, as long as it takes..." But if it's cold, the motivation to get out as soon as possible!
   LEG SHOW: What fetishes can you lay claim to?
   LINNEA QUIGLEY: Jets! People that operate jets, yeah! Anything that I have no idea about conceptually is really cool to me. It's a power thing too.
   LEG SHOW: You must like to fly them.
   LINNEA: No, I don't to fly really. I'd like to be able to fly myself. I'd love to do that. And I love getting my feet rubbed. There's a guy that I know that gives really good foot rubs. And he does them really hard! I like really hard foot rubs.
   LEG SHOW: Is he a professional masseur?
   LINNEA: No. I think he just likes to do it! And he's a jet pilot! [laughs]

OUI 1983
Linnea Quigley 8 page Nude Photo Layout
Stardom's Comin' Quickly To Quigley
Daring, driven, delectable Linnea is streaking to screen and musical success on a heady mix of fabulous looks and fine-tuned talents.
Interview by: J. Brennan - Photography by: Andy Pearlman

(1983) Extremely rare candid photo featuring a topless Linnea Quigley relaxing on a lawn chair. She is taking a break from her oui magazine photo shoot.

Enter the DIABOLIQUE Magazine website here
Photographer: Ed Holzman

      Excerpt from article: The most obviously sensual thing about Linnea is that gorgeous baby face superimposed upon her very grown-up body. Having photographed many types of different women over the years, it has been my experience that men are most attracted to a very young-looking girl - the younger, the better (up to a point, of course). Linnea is typical of this type of girl/woman.

      Excerpt from article: But I think to be young-looking is not the only criterion for success as a model. She must also be able to show - with her body, her expressions - that she does know something about sex. Linnea does this well as any girl I have ever photographed. The feeling she gives is one of experience, but not over-experience. She seems to be saying, " I know about fucking. Now you teach me how to make love.
     Excerpt from article: Linnea is well aware of the effect her pictures will have on the make viewer. She knows she is sexy and desirable, and I think this comes through very well in this particular shooting. But the key element, again, is that touch . . . the hint of innocence in her eyes; that smile that never quite materializes. Sometimes a model's most effective expressions are the ones she can best hold in check, just on the edge of coming through. The clear implication is that she needs the viewer to bring them out.
Linnea Quigley
   Never before seen nude photo from a 1979 magazine pictorial featuring the blond temptress Linnea Quigley lying on her bed wearing headphones while listening to music.

Linnea Quigley (1979)
    The young angelic teen temptress Linnea Quigley is sitting on a swing in the nude wearing her large white hat with yellow ribbon and revealing white summer dress.
Enter The DIABOLIQUE Magazine Website here
Linnea Quigley (Circa 1991)
    Linnea Quigley in two awesome nude poses! It seems just like a fine wine that only get better as it ages with time, the same principle applies to the gorgeous blond temptress Linnea! Just look at her svelte figure and perky breasts!

(1990) Linnea Quigley makes love to the sexy 
Nikki Fritz as they lay down next to a mummy.

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