Tuesday, July 16, 2013

HAPPY ENDINGS: Alien Predator Invades A Remote Desert WhoreHouse, Starring Chinese Beauty Ange Maya From Sick Puppy Pictures

Sick Puppy Pictures 
Written & Directed by Phil Condit

   What happens when an alien predator invades a remote, desert whorehouse? That’s the question that fuels the story behind HAPPY ENDING

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        HAPPY ENDING stars the ravishing Ange Maya, who played the titular role (so to speak) in EMPRESS VAMPIRE [2012], as Madam Wang, the sultry, exotic, Asian proprietress of MADAM WANG’S HOUSE OF HAPPY ENDING (We love you long time – military discounts). The film unfolds as a power outage at a nearby top-secret government installation allows an alien creature to escape from its hermetically sealed, double-paned, bullet-proof glass security enclosure and head for Madame Wang’s. As jiggly girls slowly start disappearing from the bordello, the realization that something is terribly wrong begins to dawn on the rest of them. First to catch on is Doc, who stopped by for a visit with Madam Wang before his graveyard shift at the base.      

     When he tells the girls his fears, they snap into action. Candy, an ex-vice cop turned hooker, whips out her service automatic; voluptuous foody Roxanne grabs her ever-present cleaver; aging Asian show girl, Alice, draws her Samurai sword; Kneela, the black dominatrix death-goddess, cracks her bullwhip; petite redhead, Cinnamon, straps on her guitar (not much of a weapon, but all she’s got); and Madam Wang throws a bandolier over her shoulder and cocks her pump-action, 12 gauge shotgun. Aliens beware!

      Added to the mix are Rick and Steve two construction workers from the nearby town. Rick has a heart-on for Candy, who likes him, too, but isn't interested in making commitments and settling down. Rick will do everything in his power to convince Candy that he’s her man, even doing battle with an alien life form. The always hungry, bone skinny Steve finds his food goddess in Roxanne. She loves feeding him and he loves eating – that and her enormous breasts. The group tries to protect itself from the space alien, but when it takes Steve, Doc, and Madam Wang in short order, it’s time to go on the offensive. 

      Strong-willed and capable, Candy takes the bull by the balls and crawls after the creature into the air-conditioning ductwork, where it has been hiding. But even Madam Wang’s shotgun can’t defeat the creature and Candy barely escapes with her life. Now the survivors must figure out a new way to protect themselves and how to take down the seemingly invulnerable creature. Phil Condit of SICK PUPPY PICTURES, the deviant mind behind EMPRESS VAMPIRE, is at it again, this time with aliens instead of vampires.

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