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WASTELAND: Exclusive Trailer and Photos to New UK Zombie Movie HERE: From Universal Studios Trained Director Tom Wadlow

 UK based Light Films Ltd  invites you to view the trailer to their first feature film WASTELAND. This new horror movie is the brain child of Universal Studios trained Director Tom Wadlow and Screenwriter Tommy Draper. WASTELAND is produced by Chrissa Maund.

      The film is based on micro-budget which has been 16 months in the making and has been made by a team of dedicated, passionate, professional film makers who have all given their time freely and whose enthusiasm for the project has never waned.

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       WASTELAND [2013] is more than just another gore fest, it is a modern day story of hope and survival.It is the story of man's journey as he fights to survive, to find hope, to find purpose within this new world. The film is now in post production and has its sights set high; it will be entered into various film festivals around the world when completed, approximately May 2013
        We are also talking to Cannes Film Festival this year to discuss distribution deals following an incredibly successful visit to Cannes last year where we merely exhibited the trailer and received no less than 20 offers of sale during our visit and over the course of a 10 month time period!
Behind The Scenes Trailers:
Box Of Old Photos
A scene from WASTELAND
      Early 2011, after premiering the short comedy Shelf Stackers, director Tom Wadlow wanted to create something bigger and more challenging; Tom wanted to make a feature film. He had an idea to create a Zombie movie in the classic "George Romero" style. He turned to writer Tommy Draper and along with Sophie Black (art department manager) they started to develop ideas and themes to tell the tale of Scott; a lonely survivor battling life in a world infected by Zombies. While our focus was on creating a movie that would entertain, scare and fulfill what is expected of the genre we always knew that we wanted to give the viewer something honest with realistic characters that had real emotions and lived their lives as you would expect.
Scott (Shameer Seepersand) about
to shoot one of the zombies.
       The story takes place in the years after the outbreak, after most of mankind has been wiped out. Our focus is to tell the story from Scott’s point of view, not to show the outbreak but to show you his life before, during and after the world changed around him. This way we get a realistic feel for how this global catastrophe affected a regular man, a man who is not a hero but someone who was once living and enjoying his life and falling in love with Beth who he hoped to marry.
Scott (Shameer Seepersand) searches a dead body
     During the development of the screenplay the riots broke out in London and spread to several cities around the UK.  Every day on the news there were images of destruction showing some of the worst aspects of modern society. What followed was public outrage about what was happening but the riots continued to start up every night.
Scott ( Shameer Seepersand) gets out of
bed and 
prepares to kill more zombies
   Once the riots had begun to calm down something else happened; people started coming together and there was a massive turn around, people came together to clean up the destruction, rebuild what was once broken. This was something that was incorporated into Wasteland’s development, to show those emotions of despair as society collapsed but to also give hope, to show that despite the destruction people would become stronger, that humanity could survive.
          The screenplay was crafted until everyone involved with the project was happy that we were making something unique and interesting. A teaser trailer was filmed which was very well received on the internet and gave a good taste of how Wasteland would be.
Scott (Shameer Seepersand) alone at
 night sitting next to a few candles.

    In early 2012 filming began with Shameer Seepersand taking the lead role of Scott. Between shooting dates the footage has been edited so director Tom has been able to see the film come together enabling a quicker post-production once principle photography is complete.

Primary Cast:
Scott (Shameer Seepersand) listens to the
radio For the latest news!
   - Scott... Played by Shameer Seepersand. A young man who had his whole life before him before the world was turned upside down.  He was a confident out-going, carefree individual now he is a lonely, cautious character living life one day at a time. A man carving his life out of a world torn apart by an 'infection' that has almost totally wiped out the human race.  His days are spent finding water, food and avoiding the dangers that lurk outside while he waits for the return of Beth, the love of his life.

   - Beth... Played by Jessica Messenger. Scott’s girlfriend.  Confident, strong, independent and, after the outbreak, has become a ‘take no prisoners’ bad-ass. 

   - Max... Played by Mark Drake. Before the outbreak a mild mannered family man, now that he has lost everything he has reinvented himself as a cowboy of the apocalypse taking the fight to the Zombies.

   - Lolli... Played by Rachel Benson. A teenager travelling with Max ever since he saved her life.  Lolli is a tough, edgy sidekick to Max but scratch the surface and she still an innocent child underneath.

   - Dave... Played by Carl Bryant. Scott’s best friend before the outbreak.  A charming character full of good humour and a horror geek who is excited about the idea of a real-life Zombie outbreak.

   - George... Still to be cast. A voice on the CB radio and Scott’s only living friend in the new world.  He is an older man living out his life with his wife Barbara in the middle of nowhere. A father figure who has seen the highs and lows of life; dispensing wisdom to Scott as they chat at the end of the world.

About Light Films, Ltd

      We are professional filmmakers, experienced in capturing opportunities on film. Our lead director studied and spent his early career at Universal Studios in LA, and so we are confident we can meet ALL of our clients' film and video needs. Our expertise stretches from corporate web videos and training videos, right through to events and wedding videography.

Our Work
       We can produce films for a wide range of budgets and to an equally wide range of specifications. From delivering a film shoot and edit for a client who knows precisely what they want through to managing a large project that is completed over many months or years, we can help our clients deliver precisely the right message through the power of video. We have extensive experience in project and budget management, as well as people management. There is no project too big, nor too small, for our team of experts.

The Difference
       We are proud to be a different kind of videography company; unique in the fact that we manage large projects to an incredibly high standard. Our expertise derives from over 30 years experience, collectively, in filmmaking; whereby we have proven our ability to produce excellent films and videos for many difference budgets and purposes with tens of cast, tens of crew and many, many locations as well as set build and design. Everything we do has to meet the industry standards we set for ourselves in our movie making; movies that we proudly premiere at cinemas to audiences of over 500.

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 Light Films Limited 

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