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Speak No Evil: New Indie Horror film Starring The Blond Beauty Gabrielle Stone: Premieres May 24 2013 In Tempe Arizona

The sultry blond beauty
Gabrielle Stone
 stars in: 
Daughter of Legendary 
Actress Dee Wallace follows 
in her mom's footsteps!

 April 20, 2013 [Phoenix, Arizona] 
     The independent horror film, SPEAK NO EVIL starring Gabrielle Stone premieres in Tempe, Arizona on May 24, 2013.
The talented actress Gabrielle Stone
   The movie, filmed entirely in Arizona, will open to a local audience on May 24 with the Los Angeles premiere scheduled for May 30, 2013. Playing the lead role in SPEAK NO EVIL is the 23 year old blond beauty and talented actress Gabrielle Stone, the daughter of "Scream Queen" Dee Wallace (E.T, Cujo, Lords of Salem) and actor Christopher Stone. The second-generation actor portrays a young mother whose daughter (played by newcomer Olivia Cavender) has gone missing under suspicious circumstances.Watch movie trailer with Gabrielle Stone here
      In her search for the daughter and subsequently, all the children in a small town, the movie takes a turn into a suspenseful, horror-filled drama. The innovative Director Roze chose Gabrielle Stone to fill this demanding role. "Roze is such an amazingly talented director and human being." said the young actress, "The way his creativity transcends to the screen is something I have never seen before. I had such an amazing time on this film working with him and the rest of the cast." 
The gorgeous blond temptress and
 talented star Gabrielle Stone
         Dee Wallace, who notably made her mark playing a mother in Steven Spielberg's 1982 blockbuster  ET: The Extra Terrestrial  said, "I am thrilled my daughter is having so much success doing what she loves. She has an amazing talent and a deep emotional life. But above everything, she is a loving and compassionate person who makes the world a better place."
      "I believe audiences will be blown away by Gabrielle's performance" said SPEAK NO EVIL Director, Roze. "She had a tough role to play because of the complexity of the character, Anna. It was her first time playing the role of a mother, but what made it interesting is that Anna wasn't a very good mother. Gabrielle took some risks that really paid off" continued Roze. "I really enjoyed getting down to  work with her, and drawing out even more than I hoped for."

      For the complete premiere and screening schedule of SPEAK NO EVIL starring Gabrielle Stone contact: mindplate@mindplate.tv

About Gabrielle Stone
      She has been acting professionally for five years. Originally trained as a dancer, Ms. Stone studied dance since the age of two and was accepted at the Los Angeles County High School for the Arts. After teaching for 5 years and dancing professionally, she decided to turn her efforts towards acting, following in the footsteps of her talented parents, legendary scream queen Dee Wallace, and the late Christopher Stone. Ms. Stone’s credits include the award winning Holly Shorts Film Festival’s, Henry John and The Little Bug and Sugartown. Her other credits include, Fuzztrack City, The Guardian, One of us Must Know, Unhallowed, and the recent thriller CUT that is set to release in 2013.
    Ms. Stone completed five feature films in 2012 including The Lighthouse, also starring Danny Glover and Kurt Angle. Her latest project was the lead role in Speak No Evil, set to release later this year, which is already creating quite the buzz among the horror community. She has already signed on to feature films “Grief” and “The Beast” both shooting early 2013. Read her entire resume here

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  1. Please join with everyone for the Premiere of SPEAK NO EVIL starring the brilliant Gabrielle Stone. It is definitely a film that you won't want to miss.


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