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Andrea Albin Has Officially Signed On With Reality Powerhouse Authentic Entertainment To Develop And Produce A New Reality Show Centered On The Indie Group Muscle Wolf Productions. More Details Coming Soon!

 April 24, 2013


Andrea Albin has officially signed on with reality powerhouse Authentic Entertainment to develop and produce a reality show centered on the indie-group Muscle Wolf Productions. Details behind the new show are currently under wraps!

       Muscle Wolf Productions
      Founded by Marv Blauvelt and features
     fellow genre actors Jared Degado
    Paul and Jameson Barbosa,
    Marko Adams, and Angela Denton.

Authentic Entertainment has been behind such hits as 

"Cinema To Die For"
Andrea Albin’s producing venture with horror
 legend Scott Spiegel, is currently in pre-production
 on several features and television projects.

ADA Management Group

Andrea A. Albin
 CEO of ADA Management Group

The talented Andrea Albin is also the organizer of Fatality Fest in West Palm Beach, Florida!

Coming June 7-9, 2013


Photo by: Visions Of Indy Photography 2012
Stunning publicity photo featuring the popular
 fashion model and talented actress Angela Denton.
The sultry beauty Angela Denton with that tattoo on her left arm is shown here wearing a pink leopard skin bra and blouse!
Photo: Porsche Jones
The gorgeous Angela Denton in her black bra lays down an a big bed with rare Japanese artwork on the headboard behind her.
Dress by: Lip Service Los Angeles   -   Collar by: Boudoir
Gloves: Custom Made   -   Photo: Porsche Jones
Angela Denton wears a custom designed dress from LipService.
The captivating fashion model and actress Angela Denton proudly shows off her star and moon tattoos around her belly button.
Studded Black Miniskirt: Lip Service
Angela Denton 
The svelte Angela Denton holds a samurai sword. 
Just look at her muscular body and that outfit!

Official Angela Denton Acting Reel
The captivating fashion model Angela Denton wearing her tight skull dress and cameo pendant!
Check out Angela Denton's outfit! 2 skull hand pasties cover her breasts while wearing a leather collar, fishnet & chain gloves and tight black corset. 
Photo: Porsche Jones
A fantastic profile shot featuring the gorgeous Angela Denton in her black bra as she lays in bed, while proudly displaying the large tattoo on her left arm.
Photo: Porsche Jones
The gorgeous Angela Denton in her black bra and panties 
sitting up on a big bed with Japanese artwork on the headboard.
Photo: Porsche Jones
Awesome close up featuring the fashion model and horror genre actress Angela Denton. Those captivating and hypnotic eyes definitely  have me caught under her spell.
Photo: Porsche Jones
The alluring temptress Angela Denton is lying down on a big bed showing off her svelte figure and tattoo on her left arm! Behind her is the head board depicting rare Japanese artwork.
Photo: Porsche Jones
White leather boots: Icora  -  Studded Black Miniskirt: Lip Service
Great shot featuring the fashion model and talented actress Angela Denton showing off her svelte figure as she holds her arms out with her head bent upwards and eyes closed.Notice carefully that octopus design necklace around her neck! 
Muscle Wolf Productions Staff Members
---                                                                                                                                                       -------------------------------------------------------
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[l to r] Marv Blauvelt, Jared Degado and the gorgeous  fashion model Angela Denton holding monster busts at a horror convention in 2012.
[l to r] Marv Blauvelt, the gorgeous fashion model Angela Denton and Jared Degado posing at a show.
Photo: Kerri Jean Photographer
The ravishing fashion model and talented actress 
Angela Denton recreates a murder scenario.
  A candid shot featuring Marv Blauvelt

  Marv Blauvelt
Founder of Muscle Wolf Productions
Published on April 3, 2013
Professional acting reel for Marv Blauvelt

   Just in case you did not know... Marv's business partner and fellow bodybuilder  and actor Jared Degado was an established adult movie actor for 3 years before he joined Marv as President and CEO of Muscle Wolf Productions. The other talented staff members also come from diverse backgrounds: Marv was a national level competitive bodybuilder, the Barbosa twins wrestlers, Marko Adams from the fashion industry, and the ravishing Angela Denton a popular fashion model.
Jared Degado wearing black trench coat
Jared Degado
The Barbosa Twins
Barbosa Twins holding a giant Anaconda snake at a recent convention!
The debonair Marko Adams wearing a white 
button down shirt with fancy red cuff links.
Photo by: Laura Dark Photography
Jared Degado and Angela Denton 
Angela Denton Demonaphalia
A bloody Marv Blauvelt holding chainsaw
Jared Degado smoking cigar
The bloody Barbosa Twins
A bloody Marko Adams wearing black crimson hood
Muscle Wolf Productions crew at Scarefest 2012
The History Of
    Muscle Wolf Productions:
    Muscle Wolf Productions was founded in March of 2010 by bodybuilder and talented Indie horror actor and Indiana native Marv Blauvelt and Horrorhound magazine staff writer Jason Hignite, with the help of Scream Queen, and close friend Brooke Lewis. The original concept: putting muscle bound men in Horror films to appease a female and gay male audience. With the incredibly positive addition of Muscle Wolf Productions's president, fellow Indiana born bodybuilder and former adult film actor, Jared Degado, MWP then added the very popular Michigan-based  bodybuilding Barbosa twins (Paul and Jameson Barbosa), and Ohio actor, bodybuilder and professional male fitness model Marko Adams. Muscle Wolf Productions' Marv Blauvelt, Jared Degado and Angela Denton currently reside in Los Angeles, California with the remaining 3 staff members living in Boston, MA and the mid-west. Muscle Wolf Productions along with ADA Management Group and Authentic Entertainment are gearing up to create a very unique and entertaining "Horror-Community" based reality show unlike anything anybody has ever seen before!"

The First Horror Movie Produced
 By Muscle Wolf Productions:
Theatrical US One-Sheet Poster 
"One stop on this block may be your last"
"An original, blood-soaked thrill ride that will leave every horror fan pleased"
Starring: Tifanny Shepis, Rayne Brown, Susan Adriensen, Kaylee Williams

Finally, it was time to bring on a "She-Wolf" and beautiful mid-west model & actress Angela Denton fit the bill perfectly! In it's 3 year existence, Muscle Wolf Productions has shot and released it's first feature film, the critically acclaimed and over-the-top horror anthology "PSYCHO STREET" [2011] and has worked with such Horror icons as Debbie Rochon, Tiffany Shepis [right], and Michael Berryman to name just a few. The group has become a popular presence at Horror conventions and film festivals through-out the country. In light of that fact, they caught the keen eye of Andrea Albin and were promptly signed on and represented by ADA Management Group in the fall of 2012.
[Alternate Theatrical Poster Art]
"Welcome to the small town of Kronanburg. 
It's a wonderful place to... DIE!" 
Four twisted tales that lead to a DEAD END!

Photo: Joanna Christine Photography
Andrea A. Albin

    Raised by a chef and an artist of humble means in the great state of Montana, Andrea’s lifestyle has always centered on the arts in one form or another. She spent a lot of time performing as a child, both as a theatre actor and as a classical musician, picking up her first instrument at the age of six. Her parents always encouraged her to try what she wanted; and that she did. 

     Her parents also instilled an appreciation of film in her from an early age. Her first true cinematic experience came at age 4 when she watched "Gone With the Wind" and Hitchcock’s masterpiece "The Birds." A few years later, her mother introduced her to "The Exorcist," and thus began her love of horror. All of the classics became an Albin family staple; everything from "Candyman" to "The Fog." Many may disagree with how young she was at the time, but her mother truly believed that horror was an art form to be experienced by all. 

     Prior to working in the entertainment industry, Andrea’s career was primarily in athletics. She spent her college years working and traveling with a men’s basketball team, moving on to coach at both youth and recreational levels. She still retains training from those years.

     Andrea (right) is a former horror journalist, best known for the years she spent as ‘Ms. Disgusting’ on the hit horror website Bloody-Disgusting.com. Andrea has also written for publications such as FANGORIA and STIFF Magazine. She is a widely regarded expert in the horror genre and travels the country speaking at colleges, high schools and other public forums on topics such as genre franchises, the exploitation of women, and creature features. 

      Prior to and while taking on journalism, Andrea freelanced as a screenwriter in the Miami film market. She wrote several features, including an indie romantic comedy entitled "By Chance." She used her talent to work on studio rewrites and for script doctoring services, until making the life changing decision to open ADA Management Group in the summer of 2007. 

    The firm opened with a basic concept; to professionally serve up and coming screenwriters with career management and consultation services. And it worked. By the end of 2008, ADA had become one of the largest literary firms in the country, and the top management company in the state of Florida, representing nearly 30 independent screenwriters from across the country. With the company’s success at her fingertips, Andrea decided to expand in 2010 to include models, actors and film directors. The company has continued to grow and now represents a number of notable personalities; over 100 clients in total. Andrea served as the company’s President until 2012 and still has an active hand in all of its endeavors as the sole owner. 
     Andrea now works with her secondary company, Fatality Films, as a full-time Producer. She is actively producing dozens of features and television projects with her partner, famed horror director, writer and producer Scott Spiegel. She also has an active hand in reality television. Andrea’s biggest endeavor to date is Die, Maniacs, Die! (conceptual art shown above)... a horror feature that is quickly becoming one of the most talked about projects in the genre! The film is scheduled to be released sometime in 2014.

     Coordinating with her endeavors at both ADA and Fatality Films, Andrea recently founded Fatality Fest, a professional, expansive national horror convention coming in 2013.

     Andrea plans on hosting several conventions throughout the year at different locations across the United States. It’s a pet project and something Andrea hopes to watch grow from year to year.
      She may not be an actress or a film director, but Andrea is certainly one of the most recognized up and coming personalities in entertainment today. Incredibly hardworking and dedicated to her craft, Andrea continues to surprise skeptics as she flourishes in everything that she touches. Andrea is a pure definition of young Hollywood with a continuing drive towards excellence. 

Professional fashion photographer Joanna Christine says... 

"In addition to being incredibly talented, she's also extremely beautiful, making her "Horror's Newest Pin Up" model. 

Andrea is also a close and personal friend of mine, so I had to give her some really gorgeous shots here as she revealed herself to her loyal fans. 

The final results were flawless! Since these incredible photos have come out, she's anything but Disgusting!"

Marv Blauvelt Filmography
Actor (13 titles)
2013Figure (pre-production)
Martin Pierce
2013Mother's Blood (video) (post-production)
Perry Kennedy
TV Slasher
2011Psycho Street
Dr. Oliver Combs/Robert Reece (segments "Hypochondriac, Lewis")
2011Meateater (short)
Earl Jimmy
2010A Christmas Scream (short)
2010Slices of Life
Tiny (segment "Sketcher")
2010Lethal Obsession
2009The Green Monster
Sheriff Mack Nicholson
2009Come (short)
Dr. Conduit
Frank Steele
2009Terror Overload
Professor Daniels
Producer (6 titles)
2013Mother's Blood (video) (associate producer) (post-production)
2011Crestfallen (short) (associate producer)
2011Lewis (video short) (co-producer)
2011Psycho Street (executive producer, producer)
2010A Christmas Scream (short) (executive producer, producer)
2009Sculpture (associate producer)

   Writer (4 titles)
2011Lewis (video short) (story)
2011Psycho Street (story)
2010A Christmas Scream (short)
2009Sculpture (story)

 Casting Director (2 titles)
2011Crestfallen (short)
Casting Department (1 title)
2009Sculpture (casting) 
 Thanks (2 titles)
2012Suzette (short) (very special thanks)
2010Something Just (short) (special thanks)

[US Theatrical One-Sheet Movie Poster]
THR PRODUCTIONS in association
Starring: Raine Brown, Misty Mundae, Dustin Kerns, Susan Adriensen, Marv Blauvelt, John Bonavia, Anthony Catanzano, Nick Giorgio, Jeremy Mulkey, Michael Stearns
        Plot/Synopsis: SCULPTURE is the story of Ashley Steele (Raine Brown), an aspiring artist who returns home after the death of her parents (Marv Blauvelt and Susan Adriensen) only to find that her possessive rich older brother, Adam (Dustin Kerns), and the haunting memories of her repressed past are what's in store for her. Her childhood friend, Emily (Misty Mundae) tries to free her from the tight grasp of her egotistical brother. Meanwhile she is commissioned by a well known art dealer (Alan Rowe Kelly) to create a life-size sculpture of “the perfect man.” Ashley decides to use body builders from her brother’s gym as models. Before long she finds herself spiraling down a path of unspeakable psychopathic terror and murder as she frantically tries to complete her masterpiece.

          SCULPTURE was produced and directed by Pete Jacelone (Psycho Sisters, BEEF: You Are What You Eat). Other credits include: executive producer: Alex Pucci (Frat House Massacre, Camp Slaughter); based on a story by Paul Quintero; Marv Blauvelt and Pete Jacelone; screenplay by Paul Quintero and Trevor Wright; special make-up effects by Stephen R. Hicks; art direction by Lalainya and Nora Veca; sculpture designed by Mar Omega; associate producers: Michael Raso and Marv Blauvelt; body builder casting by Mike Sansevero of NorthAmericanBodies.com.

         SCULPTURE stars the blond beauty Raine Brown and features the return of the gorgeous indie horror film star Misty Mundae. SCULPTURE also stars Dustin Kerns, Susan Adriensen, Marv Blauvelt, John Bonavia, Anthony Catanzaro, Austin Dossey, Tristan Lynn, David Gilkey, Jeff Dylan Graham, Jeremy Mulkey, Max Wettstein, Michael R. Thomas and Michael Stearns. Special appearance by Alan Rowe Kelly and introducing Brandi Thokey as "Young Ashley," and featuring Nick Giorgio as "Young Adam." 
A young man has some SCULPTURE done on his rear 
end by deranged artist Ashley Steele (Raine Brown).
US Theatrical "TEASER" Movie Poster
Ashley Steele (Raine Brown) in a scene from SCULPTURE (2009)
Ashley Steele (Raine Brown)  inspects her work in progress of the "life-size" sculpture of the perfect mam.
Ashley Steele (Raine Brown) goes over her art rendering of the male body covered in blood with severed legs on the bed.
Emily (Misty Mundae) goes to the local gym. The man 
pictured in the poster to her right is Marv Blauvelt.
Marv Blauvelt and the entire staff at Muscle Wolf Productions would like to take this golden opportunity and thank each and every one of you for your continued support!

Sincerely, Marv Blauvelt

---                                                                                                                                                       -------------------------------------------------------
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