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New Graphic Comic Book: END TIMES # 2: Revolting Tales Of Fear: by artist Vincent Davis from HorrorGeddon Comics

Something wickedly entertaining is going 
on in the world of horror!
Let us tap into your Psyche's Dark Side!
Browse Vincent Davis' entire portfolio here
Cover illustration by: Mr. Vincent Davis
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END TIMES #2  Winter/Spring 2013
Browse Vincent Davis' entire portfolio here
Illustration by: Mr. Vincent Davis
Order End Times #2 here

End Times is a new illustrated horror comic magazine 
by artist/illustrator Vincent Davis in the tradition 
of James Warren's Creepy and Eerie from
 the 1960's and 1970's with a modern day bent!

Illustration by: Mr. Vincent Davis
Order End Times #2 here
Illustration by: Mr. Vincent Davis
Order End Times #2 here
Cover illustration by: Mr. Vincent Davis
Order End Times #1 here
END TIMES #1 Fall/Winter 2012
Browse Vincent Davis' entire portfolio here
Illustration by: Mr. Vincent Davis
Order End Times #1 here
Browse Vincent Davis' entire portfolio here
Illustration by: Mr. Vincent Davis
Order End Times #1 here
Illustration by: Mr. Vincent Davis
Order End Times #1 here

End Times #1
Reviewed by: Decapitated Dan Royer (puyaybusto)
Writers: Jeff Edmond, Vin Davis, Charles Anthony
Artist: Vin Davis
Price: $5.95

"Premier collector's issue!"
       Yes, my favorite printing style for horror comics is magazine sized, and End Times #1 knows that, so lets put a +1 in the positives column right off the bat! What this issue brings to the table is a great sense of horror comic nostalgia, mixed with some great modern tales. Now I throw in the nostalgia line because of the way this book is presented in terms of printing, and because of the overall feeling I got while reading it.
        The stories are a good mix of Creepy and Eerie styled themes, mixing both horror and sci-fi genres throughout. The artwork is consistent throughout, but at times I didn't care too much for the shading styles. I kind of felt that the grey's took away from the great line work. But that is me being nit-picky. The stories are fantastic. My favorite had to be "De-Cap-Puc-Cino,"  because of the overall presentation. 
        Mr. Davis did a great job on drawing that entire cast, and the story by Edmond was funny and creepy. Overall, this is a great first issue from this bunch. It has room to move forward with future issues, and I will only expect it to get better and better. It is easy for me to tell you to pick this one up and check it out, because I had a great time reading it.

Artwork: 5 out of 5 - Story: 5 out of 5

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- Vin Davis: Growing up I was always a huge monster fan and collected Forry’s Famous Monsters of Filmland magazine along with MAD magazine, but I didn't get into horror anthologies until much later when I started collecting back issues of Warren’s Creepy. “Tales too Terrible to Tell” published by New England Comics Press was a huge inspiration as well (an anthology of pre-code horror).  

Horror News Network: You also chose to go with an over-sized comic rather than the standard size of comics. What were your reasons for on that?
- Vin Davis: As a collector of the old horror comic mags of the 1960’s and 1970’s the magazine format was an homage to them. As an artist, the detail is much closer to the original artwork since it’s a bit larger than the comic book format and of course that pleases me. If it wasn't so expensive I would publish END TIMES in an 11” x17” magazine format!

Horror News Network: Can you tell us about the stories and the creators in the first issue?
- Vin Davis: Some stories have a socio-political bent without jamming a moral down people’s throats. It’s more satire than anything else and I suppose that’s the MAD influence coming out. We take stabs at the banking industry, organized religion, Mayan prophecies and the customer service representative who works in an office cubicle! I’ve acquired my writers from a worker release program and a local outpatient clinic!
But seriously, issue #1 of END TIMES features two terrific writers Jeff Edmond and   
     Charles Anthony who will be lending their warped minds and pens to issue #2 (Winter 2013) as well as a few new additions to the END TIMES writer’s stable.
    I am both the Publisher and Editor, my wife, full time teacher and associate editor JK Salem makes sure I dot every “i” and cross every “t”. I share the art duties with my right hand man Al Crandall (who literally has just one right hand, thanks to a mishap with a band saw in his early days as a butcher)! 

Horror News Network: What can we expect from this book in terms of blood, guts and horror?
- Vin Davis: Psychological horror and suspense has the biggest payoff for my money so there will be no shortage of that in each issue. The blood and guts must serve the story, if it does then the blood will flow! 

Horror News Network: How often will End Times be published?
- Vin Davis: Right now it’s a semi-annual magazine.

Horror News Network: Where can our readers find out more about End Times?
- Vin Davis: Well your best bet is the website www.horrorgeddoncomics.com and we just signed a two year contract with Ingram Periodicals to be distributed nationally to retail stores like Barnes and Noble, so look for future issues of END TIMES at your local bookstores and newsstands.  

Horror News Network: In closing, what would you like to say about End Times?
- Vin Davis: If we could serve up something more than the gore laden fare many horror fans have become accustomed to, then we have succeeded in giving our readers a safe place to experience their fears and aggression which is really the ultimate goal of all horror and science fiction. I hope at HorrorGeddon Comics that we can surprise, thrill, entertain and I’ll even dare to say enlighten our readers with every issue of END TIMES.

Comic Monsters Interview 
 with Vincent Davis here
Illustration by: Mr. Vincent Davis
Christopher Lee
Hammer Film Productions

Browse Vincent Davis' entire portfolio here
Acrylic painting by: Vincent Davis [November 2011]
Vincent Price
as Professor Henry Jarrod
House Of Wax (1953)
Browse Vincent Davis' entire portfolio here
Browse Vincent Davis' entire portfolio here
Acrylic painting by: Vincent Davis [2011]
Colin Clive 
as Dr. Henry Frankenstein
Browse Vincent Davis' entire portfolio here
Acrylic painting by: Vincent Davis [November 2011]
Peter Lorre 
as Dr. Adolphus Bedlo
THE RAVEN (1963)


- END TIMES #1 and #2
(June 2012- Present)
Penciller and Inker
Published by: HorrorGeddonComics.com

- Asylum Ink
(August 2011 Issue)
Original horror illustration

- Defenestration Magazine
(May 15 - August 14, 2011)
Published original cartoon strip "Flips," "Helluva Town," "Gorilla"

- 69 Flavors of Paranoia #12
Forthcoming 2011
Published illustration "Specimen"

- Common Ties - Online publication, Seattle, WA
(2007 - Present)
Artist and Writer contributor

- Online t-shirt website design www.relictees.com
(2004 - Present)
Owns and manages website which sells original t-shirt designs

- LAUGH RIOT - Published by Flop House Comics, Berkeley, CA
(2003 - Present)
Artist and Writer contributor

- Unusual Spreads - Record Label, New York, NY
(2000 - Present)
Commissioned to design CD covers on a freelance basis

- Mr. Davis’ Cartooning Lessons - "One Through Ten Self Published" ©2003

Mr. Vincent Davis 
    Mini Biography: Vincent Davis is a talented individual with many diversified interests. Vincent is a exceptional cartoonist, writer and comic book illustrator www.horrorgeddoncomics.com, songwriter/musician vinnydavismusic.com, film maker/actor [The Empty Man, 2010], t-shirt designer and owner of www.relictees.com and a cartooning instructor for both children and adults at The Rye Art Center and Westchester Community College
     Mr. Davis' illustrations and written work can be found in END TIMES #1 and #2 (2013), Defenestration Magazine, Laugh Riot [Flophouse Comics, 2005], 20 Dissidents - Volume 1, Issue #2 (2007), The Journal News (2004), digitalabstract.com (2006) and the late commonties.com "20 Questions" (2007-2010)He currently lives in Fleetwood, NY with his lovely wife and dog Skip.

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