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New Graphic Novel: VIRGIN VAMPIRES "once upon a time in Transylvania" Coming Late Fall 2012

Coming from:
 McFarland Publishers 

 "the uber-porphyria epic graphic novel"
Once Upon a Time . . . In Transylvania!

- JOE ORSAK: His remarkable illustrations have already won him an international
 cult following for his unique ability to create an original form of illustration that exists
 on a delicate balance between full attention to realistic detail and an aura of 
expressionistic other-worldliness.

- DOUGLAS BRODE: A film scholar and university professor who collaborated
 with Joe Orsak by providing the text for the first of their critically acclaimed 
graphic novels, Yellow Rose of Texas: The Myth of Emily Morgan  
- Written by: Douglas Brode
- Illustrated by: Joe Orsak 
- Print ISBN: 978-0-7864-4520-2
- Ebook ISBN: 978-0-7864-6200-1
- Description: full color illustrations
- Details: 135pp. softcover (7 x 10) 2010
About the Graphic NovelYellow Rose of Texas: The Myth of Emily Morgan
It tells the fact based story of the African-American woman who inspired the world famous folk song. In this graphic novel the adventures of Emily Morgan reveal the Texas war for independence through the eyes of a black woman who survived the Alamo and played an important part in winning the war. While the story of Texas is told with attention to historical detail, the story of Emily is elevated to a romantic myth.

  To view other great samples of Joe Orsak's unique style of art click here
               EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW
               VIRGIN VAMPIRES
 VIRGIN VAMPIRES draws heavily on the 
unique visual Gothic style of the Hammer Horror
Films produced between 1958 and 1973
VIRGIN VAMPIRES includes virtually all the other
 great cinematic renderings of the vampire legends!
- About the creators: Douglas Brode is a novelist, screenwriter, playwright, film historian, and award winning journalist. He teaches courses on various popular culture subjects at the Newhouse School of Public Communications, Department of Radio, TV and Film, at Syracuse University. The author of more than 35 books on the visual and performing arts, he regularly appears on national radio and TV shows as a special guest. 

- Joe Orsak is a professional graphic illustrator born in Syracuse, New York. Joe traveled the world as a youth, graduating from high school in Rome, Italy. He returned to the States in 1970 to attend Syracuse University, graduating in 1974. Working in advertising during the seventies, Joe began to develop his skill as a graphic storyteller. His work has appeared in a number of newspapers, comic books and graphic novels.         
 VIRGIN VAMPIRES is an apotheosis of all that
has come before... with an entirely new origination 
fable that at last, ties all the loose ends together!
VIRGIN VAMPIRES also incorporates visual 
and narrative homages to the UNIVERSAL PICTURES
classic horror films of the 1930s and 1940's
To view some other great samples of 
Joe Orsak's unique style of art click here

The Characters in VIRGIN VAMPIRES
Each, real and imaginary... has been the subject of fiction and film numerous times. 
But their inter-connectedness has never been fully explained until now!
The Wallachian warlord who dared to attack the knights of Western Europe under the command of Baron Frankenstein and, in time, inspired Irish writer... 

To draw on his full and careful research into Vlad Dracule, as well as his fascination with the age-old lore of the vampire in Eastern Europe, creating . . . 

The fictional figure who menaces Victorian-era London, arriving from Transylvania to prey on its prim and proper women, turning them into his sex slaves.
The beautiful, innocent-in- appearance blonde aristocratic teenager who, as a figure of popular fiction, preceded even Dracula when . . . 

Dublin based writer and mentor to his young student Bram Stoker, brought this seductive and deadly nymphette to 
life after learning the 
history of . . .

A relative of Vlad the Impaler who sought to retain her perfect beauty down through the ages by bathing in the warm blood of virgins.


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