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'FAMILIAR' Horror Short By FATAL PICTURES' Director Richard Powell: Chilling, Pure Evil, Insane and Very Creepy

- Starring: Robert Nolan, Astrida Auza, Cathryn Hostick
- SynopsisThrough a series of tragic events a middle aged man grows to suspect the 
negative impulses plaguing his mind may not be his own. The seemingly idyllic yet ultimately doomed Dodd Family.
- FATAL PICTURES is an Indie film production company based out of Toronto, Canada. 
With major focus on Horror Genre film. The Company was founded by Zach Green 
and Richard Powell in 2007.

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FAMILIAR (2012) 
Was already shown at:
 ChicagoFearFest  April 13-14
Frightmare Weekend  May 4,5 & 6


New York City Horror Film Festival  November 8th (2012) 

Telluride Horror Show  October 12th, 13th &14th (2012) 

Celluloid Screams  October 26th, 27th & 28th (2012)

- Bram Stoker International Film Festival  October 25th, 26th & 27th (2012) 

RazorReel Fantastic Film Festival  October 25th – November 6th (2012)

Slash Film Festival   September 20th – 30th (2012) 

Mayhem Horror Film Festival  October 31st – November 4th

Leeds International Film Festival   November 1st – 18th (2012) 

Killer Film Festival   November 1st – 3rd (2012) 

HorrorQuest Film Festival  October 19th – 21st

Phoenix FearCon  October 13th (2012)

Horrible Imaginings  November 10th

Zach Green (left) & Richard Powell (right) of Fatal Pictures and the star of the short 
film "WORMRobert Nolan (center) were just interviewed on "Independent Scene." 

 Interview With Zach Green and Richard Powell: 
 The Minds Behind The Short Film FAMILIAR
      As the 2012 horror film-festival circuit starts to build momentum, there’s an Indie 
Film production company called Fatal Pictures, comprised of producer/director Richard Powell and producer Zach Green. Their style is a mix of dark drama and sheer fright
that tends to deal with the horrors inside ourselves rather than the world around us.
They are 2 people you should definitely watch out for!
   This dynamic duo made their first short, CONSUMPTION, in 2008, and more recently 
completed WORM (2010) and FAMILIAR (2012), both starring Robert Nolan. WORM
has been out a little while now, screening at events like The Sydney Underground Film Festival, Dark Bridges Film Festival, Toronto Screamfest and The Horror Society
Film Fest, but expect more play around the country this year, along with FAMILIAR. 

 A with Producer Zach Green HERE 

Q & A with Director Richard Powell CLICK HERE
    Much more of psychological study than a traditional horror film, WORM takes us inside the mind of high-school teacher Geoffrey Dodd (Robert Nolan), whose inner thoughts are shared with us in disturbing detail. On the surface, Geoffrey is a seemingly kind, gentle and sane instructor; as we follow him through the course of an average school day, we assume he’s just a bitter man having a bad time. But beneath the carefully constructed veneer, something even more sinister is going on in his mind that could burst at any moment.

CINEMA HEAD CHEESE released its Annual "Best Of" list.
  W O R M   made the list in the Best Short film category!
  Robert Nolan was named best overall actor!

Robert Nolan in Fatal Pictures' 
 W O R M
       The glue that holds this film together (and FAMILIAR as well) is Nolan’s performance. There could have been a temptation to play the teacher in an overtly sinister way... regarding his students angrily and so on, but the detachment between his thoughts and actions is so great that it makes the film all the more disturbing. WORM is not a violent piece; in fact, very little actually happens during the course of Geoffrey’s day, but it always feels like something is going to happen. This is really a case study of inner emotional violence that could be set off at any moment into the real thing, and that is truly horrifying. 
 W O R M 
An Official 2012 Selection at:

The star of  W O R M & FAMILIAR ... Mr. Robert Nolan
The director Mr Richard Powell has taken the influence of David Cronenberg and mixed it with the inner torment of TAXI DRIVER to create a unique style in these films. Both go so well together and complement each other, one hopes they make a third “Dodd film”
starring Mr. Nolan, because it would make a great anthology. For more information 
on these movies, check out www.fatalpictures.blogspot.com

FAMILIAR - The 3rd short from Fatal Pictures is an
 Official Selection at Fantaspoa Fantastic Filmfest 2012

FAMILIAR - The 3rd short from Fatal Pictures is also playing
 at Texas Frightmare Weekend - May 4, 5 & 6, 2012 

   Ofiicial FAMILIAR World Premiere!  
- Place: Projection Booth, Toronto, Canada
- Address:1035 Gerrard Street East
- Date: Friday, March 2nd, 2012
   FAMILIAR (2012)
- Runtime: 24 min (USA)  | Canada: 20 min
- Genres: Short / Horror
Plot Keywords: Self Mutilation | Body Horror | Gore 
- Sound Mix: Dolby Digital (RCA Sound Recording)
- Production Company: Fatal Pictures
- Special Effects: The Butcher Shop
- Country: Canada
- Language: English
- Filming Locations: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
- Director: Richard Powell
- Country: Canada
- Official Trailer: Click Here
- Did You Know.... The film follows the story of John Dodd (Robert Nolan), 
twin brother to WORM's psychotic high school teacher Geoffrey Dodd.

Quotes by some of the Top Reviewers
 in the Horror Film Industry:

     Where Worm was a dark comedy, Familiar is that and much more. Powell’s latest Horror movie hits profound emotional notes! - www.blogfilmarmy.org

      Director Powell has taken the influence of David Cronenberg and mixed it with the inner torment of TAXI DRIVER to create a unique style in FAMILIARKelly Stewart - fangoria

      Exceptional Horror Short from Director Richard Powell. Fatal Pictures is going to leave an indelible mark in 2012 for sure! - Greg Petaloudis - Diabolique Magazine

     Familiar takes that nagging voice and manifests it as a physical entity, in the fantastic Canadian tradition of Cronenberg’ian body horror! -  nextprojection

      From writer/director Richard Powell comes Familiar, one of the smartest, creepiest and most unrelenting short films I've had the pleasure of watching as of late.

     Richard Powell’s Short Film ‘”Familiar”‘ (2012) Gives Voice to Insanity and a Shape to Pure Evil. - wildsidecinema

    Zach Green and those over at Fatal Pictures are well on their way to creating a tsunami-like wave in the horror industry. - liberaldead

     Punching way above its length and budget, Familiar is the best body-horror to have come out of Canada since Splice and sits comfortably in the tradition of the country that gave us Cronenberg. - killeraphrodite

     This little gem definitely does NOT disappoint! - horror-spot

     One of the most well paced, tightly controlled, and intriguing twenty minutes that you will see this year. - zombiesdontrun

     Familiar sets a standard that other independent films should be aiming for! 

      If I praised Nolan for his performance in Worm I was probably doing him a disservice, as here in Familiar he takes it to another level. The man can convey so much purely from his facial expressions, so that once you add the dialogue his performance becomes all that more terrifying. He really does deliver a true masterclass in horror. 
Jude Felton - lairoffilth

     Short films, when done right, are such a hugh treat. When all the elements that go into making a film so successful all come together perfectly you get a short film like FAMILIAR.- anythinghorror

     Essentially, Familiar is a dark trip through a man’s thoughts, climaxing in a great twist. For only twenty minutes of your time, this movie delivers more entertainment per minute than any horror I have seen on the big screen in the last year. 
Justin Proper - underthegunreview

     It's a great sign that a film is a really good one when you're still thinking about it two days later. I watched Familiar on Sunday, then watched it again on Monday.
Highly recommended short film that carries a powerful punch!
Hal C F Astell - apocalypselaterfilm

      From producer Zach Green and writer/director Richard Powell comes the wickedly enjoyable short “Familiar”, a film that owes as much to the body horror of David Cronenberg as it does the outrageousness of Frank Henenlotter. It’s my favorite kind of horror flick: The movie takes an inherently silly premise and treats it very seriously. The end result is nothing sort of brilliant, and cements Fatal Pictures as one of the most daring genre outlets currently in operation! Todd Rigney - beyondhollywood

      One of the most amazing things about Familiar is the cinematography, rarely do you see an independent film, let alone a short film with such a high caliber look to it... The subtly of the camera is beautiful... Powell’s script is also perfectly balanced... Credit must be given to Powell for his ability to write human characters. - knifedinvenice

      Familiar is a 24 minute film who relates the story of a man, which over time will realize that he is possessed by an evil entity who want hurt the character family. The movie is really great, mixing with an inventive and new approach to possession. Robert Nolan shows that he is a outstanding actor and he manages to make us feel the evil under his skin. Familiar is very short, but it remains a very good achievement, very clean in the gore and very well told story. cinemaboy - cinemaclubfr

       After the excellent short film that was "Worm" (a film that could only be compared to greats such as "Falling Down", only more creepy) by Fatal Pictures I couldn't wait to see the follow-up from the same team. I must admit that I thought I knew kinda what to expect from this one as it involved most of the same people, but this was something very different. Fatal Pictures together with Robert Nolan is gold. - FilmBizarro

       Following up their excellent short Worm, the team of Richard Powell and Zach Green at Fatal Pictures deliver another potent psychological horror film with Familiar. In a way, they have given us this telepathic ability by allowing passage into their characters' fractured psyches! Chris Hallockallthingshorroronline

     Familiar flips you the finger and kicks your teeth in. It veers clear of what you think you're about to see and smacks you in the forehead with what it wants to show you. That’s a rare treat in feature length flicks to be in the hands of a director with the ability to guide you like this, but in shorter films, it’s almost impossible to pull off and still maintain a sense of character arch. Familiar makes it look easy, deceptively so. 
- Jason Lees - morehorror

      This Canadian filmmaking team has taken the short film and made it something of an art form.  I've always considered this format a trying one. To convey each emotion possible in a fraction of the time is a feat. Fatal Pictures has not only upstaged their previous work, they've done it AGAIN in a very little amount of time!  You see, Familiar is a very tricky movie. Wes - bloodsprayer

Publicity/Production Photos

In FAMILIAR, Nolan plays John Dodd (no relation that we know of to WORM’s antihero), a middle-aged married man emotionally detached from his wife and the world. If only the pain and existential turmoil that plague us through our lives could be manifested physically so that we could purge it for good. 

Despite having what appears to be a loving wife, a well-adjusted teenage daughter and a stable home life, John is falling apart from the inside. It might be a hell of a lot easier than listening to it nagging at the back of our minds, second-guessing our every decision and acting as an introspective foe as it pushes us to act in ways that are seemingly contrary to our nature, but are likely our most honest primal instincts at work.

At first glance, FAMILIAR‘s structure is quite similar to that of WORM... but it is only 
so on the surface. Once again, we see a man coming unraveled, but this time it results 
much more in actions than in thoughts.

The film is basically broken into two sections: The first half has a similar structure
 to WORM, where we hear what’s going on in John’s mind. As a storyteller, Mr. Powell 
has done damn fine work here as it's not an easy feat to give viewers 24 minutes of a 
voice over and not have it become tedious. But in Familiar, it works well... due to
Powell's script and partially to the stellar performance by leading man Robert Nolan
whose passive and restrained performance is downright perfection and evokes an uneasy atmosphere from frame one that never waivers.

 In fact, it’s best to view the films together if possible, because WORM sets up an expectation that FAMILIAR will go in the same direction (hence the title), but it doesn't. Harrowing and deeply personal, Familiar is essentially a dark and disturbing journey through a struggling spouse's yearning for freedom that climaxes in a fantastically intense and gory fashion that will leave the gore hounds clapping in glee by the time the credits begin to roll. 

After hearing the news that his wife is pregnant with another child, he becomes 
convinced that this is a plot by her to destroy his life and contrives to destroy the
 unborn child... but then has to deal with a physical monster growing inside him.

The production values are taken up a notch in FAMILIAR as well, thanks to the addition of Michael Jari Davidson as director of photography and the special FX team known as
and Powell are not offering body-horror for the sake of trying to shock the furred-up
 palette. The effects disgust, repulse, but when they do it is underscoring and displaying
 the inner conflict. Every component in Familiar is tight, controlled and focused. 


With Familiar being recently completed, we expect the short film to be making the festival rounds soon so make sure you check out this bizarrely wicked short for yourself if it makes its way into your town in the coming months. I'm certain we are going to see more from both Mr. Powell and Robert Nolan in the future.  

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Everything propels you on a brutal journey through madness where the borders of 
reality have been well and truly crossed. Even the soundscape offers a sense of
 routine rusting, a man’s life breaking, a world falling apart. Powerful, clever and 
visceral, Familiar may have enjoyed a low budget, but has really done more for less.

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