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Sunday, April 20, 2014

'Satanik' A Surealistic And Erotic Italian Thriller Featuring 1970 Penthouse Cover Girl Magda Konopka Using Her Powers Of Seduction To Humiliate Men

SATANIK (1968, Italy)
Original "Affiche" Italian Poster

Italian "Affiche" Theatrical Movie Poster (Alternate Style)
SATANIK (1968)
  Synopsis: A withered old hag turns into a beautiful young woman after drinking a youth formula. 
   This Spanish-Italian co-production tells an interesting and weird story about Magda Konopka (Dr. Marnie Bannister), a woman that not only has the best years behind her, but also has a scarred face that makes her look like a freak. But in Madrid, a professor she knows has conducted some experiments on animals with a substance which regenerates cells. The experiments were successful, but the animals became aggressive.

   Because the professor won't allow Dr. Bannister to be the first human guinea pig, she kills him and consumes the substance. She becomes a beautiful young woman, but also a vicious killer when it comes to keep her secret a permanent secret. 

   SATANIK (1968) - A film by Piero Vivarelli . Starring: Magda Konopka, Julio Pena, Umberto Raho, Luigi Montini, Nerio Bernardi, Armando Calvo, Isarco Ravaioli, Mirella Pamphili, Antonio Pica. Noir genre, color, 85 minutes. Production: Italy &  Spain.

Magda Konopka (Dr. Bannister) as the withered 
old hag before she takes the "youth serum."

EUREKA! Magda Konopka (Dr. Bannister) transforms
 herself from a disfigured old hag into a beautiful woman!

Beware of SATANIK!
Review By: Jean-Emmanuel Deluxe

   In Italy they call Fumetti Neri all the hard boiled comics with lethal characters. Most of them first appeared at the beginning of the 1960s. 
   The most famous one was Diabolik a masked master of villainy. Created by the Guissani sisters in 1962, this evil character was descended from the diabolical Fantomas, a French hooded villain invented by Pierre Souvestre and Marcel Allain. From his origins in 1910, Fantomas went on to delight generations of pulp novels readers and film goers. 

  The Guissani's Diabolik was invariably accompanied by the blonde femme fatale Eva Kant. They were an instant success and are still immensely popular in Italy today. Diabolik's enormous popularity prompted other publishers to launch their own super-criminal series. Soon the newsagents were selling comics with covers sporting colorful villains like Kriminal (1964 by Magnus & Bunker) &  Mister X. Photo novels were also launched with Killing, who wore skeletons tights and went even further in terms of sex and violence. 

     Italian article on the re-release of SATANIK. A true revolutionary,  on April 13, 2012, Satanik will return to newsstands, with Panorama and Songs and Smiles (but also without) - a collection not to be missed: sixteen volumes, one each Wednesday, two stories at a time. Personally selected by Max Bunker, after the success of reprints in book form of Alan Ford (whose outputs have become programmed thirty ninety and it is possible that they go on to the bitter end) and Kriminal, relaunches its most evil creature. Designed like the other "heroes," bunkeriani from his companion par excellence: the late Roberto Raviola aka Magnus.
    But something was missing from the evil men's club. A villainess!! Thus the arrival of Satanik, the Luciferian daughter of Magnus & Bunker. This series of hugely popular fumetti were published from 1964 to 1974 and narrate the misadventures of Marny Bannister. Marny is a disfigured old maid, whose employment in a chemical laboratory bring her into contact with a new serum for eternal youth. The long-suffering assistant decides to take a new lease on life, killing the inventor of the serum and inoculating herself with it. 

   Presto! Change-o! Marny is transformed into the seductive and dastardly Satanik and launches herself into a masked life of crimes more chilling than can be imagined! Unfortunately for Marny the effects of the serum are temporary and she reverts back to her ugly former self,  needing ever more frequent doses to regain her form as Satanik!!

Original Theatrical Italian "Locandina" Poster
     Immoral, humorous and sexy all these Fumetti Neri are wonderfully entertaining power fantasies for adults. If you had the money and the physical strength would you be a boring do-gooder like Batman or would you be a daring bank robber like Satanik? Despite their Catholic traditions both France and Italy are inclined to find entertainment in anti-establishment fictions where the figure of authority are mocked and ridiculed! Such comics would have been unthinkable in the America of the 1960s and 1970s, where the Comic Code exercised totalitarian powers of censorship. 

Original Italian "Affiche" Theatrical Movie Poster
Starring: John Philip Law, Marisa Mell, Adolfo Celi, Terry Thomas
Directed by: Mario Bava

Original US Theatrical "One Sheet" Movie Poster

      The Italian film exploitation industry was always on the lookout for lucrative new material and it was only natural that the comic super-villiains would eventually find their way to the big screen. Mario Bava’s Danger Diabolik (1968) is the first film to come to the mind when thinking about this peculiar genre. And rightfully so as this film starring John Philip Law and Marisa Mell with an amazing Ennio Morricone soundtrack is a pop art masterpiece, striking just the right balance between camp humor and sheer anarchy.

Original Italian "Photobusta" Theatrical Movie Poster
Starring: John Philip Law and Marisa Mell

Original Italian Theatrical Movie Poster (Alternate Style)
SATANIK (1968)

  Directed the same year by Piero Vivarelli and starring the mesmerizing Polish actress Magda Konopka
came the screen version of Satanik. Along with it’s enjoyable anti-social stance, what’s fascinating about this movie is it’s twist on the Jekyll and Hyde mythos. This time Lady Jekyll is ugly and long- suffering and Sister Hyde is beautiful, using her power of seduction to humiliate men (if not kill them). 

   I can't praise Artus films enough for unearthing this surrealistic & erotic gem with enough tongue in cheek action to please all lovers of high camp. Stylistically Vivarelli's film is inventive and it’s plot and characters are great fun. On top of that, the heroine is a constant fashion show with her ever-changing stylish outfits and hilariously deadpan dialogues. 

Original Italian "Photobusta" Theatrical Movie Poster
SATANIK (1968)

Original Italian "Photobusta" Theatrical Movie Poster
SATANIK (1968)

Original Italian "Photobusta" Theatrical Movie Poster
SATANIK (1968)

Original Italian "Photobusta" Theatrical Movie Poster
SATANIK (1968)

Original Italian "Photobusta" Theatrical Movie Poster
SATANIK (1968)

Original Italian "Photobusta" Theatrical Movie Poster
SATANIK (1968)

Original Italian Theatrical Movie Poster
(Alternate Style)

SATANIK (1968)
Original Mexican 11 x 14 Theatrical Lobby card

SATANIK (1968)
Original Mexican 11 x 14 Theatrical Lobby card

   Magda Konopka (Marnie Bannister) performs an 
erotic night club strip tease in a scene from SATANIK (1968).

   SATANIK (1968) 
    DVD Box Cover from ARTUS FILMS

  • Run time: 86 minutes
  • Genre: Thriller, Yellow Police, Noir
  • Release Date: April 16th, 1968
  • Language: English or Italian (2 separate audio tracks)
Turkish Theatrical Movie Poster

- Director: Piero Vivarelli
- Writers: Eduardo Manzanos Brochero (screenplay), Eduardo Manzanos Brochero (story)
 - Countries Of Origin: Italy, Spain
- Starring: Magda Konopka, Julio Pena, Umberto Raho, Luigi Montini, Nerio Bernardi, Armando Calvo, Isarco Ravaioli, Mirella Pamphili, Antonio Pica.
- Studio: Artus Films (Visit website here)
- Details: Ciné-Fumetti. Collector's Box includes 64 page softcover book which is richly illustrated and very informative on all the Italian & Turkish super-villains & hero genres. High fun !! 

Italian 'Locandina' Movie Poster
- Synopsis: Marnie Bannister (Magda Konopka), a disfigured old woman goes to a scientist, inventor of a method that can rejuvenate the skin. Having experienced the product on animals, he refuses to treat a lady like a guinea pig. She then kills the scientist and injects herself with the miracle liquid, but with more than enough. She soon becomes a gorgeous young woman, ready to take revenge on her past. She becomes Satanik!  Order Satanik here

 Acknowledgements: A special thanks to Kevin from Artus Films and Bart Johnson for their outstanding help.



   Whether all of these camp qualities are intentional or not are the subject of hot debate but at the end of the day what matters is only that the show is uplifting entertainment. So fall for Satanik's hypnotic gaze. Dying for love has never been so pleasurable. 

    A further enticement for movie trivia buffs is that the sultry Magda Konopka was the June 1967 PENTHOUSE "Cover Girl" (Volume 2  No. 8) which also included an interview with surreal artist Salvador Dali. Additionally, she was also featured in the May 1970 and Volume 2  No. 7 1967 issues of PENTHOUSE. Magda was also a lover of Sean Connery for a short period! Just imagine life being stranger than fiction with James Bond 007 being trapped in Satanik's web of love! 

 Magda Konopka - Penthouse Magazine 1967
    Contributing substantially to the please of moviegoers everywhere, Polish-born Magda is one of the most visually exciting personalities on the current Italian CinemaScope. Her own adaption of the much-vaunted cine sex-kitten, an eminently workable admixture of talent, sophistication and sexual aloofness, has already won her parts in such established successes as A Hard Day’s Night, The Yellow Rolls-Royce and The Victors. Magda, who relies progressively less on anatomic accouterments and increasingly more on sheer dramatic ability, admits - despite the apparent contradiction in terms - to becoming one of Italy’s more reliable sexports. “In Rome you have to act,” says Magda. “No matter how much audiences appreciate a pretty face or figure it becomes meaningless without a personality to match. All Italians are actors - the most natural actors in the world. They not only except everyone else to be the same, they demand it.”
    Personality, according to our more informed sources, is what an actress projects on the screen. It is the stock-in-trade of every star - the one, immutable quality that distinguishes success from failure. Some people call it magnetism, and you either have it or you don’t. In Miss Konopka’s case... suitable evidence of which is herewith provided from the sexy pictures below, Magdatism is practically self evident!

Penthouse May 1970
 Volume 1, Number 9
Pet of the Month: Benedikte Andersen photographed by Amnon Bar-Tur and Bob Guccione. 
Cover Girl: Benedikte Andersen photographed by Amnon Bar-Tur and Bob Guccione. 
Inside: Magda Konopka photographed by Philip O. Stearns. 
Interview: "A Life of Folies - Michel Gyarmathy" by Paul Tobori. 
ArticlesDe Sade's Bedroom Opus Screened In Colour 
How Crime Boosts Inflation (And Spurs The Economy) 
The Imminent Prospect Of The People Breeders 
Crime and Inflation by Walter Gutman. 
The People Breeders by Dr. John Garwer. 
Devil in the Flesh by Bernhardt J. Hurwood. 
Easy Riding by Ben Stanhope. 

April 13th, 1971 

Sexy MAGDA KONOPKA on the cover of rare 1971 ILUSTROVANA POLITIKA (Illustrated Politic). EXTREMELY RARE AND VERY HARD TO FIND ex-Yugoslavian magazine.
CARNIVAL (June 1966)
   Rising like a sea-goddess from the surf is curvy MAGDA KONOPKA, a Polish actress, who holidayed in Italy and decided to stay. It's not only sun and sky that fascinated Magda - she was also offered two film parts!

 Magda Konopka
Ritag Lio 1966

 MAGDA KONOPKA (above). A Polish National, 24-year of age and of noble parentage. Her grandfather fought in the Napoleonic war. Took up residence in England five years ago, where she has since been engaged in theatre work.

ESCORT (September 1966)
   Making twelve films in eighteen months is some going. But MAGDA KONOPKA takes it in her stride. She came from Poland four years ago after making the film 'Nude', because the Polish authorities would not let her make any more films in Poland.

No. 1449  Week-Ending Saturday, September 16th, 1967
1967 Parade UK Magazine 
 Magda Konopka on cover

No. 1553 Week-Ending Saturday, Sept. 13th, 1969

Magda Konopka On Cover
Rivista TEMPO  No. 47 - November 26, 1972
Popular Italian Magazine

Magda Konopka
 Souvenir Study No. 9
     Caption: In spite of her name which suggests origins somewhere with the borders of the old Austro-Hungarian Empire, - actually she's from a noble Polish family - Magda was once a popular cover girl for the 'nice' British fashion magazines. Being chic and glamorous could not conceal her smoldering sex appeal, and she suddenly found herself playing Peter O'Toole's mistress in "Beckett." She abandoned fashion modelling and waited for British film directors to take notice of her earthiness. Nothing happened, and so another potential dollar earner packed her bags and headed for Italy. To date she has been in two major Italian productions and is shortly off to America for a television series. If and when she returns to London, British film directors will have to pay dearly for the talents of Miss Konopka, who is rapidly hoisting herself into the Ursula Andress and Raquel Welch income levels. 

LACH Nr. 4 / 23-1-1970/ f 1.- / BF 20
Popular Italian Magazine

Magda Konopka 
MEN No.40 (May 10th, 1970) 

 Souvenir Study No. 9

Magda Konopka
 Souvenir Study No. 9
Magda Konopka On The Cover
Spanish Magazine (1970)

Magda Konopka
Issue No. 11

Magda Konopka
Issue No. 11
    Polish born but a British national Magda has found her greatest success in the cinema in Italy. While on holiday there she was seen by well-known film director Ettore Scola who recognized in her the exact image of the girl he had in mind for a role in his film "Thrilling." The success of her performance has given rise to several; offers and as this will entail her remaining in Italy for an indefinite period, she is contemplating moving to Rome permanently.

Magda Konopka

  During a recent holiday in Italy, Magda was introduced to film director Ettore Scola. He was looking for a girl to play opposite Nino Manfredi in his new film "Thrilling." 

 Magda fitted the image of the girl he had in mind perfectly. Since then other offers have come her way, so much so that she is now contemplating leaving London for Rome. And then England's capital city will swing a little less.

Magda Konopka
     With ice-blown hair and cinnamon-brown eyes, Polish-born actress Magda would stir the heart of even the most frigid snowman. Her ancestors fought in the Napoleonic wars, but all was forgiven five years ago when she took up residence in England. The hearts of some staid Englishmen have even shown signs of melting for Magda. On the following two pages there is more of her.

Magda Konopka
   (August 8th, 1965) Candid Press Photo Featuring Actress Magda Konopka at Taormina Beach in Sicily, Italy. International Film stars are met in this beautiful zone of the Sicily Island, for the 7th Cinema Festival of Taormina.
   OPS = young actress Makda Komopka (who worked in the film "Becket and his King"), taken at Taormina Beach. 

The back of the press photo.
170 Fifth Ave, New York, NY 10010

Magda Knopke
     Magda Knopke is a 23-years-old red-head from Poland. Came to England in 1958 and began earning her living as a fashion model. From photographic modelling she moved into TV commercials - was seen and offered a film test. Played Peter O'Toole's mistress in "Becket" and then packed her bags to Hollywood where she made "Psyche 59" with Curt Jurgens and Samantha Eggar. As A young girl Magda grew up in an atmosphere of hounds and guns. Has an uncle, Baron Knopke, who is an authority on hunting ans apart from writing books on the subject travels the world giving lectures. Magda is off to America again shortly, and then moves onto Mexico where she will join a party on safari. After completing further film contracts she hopes to go big game hinting in Africa.

Magda Konopka
Publicity shot from:
Hammer Film Productions

Magda Konopka
Publicity shot from:
Hammer Film Productions

BLINDMAN (1971, France)
Magda Konopka as "Sweet Mama" rides a horse with Ringo Starr "Candy."

   Synopsis: A blind, but deadly, gunman (Tony Anthony) is hired to escort fifty mail order brides to their miner husbands. His business partners double cross him, selling the women to bandit Domingo. Blindman heads into Mexico in pursuit.

Magda Konopka
FRONTONI Magazine (Circa 1972)

Magda Konopka
FRONTONI Magazine (Circa 1972)

Magda Konopka
FRONTONI Magazine (Circa 1972)

Magda Konopka
FRONTONI Magazine (Circa 1972)

Magda Konopka
FRONTONI Magazine (Circa 1972)

Magda Konopka
FRONTONI Magazine (Circa 1972)

Magda Konopka
FRONTONI Magazine (Circa 1972)

Magda Knopke

(Circa 1970) Nice shot of the gorgeous red 
head Magda Konopka posing topless.

FIESTA Volume 2, No. 2
Polish-born MAGDA KONOPKA. She's one of the
 most photographed actresses living in Rome!

September 28, 1970 No. 39
Magda Konopka On The Cover

Magda Konopka
PLAYMEN (November 1970)

Magda Konopka
PLAYMEN (November 1970)

Magda Konopka
PLAYMEN (November 1970)

Magda Konopka
PLAYMEN (November 1970)

Magda Konopka
PLAYMEN (November 1970)

Magda Konopka
PLAYMEN (November 1970)

Original US Theatrical "Insert" Movie Posters
Hammer Film Productions
Magda Konopka plays "Ulido"

© Luigi Cozzi - © Editions Intereuropas Williams Spa
Magda Konopka Interview With Luigi Cozzi - Rome, Italy - June 1973
MK - "Oh, good," she replied, with a radiant smile. "I can say that I consider it my second home now. Rome, then, is an absolute delight, but I really like Florence. Yet Milan, even if it is a type of city that is more reminiscent of England, the City of London "

LC - In England as it was found, for example? 
MK - "Good. There are very serious at work, everything is planned down to the smallest detail and you feel just a cog in a huge mechanism is fully efficient. In Italy, it is a bit different, in short, it gives you more breathing personality, the individual talent. And that's why I preferred to stay in Italy, although from England I keep getting jobs."
LC - What do you think of the movie that gave you fame, When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth ? 
MK - "I must admit that I saw it only recently and, in a sense, I was a little surprised. You know, the way most of the film was shot was a little difficult for an actor. Let me explain. Since it was a work based mainly on special effects, we were shooting the scenes at depths of empty blue, running away or running away from some monstrous enemy that was not there at all. In fact, dinosaurs and landscapes were added only later, in the lab, thanks to special tricks. I must admit, however, that the result is significant, higher than I expected."

LC - Were you happy with your ​​part?
MK - "Enough. I will be sincere, you see, we shot a lot more material, then several scenes that were cut. I do not know the exact reasons, but what I have heard it seems that the special effects were beginning to cost a bit too much, even more than to postpone the film's release. So the producers decided to rush things and to be able to distribute the first film, have deleted some scenes of particular effectiveness that we had shot, but for which the tricks were yet to be realized. There was one, for example, where the huge ants attacked the camp of the cave dwellers practicing a massacre ... it's a shame that they have not completed, but I realize that sometimes the economic factors are too pressing because you can defer further the release of a movie."

LC - Would you ever act in another film like that?
MK - "To be honest, I have to say no. You see, that kind of film gives little room for an actor to show off as such. That is, the thing that the public notices the most are the monsters and then the nakedness of the protagonists, our bodies. Thus, a film of this genre can be very useful to begin with, because you can feel confident and that throws you, but if an actress like me, aspire to something more, well, then it is better to let those parts go. "

LC - Do you think then that your big break has not arrived yet?
MK - "Behold, I have to say that I'm still waiting. I mean, I've played in several movies, and I feel pretty satisfied. They are popular, well known and I do not have any financial problems. But I feel I'm missing something, which I have not yet had the opportunity to fully demonstrate the value of my talent. Before coming to the cinema, I did theater you know, and to do theater one must know how to act ... "

LC - Do you have any interesting project?
MK - "In this time I just returned from a long vacation that allowed myself to rest, because for almost three years I did nothing but work. But now I'm putting in a full work order and I am dealing with several films. I'm trying to choose them with care, because I want to avoid falling under the label of a diva who strips and nothing else. I want to be able to show that I also play, and well, if you'll pardon the presumption."

LC - So, you hopes to soon get a part like this?
MK - "In a way, I already have by pure luck. It's a film that I have proposed, and which I am now treating the condition. I can not reveal the title and the name of the director, at least until you've signed the contracts. You know, you never know, and really, if it goes ahead, it would be a wonderful opportunity for my career ..."

LC - Do you believe in films for young people?
MK - "Oh, of course. In Italy and in France there are some very talented young directors. And then, I am a young actress, and it's clear that I'm better with people who understand my tastes, my ideas ... with people of my generation, in fact."

   So, at this point, it only remains to us to see who wishes Magda Konopka to sign the contract for this movie really she cares so much. In fact, we are sure that the actress has so much talent and so far she has not only the opportunity to prove to even the most skeptical of the real value of her art of acting. All that remains is to wait, then, waiting for this movie to go into port and launches, as you and we hope, in the international arena one of the most talented young actresses. And also one of the most beautiful, because, face it, beauty is a compliment of which we gladly appreciate in their presence. And for Magda Konopka, in terms of beauty... she is second to none! Luigi Cozzi

Magda Konopka On The Cover
Popular Spanish Magazine

  (1971) Caption on back of Press photo: Polish actress Magda Konopka talks with her lawyer Angelozzi Gariboldi after being interrogated by Rome magistrate investigating a drug scandal. She and 24 other persons, including jet set personalities, were named suspects in the case of the "Number One" night club, where drugs were allegedly found. 

The back of the press photo
170 Fifth Ave, New York, NY 10010

NEW FIESTA No.14  1972  
15 Luglio 1972
Magda Konopka (3 pages with 3 photos) and Tamara Baroni 
50 pages in Italian

Belgium Publication
February 15, 1973
Magda Konopka on the cover

 PEOPLE # 22 1973 

  • 1943 - Born in Warsaw, Poland, probably 1941. Szczawnica (1943 Warsaw, according to official sources). Alias names: Margaret Kołaczkowska, Magda Konopka, Magda Konopka, Magdalena Konopka. Parents are from Catholic, Polish nobility. Her father is a high-ranking civil servant with much land and many horses; her great-grandfather fought in the Napoleonic wars; her mother is an archaeologist.
  • 1959 - Goes from Poland to London and immediately becomes a model in high demand. Gets around a lot.
  • 1964 - Her debut performance. Has a small part in "Becket."
  • 1967 - Goes to Rome with her friend, actor Massimo Serato. She settles in Parioli and eats only smoked salmon that her mother sends her from London. Her hobby is travelling; Italy and Australia are her favorite destinations.
  • January 3rd, 1967 - Gets on the cover of Italian "Tempo" magazine
  • August 1st, 1967 - Makes the cover of Italian "Tempo" magazine. Her measurements are 100-58-100 cm.
  • December 1967 - Marries Franco-Canadian billionaire Jean-Louis Dessy in Chelsea, London. He's the son of an ambassador.
  • Spring 1968 - Separates from Mr. Dessy after three months and returns to London. He stays in Rome. She accuses him of severely beating her; he blames her for walking out on him, unfaithfulness, and the disappearance of some jewelry. She should be on the set, but she is off to Capri for an affair and is fined.
  • 1970 - Films "When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth" from Hammer Film Productions in the Canary Islands and at Shepperton Studios near London. Co-star Victoria Vetri will later recall that everyone was screwing around, skinny-dipping, and drinking sangria.
  • May 1970 - Magda Konopka is featured in Penthouse.
  • January 23rd, 1971 - Magda makes the cover of Italian "Tempo" magazine.
  • 1971 - She returns to Rome and wants to keep a bear in her home, but the legal requirements in Italy don’t allow it. She claims to fall in love easily, without making a tragedy out of it!
  • 1971 - A few days with Marchesa Camillo Casati Stampa and his wife on the Sardinian island of Zannone end up having legal repercussions.
  • 1972 - She confesses to have gained 10 kilos since her modeling days and to have attended some wrong parties. Is seen out with the Rothschilds and Pignatellis. She flirts and spends some nights with Sean Connery in Porto Rotondo. As a preparation for her next movie, she reads four pages of the Koran daily.
  • November 26th, 1972 - She's on  the cover of yet another issue of the very popular Italian "Tempo" magazine.
  • L'incroyable Cinema (UK) June 1969, pages 12-13, "When Dinosaurs Ruled The Earth"
Magazine covers
  • New Cinema (Italy) - February 1973
  • Tempo (Italy) - November 26th,  1972
  • Tempo (Italy) - January 23rd, 1971
  • Parade (UK) - September 13th, 1969, Issue 1553
  • Parade (UK) - September 16th, 1967, Issue 1449
  • Tempo (Italy) - August 1st, 1967
  • Men (Italy) - February 17, 1967, Issue 7
  • Tempo (Italy) - January 3rd, 1967
  • Vie Nuove (Italy) August 4th, 1966

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