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'I Support A Living Wage For Key Makeup Artists' A Campaign Supported By Actress and Producer Dawna Lee Heising

              COMING SOON               
A new movie about Lovers, Sinners & Dreamers

"I Support A Living Wage For Key Makeup Artists" - Dawna Lee Heising


    This $600 fundraiser (click here) is to make sure we have at least one makeup artist for a week of principal photography to ensure that the audience of our premiere video of "This Is War" will be able to suspend disbelief and feel the power of the story we are telling.

    IMDb lists 10 job categories (shown below) for the makeup department. That would mean we'd need to raise $6,000 to have a complete makeup team on set for a week.
  • Makeup Artist
  • Hair Stylist
  • Key Makeup Artist
  • Makeup Department Head
  • Key Hair Stylist
  • Assistant Makeup Artist
  • Special Makeup Effects Artist
  • Makeup Designer
  • Makeup Supervisor
  • Assistant Hairstylist

     According to Chris Jones, the design departments are the unsung heroes of a film. His advice to low-budget filmmakers is to find the budget for the makeup, costume, and production design departments and "…give them the time and resources they need to do world class work for you."

     Mr. Jones goes on to say... "If they fail to create a vibrant and authentic universe in front of the camera, you will be surfing VERY close to losing that all important ‘suspense of disbelief’ that you need from your audience. One bad prop, one unbelievable costume, one poor background can bring the illusion crashing down and at that moment, your viewer will be popped out of the story. And it’s a fight to re-engage them once you have lost them that first time. Ironically, these departments are also the first to be pressed hard when budgets get cut. And yet (along with bad sound) there is nothing that will give your budget away faster than ill thought out locations, bad production design, poor costume and dodgy make-up."

 We are committed to paying our makeup team a living wage of $15 per hour and in order to accomplish that we need your support. Donate here

  • $1 - Show your support for a living wage, even if you're broke
  • $5 - 20 minutes of makeup excellence
  • $10 - 40 minutes of makeup delight
  • $15 - An hour of a living wage for a a hardworking artist
  • $30 - Fund 2 hours
  • $60 - Get them through the morning
  • $120 - Pay for a full day
  • $600 - Enough for a full-time makeup artist to be onset for a full week
Show You Support By Spreading The Word! Join here

The Tom Steyer Challenge 

 1 - Funding Climate Change Impact

   La Casa del Pecado's climate-change telenovela web-show "This is War" is designed to appeal to Latino voters with melodrama, music, and humor. The producer's objective is to introduce the impact of climate change into the daily lives with plot twists and turns in the lives of characters like Baby Girl who have a vested interest in climate change policy.

    "Climate change impacts us all, and we must each make personal decisions about how we live, spend and work to preserve our planet. But beyond these private decisions, one thing has become abundantly clear: the time to act politically to avert climate disaster has arrived. As a nation, we must chart a different course, one that preserves our prosperity and empowers American businesses to create jobs while building the clean energy future our kids deserve." - Tom Steyer, Forbes Magazine, 12/3/2104

    Tom Steyer spent $74 million trying to influence the 2014 mid-term elections. As he considers a run for U.S. Senate in California and gears up to spend millions to make climate change a major issue in the 2016 presidential race, he may want to consider that the return on investment in the Koch Daddy video premiere of This is War may be exponentially higher than the money he wasted on attacking the Koch Brothers with negative television advertising.

   Our first fundraiser to cover production costs of producing Koch Daddy episodes for Season 1 of This is War is for $31,200. We chose this number because it is the annual living wage for someone earning $15 an hour.  If billionaire Tom Steyer had spent his $74 million on living wages for people making the changes he wants make, he would have created 2,371 living wage jobs. We're asking that he fund just one job. How about it, Tom? will you toss us a $31,200 bone just to see where we run with it?

    - James Patrick Brown and Emilio Trelles Aramburo, creators of the premiere episode of the 2015 hip hop telenovela, Koch Daddy. IMDb Profile Link 


James Patrick Brown - Budget Architect & Co-Creator of "This is War"
    This is War producers are raising $74 million to fund 1,474 living-wage jobs in the entertainment industry. Tom Steyer spent $74 million to achieve clearly defined objectives.  He fell short.  Our premise is that with 1,474 entertainment-industry professionals we can do what Tom's super PAC's failed to do:  Make the the candidate's position on climate change policy a deciding factor when voters go to the polls on November 8, 2016. Tom's strategy didn't work. His intentions are good, but he's a billionaire with a legacy to build. While he's busy spending his millions on building his legacy; let's make some movies, have some fun and create change along the way.
    Co-creator and budget architect of This is War & associated productions was a senior consultant for an Oracle-Hyperion Public Sector budget management and planning system for the $9.5 billion budget spent by the city of Washington DC each year. He has worked in the project management office with teams of professionals executing IT, telecom, and construction projects costing between $5 million and $2.7 billion. This is War was designed according industry-standard project management practices and strategic-budgeting principles. If you are considering jointing us as a Major Donor ($50,224 or more) please contact James to schedule a high-level strategy meeting and review of our business plan and project-execution documentation.

How are we going to do it?
   We're not going to do it by slamming the Koch Brothers with negative ads or by flooding voters with junk they don't want. We're going to put on a show. A series of shows. $74 million worth of entertainment if you make it so. Our strategy is to entertain the people with stories that reach them where they live; in their hearts, minds, and pocketbook. And serving politics as a side dish, plot twists with a twist. Something to taste, savor, and enjoy.

Do the Math
  • 40 hours x $15 = $600
  • 1.5 X $15 = $22.5 (overtime)
  • 10 hours x $22.5 = $225 (typical overtime per week during production)
  • $600 + $225 = $825.50 (SAG-AFTRA Interactive Media Scale is $825.50)
  • 17% x $825.50 = $140.34 (Producer contribution to SAG-AFTRA pension and benefits)
  • $825.50 + $140.34 = $965.84
  • $965.84 x 52 weeks = $50,224 annual (2 weeks paid vacation)
  • $74,000,000 / $50,224 = 1,474 full-time living wage jobs.
    Co-creator and budget architect of This is War & associated productions was a senior consultant for an Oracle-Hyperion Public Sector budget management and planning system for the $9.5 billion budget spent by the city of Washington DC each year. He has worked in the project management office with teams of professionals executing IT, telecom, and construction projects costing between $5M and $2.7B. This is War was designed according industry-standard project management practices and strategic-budgeting principles. If you are considering jointing us as a Major Donor ($50,224 or more) please contact James to schedule a high-level strategy meeting and review of our business plan and project-execution documentation.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Robert Aragon To Be Honored As "Artist Of The Year" With A Lifetime Achievement Award From Southern California Motion Picture Council

Robert Aragon To Be Honored As 
"Artist Of The Year" 
With A Lifetime Achievement Award

    NEWS UPDATE: Coming Monday, February 9th, 2015 at 7pm. You're cordially invited to attend the 79th Annual Southern California Motion Picture Council St. Valentines Day Awards Gala & Dinner. The festivities include a sumptuous buffet dinner and spectacular awards ceremony. We will be honoring Robert Aragon as the "Artist Of The Year" with a Lifetime Achievement Award and the wonderful Sara Karloff with the Film Legacy Award. Her father was the legendary Boris Karloff of "Frankenstein" fame. 

    Music and entertainment plus many celebrities! Only $50 which includes a sumptuous dinner. This event will take place in Studio City, California at the legendary Sportsman's Lodge Crystal Ball Room. Let us know ASAP if you want to attend so our staff can reserve seats for you.

12833 Ventura Boulevard
Studio City, California  91604

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

'Tales Of Halloween' New Horror Anthology Featuring Eleven Directors Including Cameos By Joe Dante and John Landis

Cast, Cameos and Vignettes Revealed

   Diabolique News: Hollywood, California January 5, 2015 – Epic Pictures Group is proud to announce the cast, cameos and short stories surrounding the highly anticipated horror anthology Tales of Halloween.

Monday, January 19, 2015

'The Scarehouse' New Horror Film From Director Michael Booth Now Available in US and Canada on VOD and iTunes

     NEWS UPDATE!  TorontoOntario  
The world premiere of writer/director Gavin Michael Booth’s terrifying horror feature "THE SCAREHOUSE" was held October 2014 in WindsorOntario

     Just prior to the event, Mr. Booth pranked his cast by having their limo detour to Scarehouse Windsor, an actual haunted house attraction, which is showcased in the film. The cast were not allowed to attend the world premiere until each one was put through a hair-raising time as they screamed their way through the haunted hallways. The director recorded the cast’s terror for horror fans and you can enjoy their reaction here.

                                    THE SCAREHOUSE                 
  “Revenge is a Bitch” 
Release Date: January 13, 2015 (VOD)

'Meltdown' New Zombie Movie Coming Soon Watch Trailer Here

     Diabolique News: Coming Soon MELTOWN
 New Zombie Film From Director Jake Mulliken

 Director Jake Mulliken says... 
     "I have always loved horror, especially Zombies. No other horror genre has reached the cultural peaks of everyone's favorite, cuddly flesh eating corpses. Living in Pittsburgh these past few years has only driven that point home. However, as a filmmaker, I always had an issue. Zombie films, despite the rare few, always provide a story that lacks the human element, or never gets past the "everyone must die in less than 90 minutes" format. It is that glaring issue that inspired me to write my feature length Zombie film, Meltdown."

    "I wanted something different, something in the style of classic eighties horror with a Grindhouse feel. Meltdown, can be described as Shaun of the Dead meets Mad Max. Thematically, Meltdown is a ZomCom partially set in a post apocalyptic landscape. The goal is to provide a setting in which not only the Zombies evolve into a new and dangerous threat but the main characters evolve, highlighting what they have to become to survive in a new world. The goal is to do a Meltdown trilogy combining various genres into a consistent and entertaining story line. The feature was is an extension of the Meltdown short, which we shot in 2012 here in Pittsburgh, the trailer is below and the whole short can be viewed on Youtube."

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Coffin Cuties The Macabre Magazine Of Gruesomely Gorgeous Cheesecake Photography That Celebrates Death Styles Featuring Sexy WomenPublisher Mikle

Order here

   Publisher Mike Hearse says...  "Welcome to the world of Coffin Cuties ®™ – the macabre magazine of chilling cheesecake that celebrates the death-styles of the grim and nefarious! This torrid tome of gruesomely gorgeous girls will reanimate your post-mortem passions like a lightning-charged Tesla coil and leave your wicked werewolf howling for more! Let our femme fatalities and Grande dames of the dungeon escort you through spine-tingling catacombs of erotica in this jaw-dropping journal that your mummy warned you about! 

    Coffin Cuties ® is where sensual meets sideshow, fantasy meets phantasm and beauty brings out its beast. So curl up in your hip crypt, your laboratory lounge or your black lagoon rumpus room as Mad doctor Mike Hearse unleashes the kindest curse – the tantalizing terror of the Coffin Cuties ®!"

Order here
Order here
Order here
Order here

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Shock Pop Comic Con Coming February 2015 With Special Guest John Waters

   Diabolique News: SHOCK POP Comic Con Tickets ON SALE HERE! Get your WEEKEND PASSES for The BIGGEST and BEST Pop Culture Convention South Florida has ever seen! COMING February 13-15, 2015. 

It's A Rare event When Herschell Gordon Lewis "The Godfather Of Gore" Appears In Person! Take Full Advantage Of That! Come Meet Him, Shake His Hand and Share Gory Stories. Broward County Convention Center, 1050 Eisenhower Blvd, Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Other Guests include: Drea De Matteo, Chris Alexander, Rebekah McKendry, Robert Englund, Elvira "Mistress Of The Dark, Danny Trejo, Ralph Macchio and many others!

SHOCK POP Comic Con Tickets ON SALE NOW!
 Get your WEEKEND PASSES for The BIGGEST and BEST ‪‎Pop Culture‬ Convention South Florida has ever seen. 
We'll see you at the Greater Fort Lauderdale Broward County Convention Center February 13-15, 2015
Buy Tickets here




 FT. LAUDERDALE, Florida - January 12, 2014 
  Shock Pop Comic Con arrives in Ft. Lauderdale, with very special guest JOHN WATERS presenting his newly updated “This Filthy World: Filthier and Dirtier” for a February 14, 2015 Valentine’s Day - only, onsite show and autograph session for his bestselling new book CARSICK.

    Anniversary reunions during the star-packed weekend include the 35th of FRIDAY THE 13th including Sean Cunningham, Adrienne King, and composer Harry Manfredini; 30th of NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET 2, with Robert Englund, Mark Patton, Jack Sholder, and David Chaskin; screenwriter Alvaro Rodriguez and Danny Trejo for MACHETE and FROM DUSK TILL DAWN; Ralph Macchio and the KARATE KID crew; and a DEMONS 30th Anniversary reunion and screening, with the Italian cast coming in including Claudio Simonetti of GOBLIN!

   Cosplayer Dahlia Thomas will be joining us at Shock Pop Comiccon on February 13-15 2015 at the Greater Fort Lauderdale Broward County Convention Center. She'll be signing prints and meeting fellow cosplayers all weekend long on the show floor at her booth with Envy Us. See The Complete Celebrity Line Up here

   Television superstars include a 30th MIAMI VICE reunion Saundra Santiago, Olivia Brown, Michael Talbott, and John Diehl; SONS OF ANARCHY’s Ryan Hurst and Drea de Matteo (SOPRANOS) roar in, a BRADY BUNCH reunion with Susan Olsen and Christopher Knight; TRUE BLOOD vamp Kristen Bauer, RJ Mitte of BREAKING BAD, Naomi Grossman from AMERICAN HORROR STORY: ASYLUM and FREAK SHOW, Sylvester McCoy from DR. WHO and THE HOBBIT, along with William Kircher; Bam Margera and Brandon Novak from JACKASS, and more! See The Complete Celebrity Line Up here

   NEWS BREAK!  Shock Pop Comiccon proudly presents the Sons of Anarchy Dinner Giveaway with Drea De Matteo and Ryan Hurst on Saturday, February 14th, 2015. Click here to enter the Official DINNER GIVEAWAY. It will take you to the sweepstakes page and then just follow the directions!

    Scott Gabbey is a writer, publisher, and actor who founded the respected horror & exploitation cinema magazine Ultra Violent in 1999. As a writer he has contributed articles and reviews to publications such as Deep Red and Rue Morgue. His article entitled Coffin Joe Resurrected that appeared in Rue Morgue #85 won the Rondo Award for Best Article in 2010. As an actor he has appeared in several underground films including Jim VanBebber's Gator Green, Lloyd Kaufman's Return to Nuke 'Em High Volume 2, and Stephen Biro's American Guinea Pig series. He is presently working on the first English-language book about the life and career of Brazilian filmmaker José Mojica Marins (aka Coffin Joe). Scott will be at the Troma booth all weekend, and will have back issues of Ultra Violent, T-Shirts, and Coffin Joe memorabilia.

    Comic art is here with Bob Schreck of LEGENDARY COMICS, Steve Niles and Ben Templesmith of 300 DAYS OF NIGHT, and X-MEN: DAYS OF FUTURE PAST stars BooBoo Stewart and Daniel Cudmore from the big screen, and Gerry Conway, creator of THE PUNISHER and screenwriter of CONAN THE DESTROYER and FIRE AND ICE, along with Simon Bisley, Geoff Darrow, Whilce Portacio, and more in the rooms.

     GAME OF THRONES storyboard artist William Simpson comes in from Ireland, and Clive Barker is represented with a special Seraphim Art Show, and the team behind the next BOOK OF BLOOD adaptation JACQUELINE ESS. Holly Frazetta shares her father’s work in a spectacular FIRE AND ICE panel, including Key Animator and Animation director Steven Gordon, and a special Skype with Ralph Bakshi himself! Buy Tickets here

The First In Fright Since 1979
Chris Alexander (Editor In Chief), Rebekah McKendry (Director Of Marketing), Brian Steward (Illustrator)

Nightmare On Elm Street Series 
See The Complete Celebrity Line Up here

 ELVIRA aka Cassandra Peterson
Mistress Of The Dark
See The Complete Celebrity Line Up here

  Welcome to Shock Pop Comic Con... 
   We are a pop culture / anime / cosplay / comic con convention that is located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. We will be showcasing dozens of cosplay and costuming events over the course of the 3 day weekend. In addition, Shock Pop Comic Con always brings in a roster of guest creators and / or celebrities for attendees to meet. Special attention is given to keeping the convention fun and accessible to families with low admission. Come join us at our next event! Where else in the world will you see Hobbits, Super Heroes, Jedi, Demons, Angels and perhaps a Wizard?

Machete - From Dusk Til Dawn - Predators
See The Complete Celebrity Line Up here

Karate Kid Trilogy - Outsiders
See The Complete Celebrity Line Up here

    Bam Margera is coming to Shock Pop Comiccon. Bam is a professional skateboarder, tv and radio personality, musician, daredevil, and actor who is most known for his starring role in the Jackass films. Bam is appearing on Sunday, February 15, 2015 only for a limited time. Don't miss out on this rare opportunity, because Shock Pop Comiccon will be Bam's exclusive Florida convention appearance for 2015. Buy your tickets here

    Tickets are $30 each day or $60 for the weekend, with John Waters VIP tickets at a special price of $75 which includes preferred show seating, an autographed copy of John Waters’ best-selling book, CARSICK, and guaranteed front-of-line privilege for the post-show book signing. Get your tickets in advance, for great seats, and skip the really long line! Buy Tickets here

  For more information:

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Extreme Horror Author David L. Tamarin Releases Two New Books Filled With Brutality, Violence And Black Humor


   NEWS UPDATE! Extreme horror author David L. Tamarin is kicking off 2015 with the release of two new books: This Book Hates You, a dark short story collection, and Hurting My Toys: Spiritual Suicide, a nihilistic horror novel.

   This Book Hates You is an extreme collection of brutality, violence and black humor, including a story that was originally banned by Amazon Kindle. Hurting My Toys: Spiritual Suicide follows a schizophrenic torturer who believes he will become God after he has killed enough people. Its cover is illustrated by Andrey Iskanov, director of the controversial Philosophy of a Knife.

  Quote from Mr. Tamarin... 
      "The stories in 'This Book Hates You' were written over a period of ten years and represent my best, most brutal writing during that time. 'Hurting My Toys' is an act of war waged by the writer against his readers. It is a traumatic, shocking festival of cruelty and tortured innocence."

    Mr. Tamarin's tales of bloodshed, torture and mutilation are already making waves in the underground horror world. Fellow hardcore horror writer Randy Chandler (Bad Juju) raves... 

   "David L. Tamarin blurs the line between horror fiction and real-life horror. Enter his twisted world at your own risk. Once there, you may wonder if you're in the presence of a truly diabolical mind."

    THIS BOOK HATES YOU is now available in paperback and e-book through Radiation Sickness Press from:

    HURTING MY TOYS: SPIRITUAL SUICIDE is available as an e-book via Comet Press from:

About the Author
     David L. Tamarin currently lives in Massachusetts. He has been widely published in magazines, websites, anthologies, and more. He denies any involvement in ritual cult murder. In addition to writing he makes and collects snuff movies. He is the author of the e-book, “Let Them Eat Snuff” from the now defunct Meat Hook Press, and the forthcoming novel “Hurting My Toys” from Comet Press. 

      His influences include the Marquis de Sade, Jim Thompson, James Ellroy, Peter Sotos, Gerald Schaeffer, the great Richard Laymon, Bentley Little, Thomas Ligotti, Antonin Artaud, publisher Adam Parafrey, Ian Brady, Mike Philbin, Franz Kafka, Philip K Dick, J G Ballard, William S Burroughs, Jean-Paul Sartre, Frederich Nietzsche, Bishop Berkeley, Richard Dawkins Albert Camus, and most importantly, the great Dostoevsky.

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