Monday, March 2, 2015

Watch New Teaser Trailer From 'Save Yourself' Producer Jessica Cameron's New Horror And Thriller Movie Directed By Ryan M. Andrews

     Diabolique News Break: The Canadian Female-Driven Horror/Thriller directed by Ryan M. Andrews SAVE YOURSELF starring Jessica Cameron, Tristan Risk & Award Winning Actor Ry Barrett Among Others Has Just Released The Official "Teaser Trailer" & Stunning Images For The Movie! SAVE YOURSELF marks Jessica's 5th movie in under a year, in which she stars in as well as produces! Cast: Bobbie Phillips (Carnival of Souls; Evil Breed), Tristan Risk (American Mary; The ABCs of Death 2; Fetish Factory), Jessica Cameron (Hell-O-Ween; Camel Spiders; Truth or Dare), Ry Barrett (Antisocial; The Drownsman), Tianna Nori, Bea Santos, Caleigh Le Grand (Late Night Double Feature), Marcus Haccius, Lara Mrkoci, Victoria Lord, and Sydney Kondruss.

The New Canadian Female-Driven Horror/Thriller SAVE YOURSELF Has
Just Released The Official Teaser Trailer 
And Images For The Movie!

  Diabolique News: [Tuesday, March 3rd, 2015] 
   SAVE YOURSELF stars the talented actress and filmmaker Jessica Cameron (Truth Or Dare), Tristan Risk (ABC’s Of Death 2), Tianna Nori (Clean Break), Sydney Kondruss (The Drownsman), Bobbie Phillips (Carnival Of Souls) and many other popular Canadian actresses! Award winning actor Ry Barrett (Neverlost, Desperate Souls, Antisocial) has also joined the sensational cast as the "villain."

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Photos Touched By Artist And Horror Writer Ann Thraxx


   Ann Thraxx is a writer and freelance graphics artist residing in the southern United States. Her passions stem from all things creative: books, film, art, and music. She adopted the AnnThraxx persona based not only on her love of the band Anthrax, but also with the idea that "creativity must be spread in order to 'infect' everyone." 

      Ann's interest in the graphics side of art, by her own admission, is a way to offer a unique perspective on photography, sketches, and paintings. Her approach is self-taught. Her consistent involvement in writing for the last 25 years is linked to her immense love of reading. She is fascinated with the macabre, and samples of her poetry, short stories, and many of the “Touched by AnnThraxx” creations can be found at www.annthraxx.wordpress.com

  Ann Thraxx is also involved as a writer and editor of www.riversofgrue.com and as publicist for www.outofmyheadradio.com

Below Is Just A Small Sample Of 
Ann Thraxx's Magnificent Artwork...

Ann Thraxx

Original Photo Courtesy Of Clix Couture Photography




Original Sketch By Don England

  IMPORTANT LINKS                                                                   

   Welcome to the Rivers of Grue. I am the "Keeper of the Crimson Quill" and within these pages you will find a smorgasbord of different articles ranging from fiction, introspective, poetry, film appraisals and podcasts. There is absolutely no censorship and it is my aim to immerse the addressee through audio and visual stimulation, as well as my inimitable brand of prose. I trust you will enjoy your stay!

  • Official RIVERS OF GRUE website
  • Ann Thraxx's photos on pinterest
  • Watch new video from producer Ann Thraxx here
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[Excerpt from an article written by Ann Thraxx]

       . . . The monsters in our head the monsters in our heart the monsters in our soul the monsters in our head the monsters in our heart the monsters in our soul the monsters in our head the monsters in our heart the monsters in our soul the monsters in our head the monsters in our heart the monsters in our soul the monsters in our head the monsters in our heart the monsters in our soul . . .

   Oh, my darling invisible friends, how the world has changed!! I am certainly not the oldest person in the world, but I have experienced the world long enough to know that change happens whether we want it or not. Years ago, this whole “internet” business was non-existent, and the only people you really knew were those you came in direct contact with…unless you were just geeky or curious enough to branch out and get one of those archaic things known as a pen-pal (I was, and I did) and even then, you only knew what was written on that piece of paper that came in the mail, or what photos were included, and even then it was a given that all of that information could be a lie.


   Nowadays, it’s incredibly easy to lie. You can become a totally different person with a few keystrokes! Why, all you really have to do is think of who you want to be, type it out all neat and tidy-like, and voila! You are now Sam Jones, Athletic Director for the prestigious School of Really Smart People Who Like To Be Athletic (apologies to anyone named Sam Jones…)

     I have encountered quite a few people online in the last several years. Some are exactly what they portray on the screen, and some are brazen crazies online and perfectly sane in person….and some are somewhere in between. Some people forever hide behind cartoon avatars and others give airs of being incredibly educated or influential, when in real life they are trembling wallflowers…

     Why is that? Why exactly must you always pretend? Doesn't it get tiresome? I'm so puzzled by this double-agent mentality. I've been thinking in recent weeks about my own online persona. Granted, the name “Ann Thraxx” is not my actual name. But I like that name, and have even told people, “Call me Annie,” because really, my pen-name has become an integral part of me. 

    It is my nom de plume and rather than hide behind it, I've simply absorbed it. I am Ann Thraxx, and that’s okay. I can differentiate between stepping outside my door and going to pay a bill or signing for a package, and signing my alias to the various little notes I leave on Instagram. It’s not rocket science…

Read Ann Thraxx's complete 
article WHO ARE YOU here

By Ann Thraxx

Remember when we put our heads together and came up with a plan?
… and everything was simple, back then.
It didn't matter if the trip into this Neverland would cost us our sanity
… because everything was eerily simple, back then.

I remember all too well,
that willingness to step onto the coals of Hell.
I remember you beckoning me forward,
reminding me to ignore the heat.

I recall the smell of my flesh against the fire
with the first step, and the second.
The sound…
soft moans of pain
leaking from my throat,

as I tried to keep it in my head that
we would be unstoppable together.

I faltered, I remember.
I stumbled.

I remember you whispering that I could be wicked, if I wanted.
I remember you murmuring your admiration for my lack of caution.
But I tripped, and fell, burning my hands and knees
and your eyes glazed over with disinterest when you heard my pleas.

My failure… your disgust.
Your forked tongue… my mistrust.

Everything was simple, back then.
Everything was eerily simple.

Every day is a struggle now,
remembering that I am supposed to be normal…
forgetting you, little by little…
watching the scars of our trip through brimstone
heal, little by little…

I remember you retreating back into your psychosis,
wishing I could slip in with you…

I hope when I forget you
you’ll still remember me.

More articles by Ann Thraxx here

Friday, February 27, 2015

Horror Realm Horror Convention Coming Spring 2015 At Crowne Plaza Pittsburgh West


Actors Workshop To Be Offered At Horror Realm Including Guest & Author Panels And Games & Contests Which Round Out The 3 Day Event Schedule

COMING MARCH 6 - 8, 2015

Crowne Plaza Green Tree
401 Holiday Drive
Pittsburgh, PA 15220
Get Directions here

    NEWS UPDATE! Pittsburgh, PA – February 25, 2015Horror Realm, Pittsburgh’s modern horror convention has released the full schedule of events for its 2015 spring event being held March 6 - 8, 2015 at the Crowne Plaza Pittsburgh West Green Tree Hotel.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

New Jersey Based Punk Rock And Heavy Metal Band Johnny B. Morbid To Release Final album Fall Of The Cicada

Final Album to be Released from 
Horror Band Johnny B. Morbid


    Asbury Park, NJ- With ten (10) years under their belt, horror band Johnny B. Morbid is going out with a bang with their seventh and final album entitled, “Fall of the Cicada.” Johnny B. Morbid will also be kicking things off with a record release show at the famed Stone Pony in Asbury Park, NJ on March 21, 2015 and spend the spring & summer promoting the album.

     Diabolique Magazine (full review heresaid of Johnny B. Morbid: “Guaranteed to have you singing along in no time with its catchy, albeit macabre, anthem based tunes.” Listen to the new album Fall Of The Cicada here. The album is also available for purchase on iTunes and the band's official website here

    Established in 2005, New Jersey based Johnny B. Morbid have evolved from simple horror punk to its current form... "fusing aspects of melodic punk rock and heavy metal." They've shared stages with the likes of The Misfits, GWAR, The Offspring, Bad Religion and Pennywise. While lead singer Johnny remains the cornerstone of the band, notable band members have included guitarist Kyle Smith of The Concubine, Mike Joffe of I Call Fives, Dan Leonard and Rick Flanegan of Divinity Destroyed, and Pat Henry of Swashbuckle. Outside of his own band, Johnny has fulfilled bass guitar duties for ex-Misfits singer Michale Graves, has performed with Chris Motionless of Motionless in White, and has worked with legendary punk drummer Marky Ramone from The Ramones as his drum tech.

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Sunday, February 22, 2015

DJ Mr. Dark's Goth And Punk Audio Nasty On The Last Sunday Of Every Month Death Rock Radio In Tampa Florida


     DJ Mr. Dark (aka Jason Brazeal) is a well known Goth, Darkwave, Deathrock, Punk & Psychobilly DJ. Mr. Dark’s Audio Nasty is produced by Dark’s Productions and is released the last Sunday of every month on Death Rock Radio in Tampa, Florida here

   The show is extremely popular and has gained a loyal following catapulting Mr. Dark’s Audio Nasty to the Top 20 "Punk & Alternative" charts! Now Available "On Demand" via Internet Archive & Mixcloud.

 Diabolique News: Do You Dare Enter ... 
    "Mr. Dark’s Audio Nasty Radio Show" produced by Dark’s Productions and airs the last Sunday of every month on Death Rock Radio, Tampa, Florida. www.deathrockradio.com DJ Mr. Dark (aka Jason Brazeal) is a well known Goth, Darkwave, Death Rock, Punk & Psychobilly DJ. 
    The Exclusive Sponsor Is DiaboliqueMagazine.com The shows are extremely popular & have gained a loyal international following catapulting Mr. Dark’s Audio Nasty in the Top 20 "Punk & Alternative" charts! Now available "On Demand" via Internet Archive & Mixcloud.

IMPORTANT! The next "Mr. Dark's Audio Nasty Death Rock Radio Show" which airs live on the last Sunday of every month is 
on February 22nd, 2015 LISTEN here

    Diabolique News: Do YOU Dare Enter "Mr. Dark’s Audio Nasty Radio Show" produced by Dark’s Productions? It airs the last Sunday of every month on www.DeathRockRadio.com Tampa, Florida. Mr. Dark (aka Jason Brazeal) is a well known Goth, Darkwave, Death Rock, Punk & Psychobilly DJ. The Exclusive Sponsor Is www.DiaboliqueMagazine.com "The Premiere Horror Genre Magazine."  The shows are extremely popular & have gained a loyal international following and featured in the Top 20 "Punk & Alternative" charts! Now available "On Demand" via Internet Archive & Mixcloud.

Saturday, February 21, 2015

'Bequeath' New Video From Producer Ann Thraxx Featuring Artist Sean Wilson And Adam Ginsberg With Music By Sadeone

Writer & Producer ANN THRAXX says...
      "Enjoy this short video I created titled BEQUEATH intended to showcase the sensational writing of The Keeper, the captivating voice of Adam Ginsberg, the incredible & original artwork of Sean Wilson and the music score from the talented Sadeone. I would really appreciate it if each one of you could take 30 seconds to share it everywhere!

Produced by: Ann Thraxx

Friday, February 20, 2015

Horror Society World Exclusive BLOODMANIA Trailer And Live Interview With Herschell Gordon Lewis The Godfather Of Gore

The legendary Horror director Herschell Gordon Lewis makes his long awaited return to the genre that he originally created in “Herschell Gordon Lewis’ BLOODMANIA"

  Diabolique News Update: Horror Society & Diabolique Films (A division of Diabolique Magazine) are proud to share with you the "World Exclusive Sneak Peek" theatrical movie trailer here featuring GOREgeous, just one of the 4 segments from BLOODMANIA Coming Soon!
    "Herschell Gordon Lewis’ BLOODMANIA is Mr. Lewis’ gift to his many ‘Splatter’ horror genre  fans all over the world!

  EXTRA BONUS! HORROR SOCIETY Presents: Live Interview here With The Legendary “Godfather of Gore” Herschell Gordon Lewis And Producer James Saito. BLOODMANIA is a new horror anthology consisting of 4 horrific stories unlike anything YOU have ever seen before! Each segment has its own unique style and feel, but all contain the signature gore that has come to be associated with Mr. Lewis’ work.

   BLOODMANIA is a new horror anthology consisting of four (4) segments. Mr. Lewis has co-written one segment and directed two (2) of them. Each story has its own unique style and feel, but all contain the "signature gore" that has come to be associated with Mr. Lewis’ work.

    The CALLING HOURS Horror Podcast 

   Listen to our Exclusive live interview with “The Godfather of Gore” Herschell Gordon Lewis here and Producer James Saito as we talk about their latest project BLOODMANIA.

   We will also be asking Mr. Lewis about his legendary career as a Director & Producer as well as some of his other films, including Blood Feast (1963), Two Thousand Maniacs! (1964), A Taste of Blood (1967), The Wizard of Gore (1970), The Gore Gore Girls (1972), Blood Feast 2: All You Can Eat (2002) and much more! In addition, we will also ask Mr. Saito about his own Acting, Producing & Writing career, including his view on working &collaborating with such a legendary horror icon!

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

'2015 Salt City Horror Fest' April 18 2015 The Longest Running Horror Film Festival In New York State Screening Rare Movies


2384 James Street
Syracuse, NY 13206
(315) 463 - 9240     Get Directions here

SATURDAY - APRIL 18th, 2015

     Important Milestone! The Salt City Horror Fest is now the longest running 35mm Horror Film Festival in New York State! CREEPSHOW and Jack Hill's personal 35mm print to SPIDER BABY highlight two of the key features being screened on that glorious day. April 18th, 2015 officially marks 10 years of screening horror films in upstate New York. 

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