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Diabolique Magazine's A Real Horror Show Episode 4: Joe Dante, Barbara Crampton and Andrew Sensenig


  - Diabolique News: - SHARE! -  Listen Now To Diabolique Magazine's star studded and jam packed 4th episode of "A Real Horror Show." Your host Jon Cross speaks with iconic director Joe Dante, Scream Queen Barbara Crampton and her co-star Andrew Sensenig about his latest horror comedy "Burying The Ex." We also discuss his past movies, such as The Burbs, and working with the legendary Dick Miller and Roger Corman.

We bring you exclusive interviews with the leading celebrities and up & comers in the horror film world!

    On this star studded and jam packed Diabolique Magazine's 4th episode of  A Real Horror Show, first have the distinct pleasure to speak with the iconic genre director Joe Dante about his latest horror comedy Burying The Ex. We also discuss his past movies, such as The Burbs, and working with the legendary Dick Miller and Roger Corman.

   Then I talk to Horror royalty, the scream queen herself, Barbara Crampton and her co-star Andrew Sensenig all about their latest film, the gripping, tense, psychological ghost story We Are Still Here.

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    ABOUT Your Host JON CROSS                                                                             
   My earliest movie image, that I can remember, is that of the demon/devil in the Night on Bald Mountain segment of Fantasia which I saw at the cinema when I was around 3 years old. Although it wouldn't be till my early teens that my serious love of the horror genre would flourish, it's interesting to me that my earliest memory is of something scary. I have been writing as long as I can remember but since 2010 I have been writing a movie review blog and since 2011 I have hosted my own podcast over at  aftermoviediner.com. While producing the show I have had the chance to interview genre favourites like Barbara Crampton, Jim Wynorski, William Sadler, Brian Trenchard-Smith, William Lustig and Herschell Gordon Lewis among others. My writing has also been featured in the 'I Love Bad Movies' Zine and on Bruce Campbell's personal website.

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"You Found Me" Coming October 2015 Staring Penthouse Pet Taya Parker plus Scream Queens Elissa Dowling and Sarah French

"Now the Nightmare Begins" 

A new female driven horror slasher film
 where... SAW meets DELIVERANCE!
 Would you save your life or your Bestie?

Alternate YOU FOUND ME Poster

   September 28, 2015 -  DIABOLIQUE NEWS BREAK!
    No One Left Behind Productions and Wicked Monkey Productions is excited to release the first teaser trailer for for the horror thriller YOU FOUND ME,  staring Penthouse Pet Taya Parker, Rudy Reyes, Diana Prince, horror Scream Queens Elissa Dowling and Sarah French, Deborah Funes, along with Tracy Ashbourne, Charlet Brannan, Dawna Lee Heising, Larry Butler, Ryan Iza and making their feature film debuts Alex Devio and Jacob Saunders. 

    Directed by Lawrence W. Nelson II who also co-wrote the script with acclaimed author John Saunders (The Last Spartan series). Shot by female Director of Photography Lauren Peele. Lawrence said...

   "We're both excited to let the world see this film, we wanted to shoot something that had strong female characters in it."  

  Plot: Stacy Phelps (Taya Parker) doesn't want to be any where near her abusive ex-husband the weekend that he's getting out of prison. With her best friends by her side, they decide to go away to her parent's secluded beach house. Soon, they will all be involved in a deadly fight to survive the night.  

Watch The New
Trailer on YouTube

      Wednesday, May 20, 2015 - BEAUFORT — It was lights, cameras, action on the waterfront Wednesday morning. A film crew used the boardwalk as the set for a scene for a new film, “You Found Me.” The film team with director Lawrence Nelson are based in Ontario, Canada. The horror film will be released the end of October 2015. Film director Lawrence Nelson, right, adjusts his crew members along the Beaufort waterfront on Wednesday as the Ontario, Canada, team films a scene from "You Found Me," a horror film that is to be released later this year. (Dylan Ray photo)

 DIABOLIQUE  NEWS: Director Lawrence W. Nelson II looks over the script in order to set up the next important shot on the set of his latest female driven slasher film YOU FOUND ME (2015).

   IMPORTANT LINKS                                                               

DiaboliqueMagazine.com  DIABOLIQUE NEWS: Coming October 30th, 2015 
"YOU FOUND ME" A film by Lawrence W. Nelson II - Production Still: [l to r] 
Deborah Funes (Charlee), Christina Schimmel (Beth), Taya Parker (Stacey) 
and Sarah French (Samantha) sit on wooden steps talking about their new quest.

Sarah French
      Sarah French is a model and indie actress from Minnesota. She got her start modeling when she was discovered at a metal concert, her favorite genre of music. She modeled under the name "Scarlet Salem" and then continued to use that name when she began to act in films, commercials and music videos. She has been featured in magazines such as "Gorezone" and "Girls and Corpses." For a few years, she also wrote a scream queen column for UK based magazine, "Shock Horror." In April 2011, she dropped the "Scarlet Salem" name and began to use her real name for all future work. Sarah currently resides in Los Angeles, California and continues to work steadily in film, commercials, and music videos.

Sarah French
     Sarah has starred in over 30 popular horror films. Here are just some of them... Tales of the Dead (2008), Killer Biker Chicks (2009), Camp Kill (2009), Strip Club Slasher (2010), Potpourri (2011), Dropping Evil (2012), Necrostalgic (2012), Zombie Pirates (2014), Lazarus: Apocalypse (2014), Insectula! (2015), Zombie Dollz (2015), Chainsaw Maidens (2015), You Found Me (2015), The Night Watchmen (2015), A Cursed Coven (2016).

Sarah French
    Diabolique News: -  Get Ready for a new female driven horror slasher film where "Saw" meets "Deliverance."  Coming October 30th, 2015 - "YOU FOUND ME" A film by Lawrence W. Nelson II. Featuring an All-Star Cast!  - Full Details Here -  http://horrorunlimited.blogspot.com/2015/09/new-teaser-trailer-for-you-found-me.html  Staring: Deborah Funes, Dawna Lee Heising, Penthouse Pet Taya Parker, Rudy Reyes, Diana Prince, Horror Scream Queens Elissa Dowling  & Sarah French, Liane Langford, Tracy Ashbourne, Charlet Brannan, Larry Butler, Ryan Iza, Robert Rhine and introducing Alex Devio and Jacob Saunders.

Taya Parker
          Taya Parker was born on January 10, 1980 in Marion, Ohio. Taya grew up in a conservative Catholic family in a small town in Ohio, and has always loved defying expectations like when she performed her first striptease at 19 years old. She is a huge Pittsburgh Steelers fan and never misses a game. Taya is a model, actress, singer and reality TV show contestant best known for winning the VH1 reality television show "Rock of Love Bus." She was also the 2009 "Pet Of The Year" for "Penthouse" magazine. Taya Parker appeared on the cover of the January 2008 issue of "Penthouse" magazine and was featured as the "Pet of the Month." Taya Parker has also posed for "Playboy" and "Playboy Busty Babes." She has also appeared in Playboy Special Editions "Playboy Vixens" magazine.
Taya Parker
In June 2007, Penthouse Swimwear selected Taya Parker as their exclusive spokes-model and cover girl for their 2008 calendar. Taya Parker hosted and starred in the magic show "Centerfolds of Magic" at the Plaza Hotel and Casino in downtown Las Vegas. Parker also hosted and starred in the burlesque show "Striptease The Show" at the Sahara Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. "Exotic Dancer" magazine selected Taya Parker as their 2007/2008 Entertainer of the Year in Las Vegas, Nevada.  Taya Parker was previously featured in a 10 page layout in Penthouse magazine (October 2005), and on the cover of Penthouse Forum magazine (April 2006). In June 2007, Penthouse Swimwear by Diva Bikinis selected Taya as their exclusive spokesmodel and cover-girl for their 2008 calendar. Parker appeared on the cover of the January 2008 issue of Penthouse magazine and was featured as the Pet of the Month. 
DIABOLIQUE NEWS www.DiaboliqueMagazine.com: Coming October 30th, 2015
"YOU FOUND ME" - A film by Lawrence W. Nelson II - Behind The Scenes: [l to r] The blond Scream Queen Sarah French and Taya Parker "Penthouse Pet of the Year" prepare for their next scene.
DiaboliqueMagazine.com DIABOLIQUE NEWS: Coming October 30th, 2015 
"YOU FOUND ME" - A film by Lawrence W. Nelson II - Behind The Scenes: [l to r] Actor Rudy Reyes and Taya Parker "Penthouse Pet of the Year" take a moment to prepare before their next scene.

 DiaboliqueMagazine.com DIABOLIQUE NEWS: Coming October 30th, 2015 "YOU FOUND ME"
 A film by Lawrence W. Nelson II - Production Still: Actress and "Penthouse Pet of the Year" Taya Parker relaxes on the patio while reading "The Last Spartan" as her older sister Joey (Tracy Ashbourne) and her cast walk up behind her from a hard day's shooting.

Taya Parker
Taya also starred in "Zdenka & Friends" (2005). In the 2013 film "Pro Wrestlers vs Zombies," the captivating Taya Parker plays herself as the on-screen former love interest of wrestler Shane Douglas. In 2015, she is set to appear in Director Lawrence W. Nelson II's  horror movie "The Mangled" as the character of Myra Bates. Taya has appeared and been a guest on various national television and radio shows such as: "Larry King Live," "The Howard Stern Show," "The Opie and Anthony Show," "Danny Bonaduce," "The Soup,"  and "Bubba The Love Sponge." Parker and Brett Michaels dated briefly after her appearance and win on his reality show "Rock of Love" (2007).
Diana Prince
     Diana Prince (a.k.a. Kasey Poteet, Kasey Kroft) was born June 6, 1979, in Charleston, SC. She is of mixed Irish, German and Cherokee descent and lost her virginity at age 12. Diana first began performing in explicit hardcore movies in her mid-20s starting in 2006. An avid fan of comic books and video games, she has been featured as an on-line personality for various pop culture websites, which included hosting the daily program "Geek Rawk" for Music Plus TV. Diana has also made occasional forays into the "mainstream" with small supporting roles on two episodes of the popular cable TV series "Entourage" (2004) and bigger roles in several direct-to-DVD films. She has also appeared on numerous reality shows, including "Playboy's Foursome" and "Blind Date Uncensored" (2002). She resides in Los Angeles, California, and is the mother of an autistic son.
Diana Prince
DiaboliqueMagazine.com DIABOLIQUE NEWS: Coming October 30th, 2015 "YOU FOUND ME"
A film by Lawrence W. Nelson II - Production Still: Actress Diana Prince (Dina Heart) takes a break from her demanding shooting schedule to going skinny dipping in the ocean!

Diana Prince
Diana Prince
Deborah Funes
    Deborah Funes was born in Argentina. She had her first experiences in modeling and acting at the age of six.Ten years later, she performed as a singer in a concert and swimwear model in fashion shows. A gifted student, she also pursued opportunities as a creative painter and promotional model for big brands like Coca Cola, Benetton, etc. She also appeared for first time as a performer in a top TV show called "The Show of Tinelli." Deborah graduated with a Teacher's degree and soon after, she started a career in Advertising. During university she was involve in production of TV Commercials and music videos. However, the world of acting and film making were always in her heart and she developed her capacities from acting to directing and producing, molding an integral professional. After she graduated from the American University John F. Kennedy, Deborah moved to Miami, Florida. Few months after her arrival, she was approached by an Italian company to be their exclusive lingerie model providing her with great exposure in the United States. Soon thereafter she began appearing in videos and TV commercials for "MTV," "Playboy TV" and Latin American TV Shows.

(Circa 2013) Argentinian Bombshell Deborah Funes 
Poses With Hugh Hefner On His Yacht

Deborah Funes
     In 2005, the original "Baywatch" producers chose Deborah Funes from hundreds of models for a pilot TV series. This experience was the beginning of her acting career in the American market. In 2007, she had supporting roles in many short films and her first feature film called "Scream Farm."  Since then, Deborah has been performing as lead and supporting actress in many feature films and TV series of all type of genres. Portrayed characters from different nationalities like Russian, Italian, Swedish, German and Latin. Her credits exemplify her versatility and they include: "Wisp" (2013), "Jebadiah's Axe" (2013), "Disciples" (2014), "Bikini Swamp Girl Massacre" (2014), "You Found Me" (2015) and many others. Today, beside acting and modeling she is also writing and producing her own feature films from projects that she already had in mind for a long time.

DiaboliqueMagazine.com DIABOLIQUE NEWS: Coming October 30th, 2015
"YOU FOUND ME" - A film by Lawrence W. Nelson II - Behind The Scenes: [l to r] 
Director Lawrence W. Nelson II and actor Rudy Reyes going over the next scene.

DiaboliqueMagazine.com DIABOLIQUE NEWS: Coming October 30th, 2015 "YOU FOUND ME"
A film by Lawrence W. Nelson II - Production Still: [l to r] Actress Tracy Ashbourne (Joey),
Jacob Saunders (Jake) and Scream Queen Elissa Dowling (Samantha) relax in the hot tub
while talking about how the day's shoot went. 

  Tracy Ashbourne
   Tracy Ashbourne is a member of SAG AFTRA and is also known for her original career in entertainment as a Burlesque Artist aka "Tali De'Mar." At one time a headliner in Las Vegas and touring performer, she realized her main passion was with acting and in 2013, Tracey began training seriously with "Anthony Meindl Actors Workshop" in Los Angeles, CA.

 Tracy Ashbourne
Tracy Ashbourne
 Christina Schimmel
    Christina Schimmel is a Canadian actress known for her versatility to command deep, dark and complex character roles and to not shy away from edgy material. Trained professionally in Vancouver, Toronto and New York she has numerous leading and supporting roles in many Independent feature films as well as guest starring and recurring roles on cable and network television. Christina was raised in the arctic Hamlet of Norman Wells, Northwest Territories with a population of less than a thousand people.

Elissa Dowling
     The desire to perform came early for Elissa Dowling, by age 8 she was dancing in the NYC Ballet Company's "The Nutcracker." At age 11 she was invited to tour with an improv troop where she gained valuable experience in the art of ad lib. By 13, she had already starred in stage productions including "Little Shop of Horrors" and had her television debut as the notorious lips singing the opening theme song from "Rocky Horror Picture Show." In 2005, Elissa graduated from the University of The Arts in Philadelphia, PA with a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Sculpture.

Elissa Dowling
     The transition from stage to screen has worked well for Elissa Dowling whose expansive acting range has already landed her unique and diverse movie roles such as a transvestite bartender, an attorney, a serial killer, even a gothic dominatrix from New York. Her skills as a character actress have afforded her film performances so intense that she is almost completely unrecognizable. Several of the films she has starred in have been lined up with Lionsgate distribution and she has also achieved a recognized body of work within the independent movie circuit.

   Liane Langford is a talented actress, model and producer. Some of her screen credits include: Decimation (2013), Natural Born Filmmakers (2015), A Blood Story (2015) and You Found Me (2015).

Dawna Lee Heising
     Dawna Lee Heising is a member of SAG-AFTRA. She was excited to be playing The Oracle in Danica Fontaine's "Ethyrea: Code of the Brethren"; Olga in Aki Aleong's "Shish-kabob" and the Snake Woman in Mark Savage's "Circus of Dread." She is also the VP of Publicity for Mustard Seed Media Group. Dawna belonged to Sal Romeo's Friends and Artists Theatre Group in Los Angeles for many years, and has appeared in numerous film, TV and theatre productions. She has trained with acting teachers Sal Romeo; Mark Majarian; Guy Stockwell; Tim Russ; Richard Hatch; and at Tepper-Gallegos; South Coast Repertory Theatre; Cypress College; and U.C. Berkeley. She continues to study acting with June Barfield (Uta Hagen method); Michael Sewell (Meisner method); and with Tom Amen at Golden West College.

    Dawna won a 2013 EOTM Award for Outstanding Television Talk Show Host for "Eye on Entertainment"; won Miss Galactic Film Festival in August 2014; and won Best Actress for her role as Naomi Perkins in "After School Massacre" at the 2014 Mockfest Film Festival. She has a B.S. in Business Management and MBA from Pepperdine University, and is the CEO of Eye on Excellence Productions and Eye on Excellence PR. Her uncle is famed Director of Photography Tak Fujimoto.

    Dawna won Miss World 2008; Miss Universe 2009; Mrs. California United States 2000; Mrs. American Achievement 2001; Miss Celebrities of Facebook 2012; and Miss SortFLIX 2013. In addition, she is a former Miss Los Angeles Chinatown; Miss Orange County Universe: Miss San Francisco Universe; and Miss California Hemisphere, among other titles. She has worked as a swimsuit model for Ujena; Venus Swimwear; and Catalina. She is trained in ballet and jazz dancing, Tae Kwon Do, kickboxing and pole dancing.

   YOU FOUND ME   [2015]                                                          
  • Genre: Horror
  • Country Of Origin: USA
  • Tag Line: "Now The Nightmare Begins!"
  • Language: English
  • Release Date: October 30, 2015 (USA) 
  • Filming Locations: North Carolina
  • Production Company: No One Left Behind Productions
  Full Cast & Crew                                                                                                

Directed by


Lawrence W. Nelson II

Writing Credits 

Lawrence W. Nelson II
John Saunders


Diana Prince...
Dina Heart
Dawna Lee Heising...
Faith Dowling
Rudy Reyes...
Sarah French...
Elissa Dowling...
Chalet Lizette Brannan...
Liz Bates
Deborah Funes...
Charlee Risen
Christina Schimmel...
Beth Dowling
Tracy Ashbourne...
Ryan Izay...
Taya Parker...
Stacey Phelps
Liane Langford...
Robert Rhine...
G. Larry Butler...
Bob Phelps
Jacob Saunders...
Russell Brannan...
Man on Docks
Alex Devivo...
Jane Wisemen

Produced by 

G. Larry Butler...associate producer
Lawrence W. Nelson II...producer
Robert Rhine...co-producer
John Saunders...producer

Cinematography by 

Lauren Peele

Film Editing by 

Lawrence W. Nelson II

Casting By 

Lawrence W. Nelson II

Makeup Department 

William Stine...makeup artist / special makeup effects artist
Jessie Yarborough...makeup artist

Second Unit Director or Assistant Director 

Piper Kessler...second assistant director
Kevin L. Turner...first assistant director
Monique Velasquez...first assistant director

Sound Department 

Lentrell McEachern...sound mixer
Ted Phillips...sound mixer


Rudy Reyes...stunt coordinator
Christina Schimmel...stunt performer

Camera and Electrical Department 

Ian Brambell...grip
Kevin Fisher...key grip
Kevin Hahn...gaffer
Dwight Ray...electrician

Other crew 

Lynn Saunders...craft service


Piper Kessler...the producers wish to thank
Daniel Krause...the producers wish to thank
Jeff Leroy...the producers wish to thank
Claudia Murphy...the producers wish to thank: Imagine Travel Greensboro, NC
Sarah Nicklin...the producers wish to thank
Dwight Ray...the producers wish to thank
Lynn Saunders...the producers wish to thank
Monique Velasquez...the producers wish to thank

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Interview With Sarah Troyer Starring in Director Herschell Gordon Lewis' New Horror Anthology BLOODMANIA Coming In 2016

 Sarah Troyer
as "Cindy Weirman"

   - Diabolique News: Take 2.5 minutes out of your busy schedule to read this  great interview with the alluring actress "Sarah Troyer." She is featured in the legendary director "Godfather Of Gore" Herschell Gordon Lewis' BLOODMANIA. This new horror anthology will be released theatrically in 2016. BLOODMANIA  Is Released From Diabolique Films In Association With HGB Entertainment.

Original Theatrical "One Sheet" Movie Poster

with Actress SARAH TROYER
Conducted By: James Henry Brown III

  • How did you get started in movies? More specifically how did you get started in horror movies?
   I’ve been acting/performing from a small age but decided to pursue film after completing a film workshop during high school. I have always had an interest in horror movies. When I was young my friends and I would walk down to the blockbuster by my house every weekend to choose a new scary movie to watch. We would rent 2 or 3 movies at a time and watch them all in one night. Horror movies are always exciting and dramatic. When I got the opportunity to be in "BloodMania" I was over the moon with excitement. 

  • You are a part of a movie made by a legend in gore-filled films, if he directed your segment what was it like working with Herschell Gordon Lewis? If not tell us about your Director.
   Herschell is the definition of a gentleman! I feel so honoured to have been able to work with him. He moves fast, knows what he wants, gets what he wants, all while maintaining a smooth, positive manner. Just phenomenal.  

  • What was the first movie you’d ever watched by Herschell Gordon Lewis?
   The Gore Gore Girls.

  • What was it like being on the set of "Bloodmania?"
   Amazing. Simply amazing! The cast and crew created such safe place within the crazy world of "BloodMania." We were all kind and considerate to one another as well as creative and supportive. I hope to work with everyone again!

  • After Bloodmania, where do you want to take your career?  Will you do more horror films? What other genres interest you?
   I would love to get to the point where my only job is one of an actor. I'm not interested in fame, just consistent work. I do hope to do more horror films as well as sci-fi and rom-coms. Anything and everything really!

  • What do you think of the so called Hollywood horror blockbusters that are out these days?
   Some nail it. Some don’t. I suppose you get that in every genre. Some movies are a total cliché or totally cheesy. It’s hard to nail horror just right. I would say it’s one of the toughest genres to succeed in.

  • What is it about horror movies that draws you to act in them?
   As I mentioned before, it’s exciting! You get to do the craziest things like delve into your own fears and the fears of others. It’s challenging as well as rewarding. 

  • Are there any other legends of the horror genre that you would want to work with?
   Andrew Douglas – "Amityville Horror" is one of my faves!

  • Do you suppose there will be more from Herschell like Bloodmania, a sequel perhaps? If so would you participate?
   I hope so! And OF COURSE! 

  • What actors of the genre, if any, have you patterned yourself after for your acting?
   My role within "BloodMania" was quite comedic so I suppose something more like Anna Faris in "Scary Movie." I just had fun playing Cindy Weirman – she’s so uptight in such a crazy world. I wanted to make her as ridiculous as possible. 

   About Diabolique Magazine's US Correspondent  James Henry Brown III                        

My name is James Henry Brown III and I'm a correspondent for DIABOLIQUE www.DiaboliqueMagazine.com. It was a pleasure to interview Sarah Troyer who will be playing “Cindy Weirman” in the upcoming horror film, Bloodmania. I am 30 years old and have been an avid horror fan since I was four.  I have watched just about everything horror related and have even began writing horror myself.  I have a novel entitled “Gladd” coming out before the end of this year that I am extremely excited about.  It is a good old fashioned slasher novel that takes the reader on multiple emotional roller coasters before an ending that will leave you breathless.  Horror as we know it and love is slowly beginning to dwindle. The new age just doesn’t get “it”.  With movies like Bloodmania and the book that I am writing, new life will be breathed into the horror genre.

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